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Off the back of what was a cracker of a mythology episode, this week's "Supernatural" was a filler (not that there's anything wrong with that). But that didn't stop the script giving plenty of nods to the past.
It's something that's been so very enjoyable in season 8, an acknowledgment of and continuity with the history of the show. We kicked off the "Then" with John Winchester's voiceover, explaining vampire lore, way back from the season 1 episode "Dead Man's Blood" and then got a flashback to "Supernatural's" greatest vampire hits. We got a nod to the Campbell family recipe cure. We got a nod to the Leviathan of last season. We revisited the themes of whether vengeance constitutes justice, what really makes a monster – is it being an actual monster or just being monstrous in your actions and of course, that old chestnut, can a hunter really have a normal life.
These things took what could have been a bit of an average filler, to something a little more interesting. Weaving a thread of this show's history and themes through an episode always makes me happy.

I said in my preview that I wasn't much of a fan of Krissy, not that I disliked her, just that I wasn't as enamoured with her as many people seemed to be. I found her a tad more enjoyable in "Freaks and Geeks". She was still dripping with ‘tude, but really, who could blame her with her dad being killed and all. I know a couple of brothers who've been pretty eaten up and vengeful after the loss of a loved one. In fact, when they first met Krissy, the Winchesters were fresh off watching Bobby die and Dean, in particular, was hell bent on catching and ganking the Leviathan that did it. So, I thought Krissy's slightly more pronounced hard edge, with a smattering of vulnerability was appropriate.
In true "Supernatural" orphan style, she connected with people of similar experience and built a new family unit. Once again, another universal theme of the show was touched on. Family don't end with blood, as a wise, curmudgeony, cap-wearing fellow once reminded us.

What I didn't totally get was Victor's evil plan. He lost his family to a wendigo and consequently, became a hunter; first to track down the thing that took his life from him and then tracking down other nasties to make sure no-one else would have to go through his pain. This is essentially every hunter's story. Offering the kids training and closure in a safe haven, was not too much of a head scratcher, though, producing angry, kill or be killed kids, is not exactly ideal parenting. But here's where I go, err. I didn't completely get onboard with the whole, in cahoots with the vampire in order to create a hunter master race thing. Yeah ok, he was having new vamps made to be easy kills for the kids, which Victor then misled them to believe were the vampires that killed their families. But what was the next stage of this plan? Krissy was supposed to gank the girl vampire and then all 3 kids would've, supposedly, got their revenge. So what was next? Would Victor kill the vampire he was working with and train the kids to kill something new? And he killed the 3 kid's families to simply build a batch of new super-dooper hunters? A tad extreme don't you think? But then, I guess Victor was a few tools short of a kit. That was made pretty clear from the outset! Maybe his plan was never supposed to make sense to us, because there's no sense in and nothing to be gain by vengeance.
Old Victor gave me the heebs and made me feel hinkey right from the get go. He made me all uncomfortable and skin crawly. He might as well have had a captioned arrow following him around ever scene, pointing at him and saying "Bad guy". Maybe it was because this actor played the shtriga in "Something Wicked" or maybe it was that sweater, maybe Dean's right on the sweater thing. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, even sometimes as a human with the outward appearance of meaning well. I always enjoy it when "Supernatural" toys with what makes something truly a monster. Some humans are just as bad, if not worse than monsters. Both Sam and Dean have learnt this and still struggle with it with it. Victor was a monster, a creepy sweater.

Dean's interaction with Krissy was one of the more enjoyable aspects of "Freaks and Geeks". They were thrown together in "Adventures in Babysitting" when Krissy's dad and Sam fell foul of the vetala. That time around, they managed to snark each other out pretty nicely as Dean tried to give Krissy a bit of career counselling and Krissy would hear nothing of it. This time around, their previous connection opened a door for Dean to get Krissy to listen to him and trust in what he was telling her.

Dean with kids is one of my favourite things. He has a way with them. Maybe it's because he predominantly spent time with his younger brother whilst growing up, maybe it's because he raised Sam and so has developed a parental vibe about him. Whatever it is, he's great with the kids, seemingly getting them and being able to talk to them on a level they respect. Equal parts authoritarian, understanding and cool. Actually, it probably helps that he's cool, it drips off him, even though we all know deep down he's a dweeb. Dean is someone it'd be hard not to listen to.

