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A nice surprise from a familiar face does enhance this Supernatural episode, but my inescapable feelings of been there, done that - they just leave me unsatisfied.

The Road So Far

It’s decided that Dean and Ketch will go through the rift to find Mary and Jack, but that’s not who they find. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel deal with a traumatized and depleted Gabriel.


There’s quite a few enjoyable moments in this story, but I don't become emotionally engaged, for the most part. Yes, it’s nice to see a version of Charlie and to have Gabriel back on the screen, but I just can’t get too excited about much of it, yet. Charlie’s a stranger to our characters and Gabriel’s acting very different from the crazy archangel that I remember. I’m not enjoying the alternate reality, either. Remember “The End" and how great it was? That wonderful episode, of a burned out world; is a visual feast, populated by intriguing characters. This AU is strongly reminding me of Purgatory, except this time – we get sand dunes, snow, and bleached out countryside; instead of a grimy forest. I’m sorry, but I want an AU that doesn’t feel like a regular location or set that’s filmed through a filter. I want one that feels real and lived in. So far, I’m just not happy about the visits, there.
I do enjoy the demise of Asmodeus, though. He’s been a half-baked and boring character since his appearance, on the show. The guy could’ve had potential, but he never got anything interesting to do. Crowley, he was not.
Now, Gabriel just makes me mad. Way to bail, dude. Just hang around the bunker and become a team player, for a while. I’m sure that Dean’s porn collection would’ve been entertaining. So, Dean’s upset because Gabriel – and his grace – is gone and they’re going to have a hard time rallying any troops to go back to save their people. Sam’s in the episode, too. He’s giving a familiar speech about running away and dealing with family. Nice emotional delivery, as always, but - once again, we get Dean being Action Man, while Sam stays behind and pontificates with the guest star’s character.
Oh yeah, Danneel’s back as Lucifer’s angel cohort. One brief scene later and she’s out of the picture, too. Oh my, people come and go so quickly, here. I really do enjoy Lucifer’s scenes. I think that his boredom with people praying to him and his interruption of a demon’s possession – now that’s entertaining. I get a good laugh out of the clergymen’s reactions and Lucifer making them go bye-bye because they don’t stop throwing holy water in his face. I know, it’s probably wrong to laugh about such things, but I can’t help it. I really enjoy movies like Dogma and I just make the distinction between fictional religious content and my own beliefs. Besides, it's hilarious.

Musings on Felicia Day and her 2015 Memoir


I’ve just finished Felicia’s memoir, “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” and I enjoyed it, very much. I love that title and can relate to it. I’m much more popular and sociable on the internet, than off of it.
I’ve seen Felicia on many of my favorite shows and have admired her work. I’ve watched her on Eureka, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Buffy, Dollhouse, and Supernatural. I didn’t know much about her, though, until I read her book.
Wow. She was born in Alabama to a quirky, yet very loving family. She was homeschooled for most of her life, but then went to college at age sixteen. She started acting at seven, studied opera and ballet professionally, went to the University of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship for her proficiency at the violin, doubled majored in mathematics and music, and graduated at nineteen with a 4.0.
Felicia’s a perfectionist and has almost broken down mentally, a few times, from her self-imposed need to get perfect grades and to excel at everything that she tries. She’s battled anxiety and depression and has had health issues related to her stress, but she still built an internet media empire. She’s also very funny, loves her fans and keeps all their gifts, and is socially awkward.
I only downloaded her book, on my kindle, when it went on sale one day at a low price. I’m really glad that I did. It helps me to know that celebrities and other people who accomplish great things, that they can also freeze up when talking to others and embarrass themselves.
This is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life: After I had worked for a company for ten years, I went to a company event for a dinner and to accept my special watch that I was to receive. My husband was there, plus all of my co-workers and the company bigwigs. I had carefully dressed and actually wore make-up. When it was my turn, I received my watch from the president of the company, shook his hand, posed for a picture, and walked a few steps away. Being the moron that I am – I lowered my hand that was holding the watch, down to my side. I thought that the watch was attached to the box, somehow. It wasn’t. The watch fell off the box, the helper standing next to us tried to pick it up, I then kicked the watch under a table…it was so awful. This was still on the stage with everyone staring at me. Finally, the watch was found and I exited down the ramp. I know my face was aflame and I hurried back to my table and tired to make jokes about how clumsy I was. Luckily, I managed to hold back the torrent of tears until I got home. To top off the whole experience – my eyes are closed in the picture, so I can’t even pretend that the event wasn’t the most humiliating thing, ever.
I share that story because Felicia shares some anecdotes in her book that are similar to that. It inspires me to just laugh and tell people; whom I’ve frozen in front of, or tripped over, that yes, I am weird, but I’m just me…and that’s still okay.
I’m not enjoying very much about the episodes of Supernatural, lately, but I’m hanging on to hope that exciting things are just around another corner of the AU. Who has read Felicia’s book? Any embarrassing moments to share? Hit the comment section and let me know.
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