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As part of Jared's seemingly endless media blitz to promote his new show Walker, he made a quick stop to chat with the hosts of Good Morning America - What You Need to Know on the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan 27th. 

They began their chat by asking Jared about working with his wife Genevieve, first on Supernatural and now on Walker.  Jared laughed and said that's she's much better at watching the kids than him, so when they're on set together, he doesn't know what's happening with their children! He then explained how he and Gen met and dated while filming Supernatural, and now years later they are married with 3 children. 


The hosts showed pictures of Jared and Genevieve with their children, and Jensen and Danneel Ackles, but they didn't talk about Jared's Supernatural co-star at all.


When asked about taking over the show's story from Chuck Norris, Jared revealed that since Chuck helped develop the original Walker, Texas Ranger series, he co-owns it, so he had to give his blessing for the new show. Jared again joked and said they wanted to make sure that Chuck was okay with the reboot because Jared didn't want to tangle with Mr. Norris! Jared then repeated what he's said many times about his show being very, very different than the original series.

Here are some more photos from the interview:

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The second episode of Walker airs Thursday 1/28 at 8:00 pm on the CW.  You can check out our other articles on Walker here.