Talking Krissy down from killing Victor and making her realise that was not a path she wanted to take, was a nice moment. She wouldn't want to be crossing that line. Sam and Dean crossed it years ago, we've seen them kill humans when they've absolutely had to, but hopefully Krissy need never go there. It may have felt like some kind of justice but it would've ended up feeling like empty, angry vengeance and that would've smarted later. The Winchesters can attest to how vengeance may feel great initially, but in the long run, doesn't change much. They're still hunting; Krissy would be too. Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that had Victor not done the deed for them, the brothers would've been paying him a return visit to permanently take him out of the picture!
I do think there was an opportunity lost in not discussing with Krissy and the kids, or even Victor how the brothers were raised in line with how these kids were being raised and how it screwed with their heads. It would've been any eye opener for Krissy, Aiden and Josephine to hear the Winchester's story (not the whole story of course) and a nice nod to the brother's history together. It could have acted as a cautionary tale and if they wanted to get the kids out of hunting, giving them the straight-up on the cost of the "life" could have helped. Sure, the brothers really never had any choice in the matter, not simply because of John but because of their destinies, something was going to come and tap them on the shoulder eventurally, but these kids did have a choice. I would've liked to have seen that scene and was a little disappointed we didn't go there.


The theme of wanting a normal life ran thick through this episode. Victor, outwardly, was trying to give the kids a normal life, a safe and solid start, whilst training them to be killers on the side (!!). It didn't pan out, because Victor was not who he seemed to be, but beyond that, because, can the life of a hunter ever be normal?

Sam is still hopeful; he still wants that chance and still sees a future where that might be a possibility. Maybe with kids, maybe not. I think Sam sees these trials and closing Hell's gates as his best shot, his and Dean's best shot, because then, maybe the world would be a safer place. Maybe they wouldn't need to be on the road all the time, hunting. Maybe one or both of them could leave the "life", settle down and risk bringing kids into this world. Maybe hunting could become a side job, not an all consuming calling. I think this dream is propelling Sam forward and has helped him re-embrace hunting (something he was super squirrelly about at the beginning of the season), because he can see a goal, the light at the end of the tunnel, for both of them. Of course, even if the brothers close Hell's gates, there will be other monsters; there will always be other monsters... But dreams are a good thing.
I really like that Sam still wants this for his future and is hanging on to that dream, even if that's all it is. I think it's what keeps Sam, Sam; empathetic, resilient and thoughtful, because he has these hopes and hopes are important. He's always been a far more positive person than Dean. Having a dream for a better future can do that for a guy.

We saw what happened to Dean in season 7 when he felt there was no hope. He became a sad, shadow of himself. We've seen Sam become an impassioned (not in a good way) hunter, becoming fuelled by desperation and anger when he felt that was his only option. I prefer this Sam, one who still has hope for a brighter future. One who can see more than hunting in this world. One who looks for the positive in a situation. One who can help keep his brother grounded. It feels more like the Sam I feel in love with. Similarly, I like that Dean has rediscovered his mojo and now appears to be mostly ok with hunting (as in not bemoaning about it to anyone who will listen), because the Dean I fell in love with, loved the family business and saw value in what he did. These two balance each other. I see them as the yin to each other's yang.
I think it's interesting that this desire for a normal life is something that both brothers have shot for but only one has hung on to, the one who was seeking it out when we first met him.

I also think this glimmer of hope has given this season a less oppressively dark feel. Season 8 seems lighter in tone, which is a blessed relief quite frankly!

