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We're back!  For each of these screencaps, I've put in my caption.  Then it's your turn.  Have fun being creative!

1.  "Hey! Why do I always get stuck with the research?"

2.  "Don't forget to pay for mine too!"

3.  "Whoa! Sam you're gonna need to get your own room."

4.  "So Bobby, buying us breakfast?"

5.  "Holy Crap! I've been branded"

6.  "Ok, when he opens the door yell surprise"

7.  "I told you she had a boyfriend."

8.  "I still haven't figured out the tie thing."

9.  "Bitch!" "Jerk!"

10.  "Pout all you want the answer is still no!"

11.  "Are you gargling 'Smoke on the Water'?"

12.  "Ok Sasquatch, move over a little will ya?"


# debbab 2014-12-29 11:21
#1 I'm researching something under the covers that keeps moving!
#2 Two hot ladies seated near a pick up window and Winchesters never look at ladies. I only have eyes for you Sammy.
#3 This how instagram was invented! Objectify myself!
#4 Where can I buy that stunning outfit?
#5 She was hot !
#6 Playing Let's make a Deal"We'll take door #1
#7 Ice bag Sammy, not douche bag!
#8 Today is picture day at school
#9 Burger! Bacon! Tofu!Salad!
#10 I'm still not sharing my cherry pie!
#11 Don't swallow
#12 Tacos for Breakfast again, Sammy? Toxic.
Obviously, I have too much time on my hands this week and I readily admit that your captions are better but I tried. You took most of the good ones!
# m 2014-12-29 18:28
1. "Better not be looking at that Busty Asian Babes website again! I swear, Dean!"
2 "Coffee's up and they're both mine!".
3. "Hey Ijits, I'm thinking."
4. "Mirror, mirror, on the ceiling...gonna have me some fun tonight!"
5. "Some douche touched me!!!"
6 "This is what happens when you run out of salt."
7 "Nothing a greasy sandwich won't cure."
8. " Hmm my shirt is still white and oh so fresh smelling still."
9. "I'm having pie Sammy, and that's that!"
10 "Not seeing the puppy eyes yet."
11 "Hey dude you seriously can't do that with beer!"
12. "Eeww where have your hands been Sam?"