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Well the computer ate my script, so let's wing this.

In case I didn't make it clear, the difference between humans and monsters on a scale with archangels is like comparing ants and ladybugs against humans. When you're towering around 6 feet, the difference in inches is laughable to you. Michael could jump into a kindergartner (say, one of Dean's long lost children) and still wipe the floor with any challengers. Which... could make this season interesting. We had Lilith and Amara be little girls, what if Mike was a young boy? What if he took over Ben? Would THAT be a shocking call back?
Also originally I had a talk about Lucifer & Nick but when I was talking with Wednesday I realized I may have misinterpreted the scene. So I'm going to push that discussion back further to a later episode to wait and see what's done with Nick.
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