I'll say this for Adam Glass, he's got better. He's delivered stronger episodes this season. But what I'll also say about Adam is that his episodes tend to have a nice build and then wrap up in a frenzy. My analogy, whilst discussing this with a friend was, it's like he's great at foreplay and then he, err, 'finishes' too quick (not quite the language I used). I think this episode suffered a little from that. I also thought the Hell's gates scene at the end felt a tad cobbled on and was there to make a point that we'd already got a handle on, 'Real' life for a hunter possible/impossible? "Maybe they won't be the only ones." Yeah, yeah, we get it Mr Glass, no need to whack us over the head with it. Actually I thought it was pretty funny when Sam said, "What do they have to do with any of that?" Because I was thinking the the same thing! But all in all, I thought Adam Glass wrote a nice enough filler here, with some good dialogue and enjoyable moments. The boys were working well together and I'm just happy that they're at the place they're at!

I particularly dug the brother's scene in the car, at the top of the episode. Man, they love to chat in that car! It was cool that they were checking in on each other and it was adorable to see Sam try to get Dean to acknowledge that Cass has hurt his feelings! For the tiniest moment, I thought Dean was going to say something deep, but noooooo, silly me! What was I thinking?! "Why don't I go and get some herbal tea and you can find some Cowboy Junkies on the dial and we can just talk it out!" "Eat me, Dean!" Bahaha! Bless Sam and the tenacity he shows in forever persevering with trying to get his brother to talk about his feelings! And, did Dean yell out "Nay!" Nay? He must have been hanging with those LARPers again!

Also, both the guys looked glorious in this episode. It was one of those, pause, rewind, play, pause, rewind, play episodes, . *sigh*

Oh and when Dean took Aiden's gun away... Guh!
That's it! Next week, it's back to the big arc and the trials (eeeeep) and a returning character, Benny, I'm talking about Benny!
Let me know what you thought of the episode. Thanks for reading! 


# Shelley 2013-03-29 18:32
I liked this episode, but it felt lacking in something. I didn't like Victor and I didn't understand his whole working with a vampire thing (or why the vampire would be agreeing to wrok with a hunter). It kept nagging at me the whole ep why I thought he looked so familiar, I was sure he'd been in a previous ep, but couldn't figure out which one - so thank you Amy!
I don't love love love Krissy, but I do like her a lot, mostly for her interaction with Dean. Like you, Amy, I adore seeing him with kids. I think Madison does a pretty good job with Krissy, plus, she's cute as a button.
The ending of the ep did seem rushed, but overall, I liked it. And there have definitely been worse fillers!
Kim J
# Kim J 2013-03-29 18:48
This was a good enough episode, by filler standards. The problem with fillers, this late in the season, is that they usually provide an unwanted distraction from the main story arc that is the final run of the season. This one was not so far left-of-centre than most of the others have been. It kinda fit and, as you say, did tie a lot of the past in. It felt more of a "pause and remember" kind of ep rather than one that was totally unrelated and made us all jerk rather than pause.

Okay, deep breath. I'm ready for the final run now. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm terrified! I have a feeling I am going to be spending the hiatus hunting down effigies of Jeremy Carver.

Another awesome review of a not-so-awesome episode.
# sweetondean 2013-03-29 19:00
Yeah Kim, agreed...not too jarring. I think all the nods to the past, including hunters they know...especial ly one of them, helped to make it feel integrated more than some fillers do.
# Manstrad 2013-03-29 18:59
I'm with you! wow! those J's were specially yummy in this episode. I like specially when Jensen has a little (key word, little) of tanning make up on, so you can appreciate better his glorious, close ups.... (melting here).

I liked the scene that you described, Dean taking the gun away from Aidan, but I also liked the other one, when he told Krissy was going to be the one killing him, that facial expression just.... I don't have a word (English or Spanish) to describe it.

And the sweet face of Sam, when he was tie to the chair and saw Dean coming... I just wanted to hug him.

Like I said it on other posts, I like this Monster Of The Week episode, the young actress who portrait Krissy is maturing as an artist, that is why her scenes with Jensen got better, her breathing is the only thing that distracts from time to time.

I'm posting all over, sorry. It is a 4 day holiday around here, everybody is traveling and I'm stuck with the flu, so my laptop is my only companion right now.

I[m postingn
# sweetondean 2013-03-29 19:04
Oh no! Poor you :sad: I hope you feel better soon!

Winchesters make a great pick me up! They're good for all that ails you!
# debbab 2013-03-30 11:52
Hope you are feeling better soon. Jared's acting technique also employs breathing that is audible. Jensen appears older in this episode but not in a bad way, maybe it was the adult and realistic attitude he portrayed. The tan? I only grew to appreciate this episode more on a second viewing, I was so stoked after Goodbye Stranger that I was disappointed there was not a super arc episode. Nice writing referencing past characters, plots and monsters. Enjoyable banter. Who is a monster theme, and revenge v. doing the right thing, what is a normal life-all worthy summations in one episode of a series. I do think we needed to see Sam acting befuddled around a normal breakfast table and later as he ponders normal as a possibility. This episode had less physical action for the brothers, but showed us their hearts and how they think. SPN as cerebral? Yes, J2 looked exceptionally healthy- they were both ill w/flu in earlier eps and looked it and Jared was particularly nasal in one ep. So, gave u something to read whilst you get over the flu. It was a filler with a lot of cool.
# Manstrad 2013-03-30 13:51
Thanks sweatondean and debbab! SPN should be a prescription for the flu!

Debbab, it is funny you mention they were sick, I thought it was me hearing Jensen nasal. Oh! I remember, when he kiss me probably he gave me the flu! (sorry, the fever talking LOL)

Yes, this episode had less physical action, in the case of Jared, I understand he had to, because of his accident.
The producers should save episodes like Bitten for moments like this, so the guys could rest. (with emphasis on the guest stars not the camera going around)
# nappi815 2013-03-29 20:54 i'm going to go here and i know it's a bit risky as there are a lot of people on the benny bandwagon. i don't trust benny as far as i could throw him and i totally think he used dean for his own nefarious purpose. i still think he's using dean....but that's me....but what if there was more to this eppy than just kids and hunting......wh at if the point was about the vampire and his willingness to work with victor to create more vamps.....what if the vamp was the one who would've eventually killed victor....what if this ties in with benny somehow...benny seems to have killed a number of specific vamps since he's been free....i'm just saying perhaps another more subtle point being made in this eppy is not to put your trust or even work with a vampire..... :eek:
# E 2013-03-29 21:21
Ok. Now this I could get behind!! If something like this is going on then I will change my tune about the ep as a whole: it would put it on a whole different level. I am also hoping that Benny is ad news; not because I don't like him or don't think dean deserves a good friend, but only because its WAY more interesting to me if he's evil. For him to be a "good vampire" is B. O. R. I. N. G!
# percysowner 2013-03-29 21:30
I would love this to be true. Not because I don't want Dean to have a friend, but because I want Sam to be right about something. Sadly, I have read a rumored spoiler on the next episode that has me not happy, so I'll wait for next week.
# Leah-unlogged 2013-03-29 21:39
I, as much as I like Benny, would not have a problem if he had a hidden evil agenda. I never completely 100% bought into his story.
# sweetondean 2013-03-30 04:46
The human in this episode seemed to be more shady than the vampire! But I also think it's interesting that this episode falls before next week's, both for the vampires and one other thing - which could be spoilery for some, so I'm not saying anything more!

I think how Benny and Dean got out of Purgatory always seemed did Benny know the spell or about the portal and who were "they" that told him about it. But it could just as easily be that he was an unwitting pawn in Naomi's master plan - just as Cass was.

Part of me would be sad if Benny turned out to be a baddy - like he was playing Dean from the beginning - because Dean doesn't trust so easily and after he felt Cass betrayed him by working with Crowley, if he discovered the only other 'person', outside of his brother, that he ever put his trust in was false...well I doubt he'd trust anyone ever again.

But whatever best serves the story is how I always look at it.
# LEAH 2013-03-31 13:48
There are still so many unanswered questions from the earlier episodes. Shadow guy. Benny and Dean's exit from Purgatory. One of my lingering concerns is why didn't Dean ask more questions about the origin of the spell/portal? Was he so desperate to escape that he set aside his natural skepticism? Doing a spell that sucked a vampire soul into his body, why wasn't he thinking about how something that sketchy might come back to bite him? I am sure there is more to it.

