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Welcome back to the Supernatural "Memorable Moments" series! For episode 13.09, "The Bad Place", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from week to week depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment

SPN 0369

After interviewing Derek's wife and seeing the painting of the other Universe:

13.9 0378 DeanwithBird

Dean: Sam are we gonna talk about it?

Sam: What?

Dean: You saw that painting.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: And? Well Jack gave up on us and is looking for Daddy.

Sam: Dean, we don't know that.

Dean: Don't we? The guy is dead. I hate this too, but we've got to be prepared.

Sam: Let's kill him.

Dean: Look this isn't a "I told you so" ok. I mean I actually like this kid, I do. But we're in "worst case scenario land" here. 

13.9 0379 SamwithBird

Sam: Yeah but Dean we need more information. I mean we got to figure out what Jack wanted. How dream walking even works.

Dean: Ok lets go to a Reservation. Let's talk to a Chief, a tribal leader.

Sam: Or we talk to a Dream Walker. I hacked into Derek's email, he's been corresponding with another Dream Walker for months. A girl name Kaia Nieves. He's even been trying to coach her into controlling her powers.

Dean: Alright, where is she?   


Best Jack Moment

SPN 1438

Jack tries to help Kaia understand their situation.

Jack: I'm sorry about all of this. I was like you Kaia - afraid of my powers, but it doesn't have to be like that. You said that you wished things could have been different and that's why you reached out to Derek. Derek thought that maybe you could help me and I could help you.

Kaia: Why do you keep saying his name? Derek's dead because of you.

Jack: Five seconds.

Kaia: What?

Jack: Give me five seconds to show you what Derek saw. What I saw with him. It wasn't just the Bad Place. It was everything. It's amazing.

Kaia: Five seconds.                

SPN 1443

Jack touches Kaia so she can see what he saw. 

SPN 1452

Jack: Our powers can be good. We can do good in this world. 


Most Touching Moment

I have two for this catagory....

SPN 0644

One: After finally finding Jack, Jack explains that Derek was alive when he left. He needed Derek's help to find Mary. 

SPN 0859

Jack gives both Sam .... 

SPN 0862

... and Dean the ability to see their mother. 

SPN 0875

The reaction of both Dean....

SPN 0877

...and Sam is heartbreaking. 


Two: While the brothers and Jack are trying to locate Kaia, Dean opens up to Sam.

Dean: You were right about mom, you were right. This whole... we should have been looking for her. 

SPN 0994

Sam: You know I was just hoping, I didn't know. Anyways it doesn't matter, now that we do know. 

SPN 0997

Dean: We find her, no matter what it takes.

Sam: Yep! 

SPN 1003

Dean the turns the focus to Jack. "Kid you ok?" 


Jack: You thought, you both thought, that I could do that, that I could kill Derek. 

SPN 1021

Sam: Jack, we didn't know what happened. We figured that maybe there was an accident or..

Jack: Like the Security Guard?

Sam: Yes, exactly like that. Jack we were worried ok. You know when you left you were in a dark place and we didn't know where you were going.

Dean: We thought you were looking for your dad. 

SPN 1009

Jack: You mean Lucifer?

Sam: Yeah.

Jack: I was scared, I was upset, but why would I look for him? He's no one to me. You, Castiel, you're my family. 

SPN 1055

Dean: Yes we are. Finding mom, you did a good thing kid. You did a really good thing. 


Best Guest Actor Scene(s)

SPN 1714

With time running out, Kaia puts aside her fears and agrees to Dream Walk. 

SPN 1086

Patience stands up to her Dad and leaves to help Sam and Dean.


Best Camera Shot


The Impala parked in front of an amazing Mural on the wall. 

13.9 1898 wing wall

The long view of the melted Angel blade in the foreground and the burned out Angel wings on the wall behind. 


Best Angle Shot

SPN 1990

The down view of the brothers in the large foot print.

13.9 1663 angel line

I also liked the long view of the Angels simultaneously striking the ground with their Angel swords. 


Best Slow-Mo Moment

SPN 1187

Jack stopping Elewon in her tracks by slow motioning her off the ground before tossing her through a glass wall. 


I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own! You can see all of Supernatural's Memorable Moments from my author's page!