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Editor's Note: Deb has agreed to once again share her recap reviews of the good, the bad and the random of each episode! Enjoy!

This is how this works: I will give my TOP 5 choices for the Good and The Bad of each season 15 episode that has aired thus far, PLUS a random fact that may or may not have anything to do with the episode. It depends what I am thinking at that moment! After you read my opinions, I would like to hear your TOP 5 Good/Bad list from the same episode. The point is that every episode must have both good and bad stuff for you, or you are not being honest with yourself. ? “The Bad” stuff might be easier to write when the episode is not to your liking, then other times “The Good” will be easier. The Good/Bad stuff can be silly things - that is alright too!

Supernatural 15.14 "Last Holiday"

daria angel
1. Winchesters celebrating the holidays          
2. We find out more about the bunker and the telescope
3. Mrs. Butters is one fine lady
4. Welcome back Cuthbert Sinclair, you evil you
5. Sam’s date preparation was cute
Last Holiday 15x14 6
1. Like a soothing oil for our wounds, we got to see the Winchester boys happy, excited about the holidays and having fun. They got real Christmas presents and cookies, enjoyed the whole Thanksgiving meal and got their bellies full. They carved the Halloween pumpkins and celebrated the 4th of July. Even Sam, who was not really into holidays, started to smile and have fun. And you know what… When they smiled, I smiled, and I hope others were able to do that, too. The whole episode was a joy to behold. I wish it would have lasted longer. Because these episodes were postponed, how fortunate we were that this episode hit just for Halloween. That is pretty awesome.
2. Oh boy, we got some Men of Letters and bunker treats this episode. The story and the new information were so interesting and well-knit. Why couldn't we keep the interdimensional geoscope and monster radar, in the end? I mean, they would have made everything too easy going forward, and I suppose having a valid reason for them to be removed is good storytelling. The glimpses into some MoL history and Mrs. Butters' origin was so good.        
3. There are a lot of memorable characters in Supernatural’s history and I think wood nymph Mrs. Butters immediately became one of them. Megan Fay could give her so much depth with her acting, showing the different sides of her nature. She was awesome as kind and helpful Mary Poppins, and scary as the killer that protects her family and home. Mrs. Butters felt like their long-lost Grandma who tried to catch up the time that was lost with them. I was sorry to see her go but hey, at least she stayed alive.
Last Holiday 15x14 1
4. Although it was just a small scene, it was nice to see Cuthbert Sinclair back. He was such an interesting character; it was a shame he was killed in the same episode in which he first appeared. We have seen his touch in a few other episodes, like 10.19 "The Werther Project" but there could have been so many more. His lore and glimpses to past events are really much more interesting than the whole BMOL was in entirety.
5. I never knew that I would want to see Sam get prepared for a date night before, but here we are. He was so nervous, and Mrs. Butters took care of him like a good old mother hen. I straight up grinned from ear to ear when she magically made those roses appear for him. I hope the date with Eileen went well and it was not awkward. At least Sam tried, even if Eileen was not in a good mindset after the last time they met. I think he looked rather dashing, didn’t he?
daria devil
1. Men of Letters and the bunker, wasted opportunities
2. Feeling like a goodbye?
3. Why does every bad guy want to torture Sam?
4. All good things will come to an end…
5. Jack, you are too trusting
Last Holiday 15x14 MOL
1. While watching this episode, it became all the more clear that the Men of Letters and the bunker were wasted opportunities. If this episode was an example of the quality they could have been, I would have liked to have had a lot more. The possibilities would have been endless - but I guess that is easy to say. Like Chuck says, writing is not easy, and maybe using the MoL and bunker (as plot points) is more effective when we do not get them in every other episode. I guess it does not help that I know that the bunker is no more.
2. So, whose idea was it to name this episode “Last Holiday”? I guess that is one of the reasons this episode felt also like a goodbye amongst all the festivities. Even those felt like they were the last holidays the boys will ever have. The impending end does not help the matter (not like it's something we could forget). These happy times were given to us so that we would just forget what's coming for a little while.
Last Holiday 15x14 3
3. Look, in general I do not like torture scenes. It does not matter who is at the receiving end, but could the bad guys give Sam a break? Not to mention that she was again pulling off his fingernails. Also, I know it is not the worst way people are tortured (I have seen so many movies and shows that have had torture, so I know what I am talking about). Still, the baddies could leave Sam alone. Like, threaten to kill Dean or something. That is usually more effective anyway.
4. Honestly, I wish we would have gotten more of the celebrations than we got. I wish this episode had been longer; that the celebrations would have been fleshed out more, because I smiled through every one of them. Mostly it was because Dean was giddy as a schoolboy on every single one, smiling ear to ear, and Sam finally let himself enjoy the holidays and be happy. Jack is still an infant, so he was just happy he could do everything together with his family.

5. Oh Jack, you really should not be that trusting, no matter how sweet the person is you are talking to. Mrs. Butters was a stranger and a supernatural being. Those kinds have usually bitten our heroes in their behinds, so you should have learned that lesson already the hard way. But I guess it was a lesson learned again. He also got confirmation that Sam and Dean have his back, even if, for example, Dean is still angry about Mary.
 Last Holiday 15x14 Smoothie

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