I like Benny and hope he is an ally but I would be ok if he turned out bad. Dean, as much as he likes the guy and has a battlefield bond with him, hasn't ever completely trusted him to not revert to his vampire ways. Dean has trusted other people who didn't betray him- Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Garth and Charlie to name a few. I do think it would be very hard on him though.

Anyhoo just my 2 cents. :-)
# debbab 2013-03-30 11:58
You cannot put your trust in humans as we see with Victor and go back to the episode The Benders. Trusting monsters is something Sam has issue with, even eventually gets on board with Dean killing Amy because she killed no matter the reason being the survival of her son. As the audience I think we are supposed to have questions about Benny. He did help Dean, but can he be trusted top side? Dean seems to want to take that chance. This duality is there to create angst for the viewer. The writers have handled it well so far.
# Valgal 2013-03-29 21:34
Thanks Sweetondean-
Always love your reviews. I enjoyed this episode knowing it was a filler. But, even fillers have their purpose. Could this filler have acted as a metaphor for both Sam and Dean, giving them sustenance as they both face the trials- Sam undergoing them and Dean trying to manage not being the one in the driver's seat? Because it is SPN, there is a spin on everything...bu t there were moments of normal- the kids doing kid stuff like homework or cleaning their rooms after Josephine's kill, the breakfast "chaos", Aidan flirting... maybe enough to fortify both our guys. Both want better lives for those young hunters than they had. Sam wants normal which means knowing that people are safe from "monsters" or the threat of them.

I also enjoyed Glass' incorporating past lore. Someone (Sam, Dean?) must have used the Campbell cure for vampirism to help the young woman. I enjoyed the final scene with the teens hanging out together. Dean reinforced for Krissy that the job isn't only about killing. While Krissy may not have understood it yet, we saw, as Dean has seen repeatedly, that saving people can not only heal those saved but those doing the saving.

Filler episode, yes. We continue to see how strong the bond between the brothers has become over the course of this season. We saw Krissy make a hard choice when she decided not to kill Victor after learning he was instrumental in her father's death. No one yet knows what spiritual, emotional or physical demands will be required of Sam and Dean as the trials are completed, but an episode that ends with the potential for "normal" leaves both them and the audience in a positive space.
# NOLANOLA 2013-03-29 22:31
Maybe I am telling on myself but I don't remember Bobby being a Pass Out/Black out DRUNK.

He seemed to handle his alcohol & I am tried of people calling him "The town Drunk" et al.

Sorry I'll be back MAYBE, but IAPTFO RIGHT ABOUT NOW.
# NOLANOLA 2013-03-30 08:13
Liking coctails, hard drinking, & DRUNK are 3 different things. I know of what I speak. If Bobby was an Alcoholic, we were never ever shown. J/S
# Bevie 2013-03-30 12:36
Don't worry Nolanola.

It was the bad guy villain who made those nasty remarks. We know better.

Love Bobby and wish he could come back some way.

It was a good cover for Bobby to have folks think he was of no account. God, I miss him!
# NOLANOLA 2013-04-03 12:38
HEY MISS BEVIE :lol: THANKS SO MUCH BUT YOUR WISH MIGHT COME TRUE TONIGHT ;-) [sorry just getting back to you I don't have all comments come to my email so I have to check which sites I may have commented :eek: ]
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2013-03-29 22:41
Hi Sweetondean,

Thanks for the great review. It definitely wasn’t as intense as last week, but that’s probably a good thing. I think of these filler-type episodes as breathers. They’re a release from the tension of the heavy-hitter/my thology/emotion al stories. Maybe they make us appreciate those ones all the more?

I loved the beginning – herbal tea and the Cowboy Junkie. I’m Canadian. I know all about the Cowboy Junkies. It’s great music, but definitely not! Dean’s type of music. I had to laugh. Although as others have pointed out, they have a number of songs about angels AND (new fact alert!) their first album was recorded in a church! So perhaps not so random.

There were actually 2 shout-outs to Canada – Krissy’s fake boyfriend was Canadian. Was Adam Glass trying to make nice, after Dean’s “One more word about hockey and I’m going to puke!” Love that line too!

