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I’m not sure that my good times were rolling while watching this Supernatural finale. I’m also not sure that I’ll enjoy Dean in his new role. This episode does have great moments and invites compelling speculation and wonder. I’ll have to debate the pros and cons of what happens in this story later.


The Road So Far


The rescue of Mother Mary and Brother Jack has been successfully completed. A dozen or so people were also invited to stay in the bunker. Lucifer and Michael aren’t happy at being left behind. They’re plotting their revenge and domination of our boy’s Supernatural universe. Ruh roh.




Since I’m pressed for time, like always, I’m going to do this review as a Haiku.

Our Dean is no more

Michael’s vessel, he’s become

Sam must carry on.


Season Thirteen’s Finale Pros and Cons


Pro – The Kansas song, “Carry on My Wayward Son” got me right in the feels, like always.

Con – This season’s been so lame that the song’s one of the few highlights of the show.


Pro – The gangs on a hunt and they’re all together.

Con – Werewolves, again…yawn.


Pro – Mary and AltBobby are bonding and taking a walk, together. It might be nice to see Mary actually smile, once in a while.

Con – Mary and AltBobby are bonding and taking a walk, together. He might be your Bobby, Mary, but he’s not mine.


Pro – Jack gets to hear that Dean thinks he’s family.

Con – Jack’s losing his way and feels badly about himself, poor little guy.  I like warm and cuddly Jack better than despondent Jack.


Pro – Maggie creates some drama by becoming dead.

Con – This’s the point where I start thinking that for a Supernatural finale, this’s awfully like a regular episode.


Pro – Luci magically appears to try to tempt Jack to the dark side. Lucifer is entertaining, here.

Con – The entrance to our world becomes as easily accessible as is the entry to Hell or to Purgatory. Oh, yay.


Pro – Michael also magically appears at a gas station to greet our little band of heroes.

Con – Except for the use of some holy oil and familiar tonal sounds, Michael’s as boring as ever. Season Four did this scene much better in “Lazarus Rising.”


Pro – There’s some cool fight scenes after Michael appears at the bunker. Sam prays to Jack, which is kind of sweet.

Cons – Another fight scene. Angels should just start their own WWE tour.


Pro – The next scene’s awesome. Jack gets Lucifer to confess that he’s really a devil and mayhem ensues. Luci goes full bad-guy and steals Jack’s grace, which makes Sammy charge into action.

Con – This leads to a distressed Dean making a rash decision.


Pro – Quite a few fans will be delighted to see Jensen channeling Michael. The reminder that Dean is Michael’s Sword is a nice blast from the past.

Con – Way to just jump into agreeing to be a vessel, Dean. None of the marvelous intricacies of Dean’s past dealing with Michael are present here. This is Dean saying ‘yes’ to Michael?  What a thrill ride, not. 


Pro – It’s such a sweet scene that involves Sam and Jack. Sam can’t kill Jack, so he offers himself up for the knife. Jack says that he loves them all and he’ll kill himself.

Con – That’s the best torture that Lucifer can come up with? Oooh, so scary. I miss HaliLucifer, he’s so much more creative.


Pro – Lucifer’s finally put down, permanently. Sam does toss the archangel sword to Dean, so team effort, yay.

Con – Once again, Hero Action Figure Dean saves the day while Sam doesn’t.


Pro – Dean/Michael may be an interesting character to watch, next season, as Dean battles for control with Michael.

Con – I’m probably not going to pay much attention to many of Dean/Michael’s lone escapades. I can see my finger on the fast-forward button, already.


Pro – Sam gets to go Full Metal Jacket in the quest to rescue Dean from Michael’s clutches and save the world. Last time that Sam helped his brother with a personality disorder, he was literally operating with one hand tied to his chest. This time, he should be given more opportunities to be smart and awesome fighter Sam.

Con – Sam and Dean may be apart for quite a while. I didn’t like that in season Six when Sam was soulless for so long. Sam and Dean might have been together physically, but it wasn’t the real Sam and Dean…so, boo.


Well, at least there’s much to talk about this summer. Already, I’ve seen signs on Twitter that the fans are agitated. Will Sam and Dean be separated too long? Is this going to be the Dean/Jensen show for many an episode? I’m hoping that it’ll be a lot of Sam fighting to get his brother back and working with the survivors of the AU world. Who knows? Maybe Mary will have a working heart, this time. Soulless Mary – go away, please. If the story is well done and interesting, then I’ll forgive the production for giving us warriors on strings and cheesy glowing eyes.

Note: I’ll be back in a couple of weeks for another retro review. Maybe I’ll do the best Supernatural finale of all time. Hint: Not season Thirteen.