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Now that we've all had a chance to mostly forget what we saw in "Sacrifice," I figured it was the perfect time to revisit the episode and take a look at all the pretty.  And let me tell you, there was a LOT of pretty in this episode.  So.  Much.  Pretty.  In fact, there were so many great shots that I had to split my visual review into two parts because it would have been insanely long otherwise.  So let's delve into part 1 of my visual review of "Sacrifice" and see what we can see, shall we?


I always like shots that have the action we're interested in framed off to the side and not the center.  It's a great visual and very pleasing to the eye.  This episode starts off with that right away and keeps on using it, to my ocular enjoyment.


Yes, I admit this shot is hard to look at because JODI!!!!  Don't be hurt!  But the framing is awesome, and the way she's partially reflected in the mirror is really great.


Another pretty shot with our heroes framed left of center.  There may be a lot of those in this review, but doesn't it look nice?  And anytime we get to see the bunker is a win in my book.


I just love this billboard.  Some of the chili names are really fun.  "Chili Con Carnage" is a personal favorite.  "Phil's Smokin' Hot Chili Pepper Pot" may be a nod to this episode's director, Phil Sgriccia.  And the "Burn Twice Chili" made me think maybe Sam was going to end up in Hell again somehow.  Foreshadowing, perhaps?


Look how ominous that chili devil looks in this shot.  It's like he's just waiting to get his hands on that tablet.


I love, love, love this shot in Bobby's scrap yard.  Sniff.  Bobby feels.


NOOOOOOOO!  That's Bobby's Chevelle!!!!!  DAMN IT, SHOW!!!  Why must you spring surprise Bobby feels on me?  I am still not over it!  I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT!


The giant scroll sight gag will ALWAYS be funny.  Heheheheh, it's a giant scroll.  Somebody's compensating for something!


This shot just makes me laugh.  It's like all of the wind went to Sam and completely ignored Dean.  You know how some people have chemicals in their blood that make bugs like to bite them more?  Sam is like that with wind.  The wind is like, "I just HAVE to get into that hair."


When trapping demons in handcuffs, it's very important to include John Paul Jones' Led Zeppelin symbol.  In case the demon wants to rock out or something.


Ignore stupidhead Metatron for a moment and just gaze upon the delicious streaming light behind him.  Fabulous.  You can even see the breaks in the light from the blinds.  I love that so much.


This church set was AMAZEBALLS.  Just so good.  I like this juxtoposition here with the king of Hell right in front of the giant crucifix.  Nice imagery.


This is a really cool shot of Sam in the confessional, too.  It's so sparse.  Most of the shot is darkness.  Lovely.  Plus, who doesn't like a profile shot?


I mean, just look at this church!  That location is a horrible place for a church, so no wonder it is abandoned in the "Supernatural" world.  But it is an amazing set.



This. Is. The. Creepiest. Crucifix. EVER.

And on that note, thus concludes part 1 of my visual review of "Sacrifice."  There's so much goodness packed into this episode, and we haven't even gotten to the most iconic images of the episode!


# njspnfan 2013-07-02 15:18
Ardeospina - welcome back and congratulations on the wonderful news. The cinematography on the show is always top notch but they really outdid themselves this episode; this was a visually stunning episode from start to finish; looking forward to part 2 of your review.
# Bardicvoice 2013-07-02 15:43
Gorgeous shots with wonderful observations attached!

Between the directors they use, brilliant Serge Ladouceur, crafty Jerry Wanek, and all the VFX wizards, this show just has the most stunning images! And the stars don't hurt, either ... :) I'm with you in loving the off-center framing and I'm a sucker for a good crane shot or six, so this episode had me in transports of joy. While I took some issue with the plot, I had nothing but rhapsodic praise for all the execution!
# BookLady 2013-07-02 16:27
The wind was also playing in Sam's hair at the Devil sign, if I remember correctly. It never seems to play with Dean, but he has those freckles...
# krystal 2013-07-02 19:32
I love your visual reviews! I feel like I miss so much in the shots when I see your break downs. Thanks for the great observations and I the brilliant captions to go with them!!! It just goes to show that everyone involved in the show VFX, lighting, set crew, props, etc. knows their jobs and does them soooo well!
# LEAH 2013-07-02 22:01
Ardeospina, I always love the Visual Reviews. Sacrifice was one of the most visually beautiful episodes in the series IMO. I love your captions that accompany the photos. My favorite shot is the overhead at the church, so bleakly beautiful. Thanks again and looking forward to pt. 2.
# Dragonfli241 2013-07-03 00:50
I love the visual fun you replay. This was a beautiful episode. Great actors against a beautiful background,
# pucklady 2013-07-03 10:30
Burn Twice chili means you get burnt twice. Once when the chili is going in and again, um, later.
# E 2013-07-04 12:53
Hehe! pucklady... do you mean 'the ring of fire?'
# LEAH 2013-07-04 16:34
:lol: Hi E.
# E 2013-07-04 12:52
Yes, there were some glorious shots in this ep! There was something about the color in this episode (and in The Great Escapist too, if I am remembering correctly)... that I can't quite put my finger on. They seemed somehow more saturated and intense in a way, and yet slightly subdued as well. In both of the Jodi shots I was struck by the fact that almost every element, the walls, the floors, the booths etc were rich, warms shades of brown and tan which made her bright blue dress just pop right out telling you the whole story just by the color scheme alone.

They did the same thing in the church with all the muted weathered gray which allowed the most significant elements, the red devils trap and Sam's bright blue shirt, to stand out as well. I love stuff like that. Serge really is a genius with his shadows and dappled light and color dressing. Lovely!
# nappi815 2013-07-04 14:57
is it just me or does anyone else giggle when they show that giant cross in the church....the feet are pointing up instead of down....i laugh every time. :lol: