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Final Score:

A lot of that is really propped up by Sam & Eileen. The potential for something really great and memorable was there with Cas & Dean, but the writing just fell short.

This is one of those episodes I find myself more curious about what went on behind the camera than the story we actually got. There is enough potential here, you could stretch this out into two episodes to more fully explore some of the themes. Some of the rest feels very much like a rough draft or a half-assed effort.

You have to wonder: was the Chuck & Sam dynamic what actually interested the writer? Because (until the very end) that was the most solid, generally better written half of the episode. Was he forced to tack on Dean & Castiel's adventures at the last minute, or did the writer get so focused on Sam's storyline, that he got sucked "down the rabbit hole" and used up all of his time on it, meaning the ending and Dean's story had no time to be refined? (I've seen that happen with writers)

Will we get to see Eve and/or the leviathan return, or is this their last hurrah in the show? Place your bets now!

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