I enjoyed much about this episode. Dean’s interaction with kids is wonderful. And I like the shy pleasure he took in Krissy’s kiss. As much as Sam talks about the normal life and maybe a family, I think Dean longs for it too. Like Sam’s time with Amelia, Dean also had a taste of the family life with Lisa and Ben. I suspect being around all those teenagers really reminded him of Ben, and that must have been painful.

I also thought it was very sweet of Sam to try to get Dean to talk (never give up on that Sam. It usually works, eventually). And I liked his apologetic look to Dean, from his position of “confinementâ € in the chair. Yet another whole conversation exchanged in a series of glances and sidewise looks.

There are a couple of things I’m tilting my head at though. First, Dean’s comments that implied he believes shutting the gates of hell will banish more than demons. I’m confused by that. The disappearance of demons I get. They come from Hell after all. But the world, and hunters, and the Winchesters will still have to content with vampires, werewolves, ghosts?, zombies, ghouls etc. They all kill, just like demons do. So how is that safer exactly? The world would be rid of only one type of monster. Perhaps all the others would rush in to fill the vacuum left by demons? (Oops. I just stumbled on a new theory!)

The other thing I’m trying to reconcile is the belief (mainly from Sam, but to a lesser extent from Dean as well) that if he leaves hunting behind, he will no longer be defined by what he does. And that’s true to a certain point. He won’t be a hunter any more. But he might stumble into another occupation that ends up defining him 24/7. Normal life is full of those types of jobs and professions. Think of police officers, clergy, doctors, journalists, lawyers. Once you don the garb of those jobs people tend to only see that. The assumption is that, even off-duty, journalists are eavesdropping or secretly recording conversations to make breaking news stories, that cops are looking for people to arrest, and that clergy should not even have a beer while someone’s watching. They may be safer jobs (sort of, although cops get killed on the job, and journalists in war zones can come home in body bags.)

I guess my point is that “civilian” life may be much, much safer than the hunting life. But does either brother understand the risks of the “normal” life? I think they might have a fairly idealized view.


Pragmatic Dreamer
# sweetondean 2013-03-30 17:59
Thanks Pragmatic Dreamer, that's an interesting point about the "normal life". I too think they may have a rather idealised view, as neither has had that much experience with it for any length of time and for both it was born out of tragedy.

You're right, there are some jobs where your brain never completely jumps out of work mode - I've got one of those jobs! Of course, I'm not in physical jeopardy or anything...unle ss it's getting square eyes!

I like your idea about the vacuum left by the demons... But I seriously doubt that these gates will get closed, there has to be a horrible loop hole, beyond what we're already seeing in relation to Sam.
# NOLANOLA 2013-03-30 08:12
Liking coctails, hard drinking, & DRUNK or 3 different things. I know of what I speak. If Bobby was an Alcoholic, we were never ever shown. J/S
# sweetondean 2013-03-30 18:00
I think Bobby used the drunk thing as a cover in his home town, so he could do his work under the radar. It was probably easier for him that way.

But hey, Victor was a few fruits short of a loop! His opinion means nothing! And Dean gave him fair warning of it!
# judyann 2013-03-30 09:10
Agree with most of the post. Good "filler" I liked the pace of the show and it kept my interest. The only thing I can say is about "Victor" and not understanding his reasoning is that crazy people don't need a logical reason for their actions! What makes sense in their minds doesn't make sense to the rest of us.
# debbab 2013-03-30 12:05
We should have picked up on Victor's craziness when he mentioned Martin and that conversation about losing his kids is so creepy in retrospect. Writers suckered us in again. with cozy family life, sweaters and homework.Crazy defies logic. So another hunter go off the rails. He ganked himself once he saw his monster side- hoping his bones were salted and burned b/c he'd come back nasty.
# KimCR 2013-03-30 17:41
I really enjoyed this episode. I've liked Chrissy since "Adventures in Babysitting" so it was nice to see her again. Dean has a way with kids; It was good seeing him lead Chrissy down the right path. It was her trust in him and lets face it her little crush that helped Dean's word resonate.. helping her make the right decision not to shoot that creep Victor. I would like to see how things worked out for the kids in season 9. Perhaps they encounter some monsters and call the Winchesters for help.
# Vanda 2013-03-30 18:19
I found parts of this episode really good, parts of it totally disjointed & lacking logic.

