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Warning!!!!  If you haven’t seen the latest episode of “Supernatural” and the preview for next week, do not read this!  There is going to be plot-based speculation and discussion! You’ve been officially warned!
Yee-haw!  Cowboy looks good on the Winchesters, wouldn’t you say?  I think that was a really fun episode, even if it mostly was just putting pieces into place.  Those are sort of unavoidable sometimes, and if they can all be this fun, then I’m all for it.  So let’s enjoy the good times while we can because the rest of the season is probably going to kill us all.  I predict epic angst and heartbreak and cries of GAMBLE!!!!!  KRIPKE!!!!!!  Anyway, I’m not going to speculate too much tonight because I think we’ll have much more information starting next week, so for now, just a few words.
What the Hell is going on in Heaven?

What is Castiel up to?  I think it really must be something shady if his lieutenant is willing to try and kill him.  Granted, we didn’t get to know her too well, but it seemed like Rachel was very staunchly on Cass’ side, and she was finally convinced that whatever he is up to is definitely not good.  What is his dirty little secret?  And honestly, if Cass is doing something bad with good intentions, I can’t say I’m surprised.  He never had to make decisions for himself until he met the Winchesters, so they’re the ones he learned from.  And let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly models of good decision-making.  He told Sam and Dean that’s whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it for and because of them, so he obviously learned the lesson that it’s okay to take whatever means necessary as long as you are protecting those closest to you.  Sam and Dean and Bobby have done it enough times that the message has struck home.  Heck, Cass himself has sacrificed himself twice already for the Winchesters.  Or maybe I just want to find a reason to preemptively forgive Cass because I really like him and I don’t want him to break my heart.  Though, I will also say, I am fascinated by this whole storyline and can’t wait to see how it plays out, no matter how hard it will be.  A morally dubious Cass is certainly an interesting one.
Don’t Ever Change, Dean
Man, it was so fabulous to Dean being so Dean tonight.  I wish he could always be that exuberant and carefree, but I know it’s not to be.  It really felt like old times, with him making jokes and Sam not laughing at them and Dean not really caring because he was so happy.  It was like visiting an old friend and falling back into the same rhythm you used to have, though you haven’t seen each other for a while.
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
How about next week’s preview, huh?  That is going to be angsty for Dean, as it always is when he has to confront his mother in some form other than herself.  At least he had his Wild West Adventure first.  And how do all these monsters always know what Mary looks like and that she’ll be the best form of torture?  Do they share notes, read minds?  I am looking forward to all the BAMF action, though.  It looks like some heads will roll.  Bring it on, Eve!
What did everyone think of the episode?  Was it worth the wait?  Are you ready for the emotional roller coaster that will be the end of the season? 


# Yirabah 2011-04-23 02:29
This ep was worth the wait. It sure was what I was hoping for.

I guess we will be done with Eve within the next to episodes now that the boys have the magic from the past.

I am wondering if the boys will end up in heaven one more time to assist Cas since it doesn't look like he can trust his own soldiers. Surely he is bringing in the two souls he can trust.
# Ellie 2011-04-23 03:19
This episode was good , enjoyed would like to of seen more of the Samuel Colt and Sam interaction. though but enoyed the boys wild west adventure .

Next week leaves me with mixed feelings Mary in what ever form is Sams mother too but when the show does that it tends to cut Sam out because he didnt now her. Thats why I am never keen on Mary in a episode because it tends to reenforce Deans relationship with her. But it no doubt be a good episode despite my mixed feelings lol.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-04-23 04:36
Ok, we’re getting closer. We now have a fair idea what the souls are being used for; juicing up angels. Makes sense that Castiel needs as many of them as possible, especially as he seems to be alienating almost everything with wings.

Another episode where my admiration for Bobby is reinforced. Apart from his love of reality TV (he knows who Octomom is!), he has once again shown there is nothing he won’t do for the boys, including subjecting himself to possible explosion. Bobby, I’m going to reiterate what Dean said many moons ago ‘You’re awesome’.

