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What is there really to say about this one?

Thank you. To those who told the stories, and to all of you who came here to discuss them.

Final Score:

What else is there to say? Well a bit more, as I may have had some trouble at times trying to speak clearly. 

What is perfection?

"That which cannot be improved by adding or removing something."

I especially like this definition for stories because they exist in a very odd place for judgement. Maybe adding a detail would better explain a plot, but it would ruin the pacing. Or removing a line of dialog may improve the pacing, but ruin the emotional impact. Especially when it comes to stories told via movies and TV, the balance you have to achieve to obtain perfection makes pulling it off nothing less than a miracle.

Has Supernatural ever had a perfect episode? I would say yes. "What is and What should Never Be", "Nightshifter", "Lazarus Rising", "Swan Song", "Baby"...

Is "Carry On" a perfect episode?

In some ways I would have to say yes. Almost any changes I would make to it are ones of style - and changes that I realize would be difficult because of real world circumstances.

For one thing I would have liked for more guest stars to return. Maybe trim a bit of Dean's deathbed farewell. I understand the decision to use Bobby and it works, but part of me thinks John sitting on Harvelle's porch would have been the more fitting choice (it would have at least tightened up the book-end feeling). While the use of vampires in this episode was perfect, I wonder if a ghost would have been just a bit more fitting. I would have liked to have seen Sam working on the Impala with his son. I also wanted a scene of them shooting together or working on guns (it's slightly annoying to me that ever since episode 7.10 "Death's Door" the show has this thing about playing catch - when in my area and culture, shooting, hunting, and other gun-related activities are considered just as much of a bonding experience with Dad as playing catch). Little things like that.

And yet... would adding any of that or removing one thing for another improve the story? Make the episode better?

I'm not sure I can say that it would. Hence the episode earning 5 out of 5 salt shells.

Is this episode perfect? It's darn near close as can be. Even if at times I disagreed with paths they took with the story over the years, this is the best conclusion they could have done for that story they developed.

So once again: Thank you. To those who told the stories, and to all of you who came here to discuss them.

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