I still to this day, cannot see why any Vamp would help a hunter by creating more vamps just for them to be hunted down. Or even why he's agree to help in the training of mor hunters who would eventually hunt more vamps down. It just makes no sense to me.

I think I saw more discussion about Crissy kissing Dean's cheek at the end than I did about the episode.

Maybe it's just me not paying attention to detail, or being ignorant. (I did like the shot of Dean's face in the rear view mirror of the impala, & loved the dart in the eye bit too!)
# E 2013-03-30 22:19
Hi KimCR, that's a really good point about the vamp who was helping victor. Don't vampire's usually live in a nest and feel sort of "familial" type feelings for the other members? (Remember Lenore and her nest, Luthor and Kate being committed to one another in their nest for example) So why would this vampire be willing to create new vampires but then show no interest in having them in his nest? If his motivation had been explained then it might not have been so much of a logic fail.
# E 2013-03-30 22:23
oops! Sorry this was meant in response to Deanie_24's comment.. :oops:
# sweetondean 2013-03-30 18:24
Hey V

I think Victor's plan was as screwy as he was! But maybe that was the point.

My only thought on the vampire was that in helping Victor he guaranteed himself meals and not being hunted. He looked like he thought he was awesome, so probably thought he'd just take them all out at some point, if he felt the unhampered feast was ever going to stop. Maybe he was just not that bright!
# Tiny 2013-03-30 23:07
Thanks Amy! A very awesome review!

You're right, Supernatural is very good at continuing on with the many different themes -- vampires, ghosts, witches, anything supernatural. Monsters have their own chapters, and I like different vamp episodes are different from others. Not only it highlights people and monsters involved, but it's also about creating the uniqueness of that particular episode.

What I like about this episode is that it focuses on people and highlighted what people do when they are desperate and twisted. Human can be as evil as the monsters. We see that in Freaks and Geeks.

Next week.. SHITE!! It's gonna be super intense!!

# shadowhund 2013-03-31 03:30
In this episode there was absolutely not one surprising twist. The episode description told us about Victor and the kids and also about Dean not trusting Victor. Then it was clear for me that Victor is the bad guy! And the bad guy had a talk with Sam...that was maybe my only surprising moment in 8.18! But the talk didn't go under my skin! I expected another heart to heart between Dean and Krissy and wasn't surprised we got that. Sam complimenting himself out of the situation ..the heart to heart between Dean and another pattern! It is ridiculous!
I think the writers have check lists what has to happen in the episodes.

1. Guest characters have to have meaningful heartfelt talks with Dean ....CHECK

2. A small brother talk about Dean's feelings, trials, lying......CHECK

3. Sam doesn't have to stay in the same room when Dean has his moments...OR if Sam joins those moments the conversation stops...OR Sam is in peril/research/ seperated .....CHECK

4. IF Sam has any moments then with the bad guy (or he has NO moment)....CHECK

5. If there is something writers give to Sam, its his desire for normal.....CHECK

6. Sam doing research...CHECK

I was pleased with episodes 8.12, 8.13, 8.14, 8.16!! Those episodes gave me back my hope that this story is about Sam and Dean and we get insight in the brothers relationship and see their bond emerge. Now my view changed again, and those 4 episodes are not enough for me to buy the whole season in the future.

I own SPN S1-5, 2x, because I NEED to have them in case something happens to a DVD!
I consider to buy S6 as the last SPN season! I loved the end when Sam wanted to face the horrible memories of hell/cage to be able to put himself back together to be with Dean in this world.

"You know me, you know why, I'M not leaving my brother out there alone" is Sam's core and Erik Kripkes legacy to Sam.

What we have now regarding Sam is a mess, a reset, a different guy! Jeremy Carver disappointed me deeply (like Sera Gamble with S7 AFTER "Hello Cruel World") I think the real SPN doesn't exist anymore´, because nobody is there in the back to take care of the brothers bond and pays attention to it, and also Sam's half of the brothers bond! Sam needs to have more moments with good characters, care for his personality! His persoanlity is not identified by Dean's worry ABOUT Sam! It isn't enough!

