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Ok, I'll confess that this episode was, on the whole, pretty darn good. But just because it was good, doesn't mean we can't poke a bit of fun at it. After all, I tease the ones I love and it is the duty of an abridger to not even spare the good, quality moments of the show, but try and figure out laughs to be had from it. I may not have succeeded, but here's hoping this season will give me plenty of practice (translation: I want it ALL to be at least as good as this episode.)
1002dean1 "Reaching back?" "Right in back?" I don't get this title at all.
1002dean2 Oh now I get it. Thanks Bladey. But where is the "Falls"?
1002cole1 Fool! I've stolen part of this title too! Bwahahaha
1002dean1 Oh that's it. Let's fight!
1002cole1 Soon. Soon. We need a climax for the episode.
1002dean1 Argh, why I always gotta be the one to finish off the show?
1002crowley2 Hey, Dean! There's a sale on cowboy hats at Cabella's!
1002dean2 Score! Can we get pie on the way?
1002crowley2 Of course we can, Dean.
1002castiel1 Is it my screentime now?
writers-group1 Uhh.... give us a minute.
1002castiel2 Ok, I'll go nap until my scene.
writers-group1 *to each other* What were we doing with him?
1002crowley1 Hey, while we're out here, I got a job for you.
1002dean1 What?
1002crowley2 Guy made a deal, need to kill his woman.
1002dean1 Can I do it offscreen?
1002crowley1 Oh Satan-yes. We wouldn't want to waste time or anything.
1002crowley2 Did you do it?
1002dean2 Nope.
1002crowley1 You bastard!
1002dean2 Whatcha gonna do about it? I'm invincible!
1002sam1 Enter stage right!
1002dean1 Sammy?
1002sam1 Let's go man, you know if we're apart for more than 2 episodes the universe implodes.
1002dean2 I could do that... or I could throw this dust bunny at you!
1002sam2 noooooo *is unconscious*
1002cole1 Ok, this is getting too silly now. Time for our fight scene!
1002dean1 Bring it!
1002cole2 *BAM*
1002dean3 *KA-POW*
1002cole2 *CLANK*
1002dean3 *ZOT*
1002cole2 "Sonic Boom!"
1002dean3 "Hadouken!"
1002cole2 "Show me what you've got!"
1002dean3 "C-c-c-c-combo breaker!"
1002cole1 Ugh. "Finish me."
1002dean3 "DEANMON WINS..."
1002dean2 "FRIENDSHIP."
1002cole1 Friendship?
1002dean2 Totally leaving you alive.
1002cole1 Nooooooooooo....
1002sam1 Hey Dean - HOLY WATER!
1002dean1 Gah! What the hell? You should've been out for hours!
1002sam1 Oh I haven't actually been unconscious all those times. I've just been grabbing some power naps and letting you do all the work.
1002dean3 Oh you lazy bastard! Which one of us is the REAL evil, huh, Sammy?
1002sam1 We'll see next episode, bro. Next episode.
writers-group1 Wait... did we forget something?
1002castiel2 zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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# rabbit_with_fangs 2014-10-20 19:24
:D Perfection, Nate. (Although Dean killing the sexist douchebag onscreen was very cool.)
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# BoGirle 2015-08-20 07:42
Arg... looks like you got some spam... Well, let me leave a real comment then. Very nice and clever. I love your remixes and don't mind at all poking fun at even a good episode. I absolutely love it though when the episode is a stinker. Can't wait to see what you do with Paint It Black.... God that episode was just plain awful. Your remix for that one should be a hoot as there's so much material to work with.