One of the hardest things to ever do is be honest. Walker explored the bravery it takes to be honest and accepting of the fallout when you are. Decked in the season that is filled with harmless falsehoods, this episode espoused the need to be honest with even the hardest of truths. At the center of this storm of truth telling is …. 


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Whether telling truths or being told truths, it was a rough day for Walker. Even the beginning holly jolly was lined with deception and a painful truth that was barely concealed - and it only got worse from there. Sometimes being the edge of the coin means one gets attacked from both sides. Jared well portrayed a man buffeted by truths. From Liam’s trauma and confessing to what he did, to finding out about his son’s injury, to losing his partner, poor Cordell weathered the storm. He also shared his truth: being a peacemaker is just a façade for him. But the most painful truth telling was to …


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Neither Walker brother was having a merry Christmas. Just as the Davidsons brought back Cordell’s memories of childhood trauma, they also brought back the recently buried trauma for Liam. Keegan nailed bringing to life the pain, fear, and anger it causes him. The other side of the spectrum is revealed in fear and guilt as he confesses to Cordell that he called in a false report on Dan. But he weathers Cordell’s righteous anger and still bravely faces Denise to possibly admit to what he did, though what was exactly said is a mystery. Another person whose emotions ran the gamut is … 


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The news that Lindsey was leaving the series sometime this season broke shortly after the season premiered. So when it was confirmed that this was her last episode, the tears started early. They intensified as she tearfully tells Trey about Garrison. Even the brief reprieve felt …doomed. So when more truths come to light and Lindsey shows in exquisite detail how Micki breaks, culminating in her resigning from the Rangers, there simply aren’t enough tissues for the tears - and wishes to also be hugged and consoled by …


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Rounding out the emotionally painful angst is poor Trey. Even though he knows he’s on the wrong side of the fork in Micki’s life, he doesn’t like seeing her hurt. Jeff walks this line so well, of wanting to comfort even as he hurts. And when he accidentally slips his truth later, he at first wants to retract what he said, but he continues on, because even though the truths break them, it’s better than living in lies and pain. This way they have a chance to heal, though maybe not together. Another person who needs to tell the truth to heal is …

August (Stella)

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The injury sustained in the Davidson’s barn is getting worse, but he (and Stella) so fear what his dad will say that August suffers in not so silence. And though his injury does bring him closer to Colton Davidson, Auggie uses the magic of Christmas to ask his dad for a pass. It is granted, as Cordell is initially upset at how August got hurt, but he quickly forgives and hugs both his children in what was one of the most heartwarming scene of episode. It was very needed in an episode so angst ridden. And while all the Walkers and protagonists were truthful, there is always the other side of the coin…. 


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They are hiding something, even if it’s just Dan hiding from Denise what he was really doing in Thalia. Signs point to something far more sinister, but what is not known because they hide their lies under bits of truth. Paula and Dave do a great job of acting suspicious, but not outright evil. However, it does cause frustration in not only Liam. The audience knows there is more, but not all what. Just enough to know the worst is yet to come. 

Overall, the episode did a great job of portraying people facing and reveling painful truths with incredibly powerful scenes and performances. However, it felt too unbalanced with angst. Even the heartwarming scenes like setting up a Christmas village and family hugs by the Christmas tree were marred with drama. Though this is absolutely fitting for Lindsey’s exit, one longs for the warm hug Walker used to be. 

4.46 stars out of 5. 

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