(I am still sucking in nappis commments like a life line, I the beacon of hope for Sam's character/story)

I am not posting much at this forum anymore, so if you're disappointed in my disappointed comment, I can say I'll come only unfrequently to post.

sweetondean this is not supposed to be directed at you and your take on the episode, my comment is just a flow of thoughts from me and has nothing to do with your view of the episode! Sorry that it happens to be in your review!
# sweetondean 2013-03-31 06:41
Hi shadowhund

We have a Let's Discuss topic open on Season 8, so that could be a good place for you to discuss the various aspects of the season that you are disatisfied with, if you want to talk about it more.
# KG_SPN 2013-03-31 04:03
Thanks for your review Amy. I enjoyed this MOTW episode a lot more than the last couple we've had (about dogs and Gods). It was a hard act coming right after the awesomeness of Goodbye Stranger, but I did enjoy watching it.

I was totally horrified by what Victor did to rebuild his family and, if I have one criticism, the reaction by Sam and Dean to this revelation seemed a bit subdued. I must admit I don't like it when they have 'human' monsters on SPN (the Benders in season 1 is still the scariest SPN episode for me). I actually didn't see it coming that Victor had killed the families (even though I knew he was up to no good right from the outset). But as you said, Victor was "a few tools short of a kit"

I also think this glimmer of hope has given this season a less oppressively dark feel. Season 8 seems lighter in tone, which is a blessed relief quite frankly!
I also like this about Season 8. There is a bit of natural lighthearted banter going on between the boys in most episodes and I love that Jeremy Carver has gone in that direction - after the tense first half of the season.

“Why don’t I go and get some herbal tea and you can find some Cowboy Junkies on the dial and we can just talk it out!” “Eat me, Dean!” Bahaha!
This was my favourite line of the episode, probably because I happen to love the music of this Canadian band, but mostly because it made me laugh at loud at the thought of Sam and Dean doing just that :lol:
# Sylvie 2013-04-02 10:17
Thanks for the review Amy. I liked the episode on first viewing well enough, but I enjoyed it more the second time around. Victor brings up to mind Dean's catchphrase from "The Benders": Demons I get, people are crazy. :lol: It was obvious that Victor was not to be trusted, sweater or not, Sam & Dean knew he was shady from the get go. But Sam is so much more trusting, he so wants there to be a possibility at normalcy. But all the talk of having children makes me a little nervous about maybe Amelia trying to find Sam because she's pregnant! :eek:

I like Krissy (in small doses), but I especially like the rapport she has with Dean. I always like it when Dean has to interact with the younger generation. And the little peck on the cheek at the end was just priceless, it caught Dean by surprise, but he looked well pleased with it. :oops: Oh, and pulling Aiden aside was so cute. He really cares about that young lady.

Lastly, I was hoping for a "bitch/jerk" moment at the beginning when Sam tries to get Dean to open up about Cass, but it was still a nice moment of hilarity. Especially when Sam gets out of the car and says: Eat me Dean. Ha. I hadn't heard that the first time I watched. :lol:

Now I'm getting myself psychologically prepared for Wednesday's episode. Booooooooobby! :cry:
# KELLY 2013-04-03 03:42
Great review. I actually liked this episode. It wasn't fantastic by any means and I the only way to make Victor plan make sense was to say he had gone insane, but I thought it was okay otherwise.

My favorite scene by far was the brother scene at the beginning and not just because I love brother scenes-which I do. But because I thought it was so hilarious and not in a bad way. Dean was totally pulling his worried big brother thing and Sam completely turned it around on him. I thought that was realistically brotherly. I am really adoring the brother moments this season.

I really like Krissy, but then I don't mind teenagers with attitude. But the best parts were her interactions with Dean. He really is so cute with kids of all ages. I agree not bringing up the Winchester's past was a missed opportunity, but I still thought it was a decent episode.

I really like that Sam is retaining his hope as well and trying to hold onto hope for Dean as well.