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This week is a great example of how MotW episodes should be done: using them to examine our characters. They even gave us a double dose of monsters to examine the brothers and Castiel both.

Final Score:

Another thought occurs to me...

Now assuming they're going to maintain canon (which is a long shot, I know) and that Chuck is needed to maintain reality, then it follows that the boys are only going to be able to defeat him by replacing him.

So who's it going to be?

With the closing shot of S14, I've suspected for awhile that the show wants Jack to replace Chuck. But given the wound connecting them and now literally bringing someone back from the dead, I am starting to suspect the show wants Sam to replace Chuck. Will he? Or will the boys both share the responsibility?

Of course I hope the finale is them reforming Chuck like they did with Amara, but given Dabb's storytelling styles and the trends they have been setting this season, the smart money is on a kill.

Well... here's how I really hope the series ends... (sorry, the blogging software doesn't have an easy script format) (also this is a rough draft that just came to me)

SCENE: Camera pulls back as Sam, Dean, and Castiel get into Baby and begin to drive away into the sunset. Credits begin rolling over the shot of the Impala driving away as the pull back continues. Once the credits are finished, the pull back reveals Chuck (dressed in an all-white suit) and Amara (dressed in a black dress) standing there, watching them drive away.

CHUCK: And they lived happily ever after.

AMARA: I thought you were a little hammy in spots.

CHUCK: What are you complaining about? I gave you a part.

AMARA: I just don't get it. The pretending to be injured, having me "abandon" you on this world, letting them kill you... what was the point of it all?

Chuck turns around to face the camera.

CHUCK: It was for them. *points into the camera* Every story deserves an ending. *looks at the audience* And I hope you've enjoyed it.

AMARA: Who are you talking to?

CHUCK: The person all writers talk to: our audience. Thank you all.

AMARA: Why did you even bother, brother?

CHUCK: That's what writing is all about, sister. To create something new, and discover and explore... things unseen and undreamed.

AMARA: I don't get it.

CHUCK: Why don't you try it? I'll help you get started: It was a dark and stormy night...

AMARA: I don't like that. What about: Chapter One. This is the story behind one of the greatest man-hunts in history...


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