Yeah, this really had the feel of a season 1 episode, with Dean being childishly gleeful about the hunt (and boy have we missed that), Sam the ‘mature’ younger brother who’s trying to keep him on track, some continuity with the stories past with the meeting of Colt and Elkins ancestor and some progression in the overall storyline. I do be very much looking forward to the heaven civil war thing. (I’m like a broken record!). Castiel, you’re so bad at being ‘bad’. It’s the eyes. They’re too big and doelike to be a baddies eyes.

Honestly, once I got over the costumes (and it was tough ok. Cowboys, the whole western thing, do nothing for me and Dean looked like he had raided Victoria Beckhams wardrobe, ffs) it was a pretty good episode.

It’s a little strange. I mean, once again the boys didn’t do what they set out to do (collect phoenix ash) but thanks to Sam’s forgetfulness (phone), Samuel Colt and an unnaturally patient delivery service, they got what they wanted. I know they need a wee bit of luck as well (because God knows they’ve been fairly bereft of it for the last few years) but at times it feels like everything they need is falling into their laps (eventually). Are the boys now destined to kill the Mother of All too?

Does anyone else feel that Sam remembering the location of the Campbells underground library is an indicator that the wall isn’t fully doing the job it was designed to do?? And his ‘There’s no getting out.’ Awwwww.

Yeah, I think I’m liking this episode more the more I think about it. Am I ready for the emotional roller coaster? Well, maybe this episode was the calm before the storm cos Gawd, I am SO ready!!
# magichappening 2011-04-23 18:13
Victoria Beckham?

Definitely agree that Bobby is awesome. Very cool to see him being his awesome self, although wish he had gone back in time too :)
# Lana 2011-04-23 08:49
I loved the episode but also kind of went "come ON!" when the postal service delivered the box from Sam Colt. Seriously? But then, maybe God hasn't really left the building... It was nice to see the old joky, boyish Dean back, but along with it we got the old ruthlessness mercy for the sad story of the Phoenix. I always had a problem with that coldness in Dean, that unwillingness to complicate things by looking at shades gray, which he did for awhile when he was with his 'other' family. Course then some people thought he was a wuss. Like everyone, I'm wondering what's up with Cas..Rachel was pretty dismissive of the boys. Maybe what Cass is planning is actually more pro-human than pro-angel? Maybe she felt he was betraying his species to side ultimately with the human race? Although that wouldn't explain Fate's comment about Cas wanting souls for his war machine..confus ing. And early in the morning..not thinking too clearly!
# KatieV 2011-04-23 09:13
So many pop culture references here to tease and delight! The Western Union delivery trope from "Back to the Future", all the classic Western Cliches, references to "Star Trek 4" and "Deep Space 9" and enough horse shit to be worthy of "Deadwood" which Bobby (Ellsworth) mentioned!!
Loved it and loved seeing an angst-free Dean enjoying his work.
# Ginger 2011-04-23 11:39
The episode wasn't everything that I would have liked to have seen, but it was good. See, I would have liked seeing Sam and Dean in a saloon fight, but that's okay because Dean's one-liners and cultural references were flying fast and it was so nice to see a S1 Dean back again with Sam giving his childish delight the "B" face. Both were adorable.

This was a good script; and if Dabb and Loflin don't watch out, they will become my favorite writers on the show.

The support actors were all great, but Sam Hennings, in particular, was terrific. All of them did a good job, though -- loved the early scene when the boys walked into the Sheriff's office and the looks that were given to them. The Phoenex guy was good, too.

SPN works when both brothers have something to do, and in this episode they did...finally. I loved seeing Dean give no quarter to the Phonenix. That's the hunter Dean we used to see, and it's been way too long since that character has been around.

Loved the Sam/Sam Colt scene. Wished we had seen more of Sam Colt. What a perfect depiction -- see it all, done it all, shrug shoulders. Perfect!

It would be nice if the brothers didn't just stumble into or be handed what they need or are trying to do this season, but that doesn't take away from the fun in the episode.

I really think Misha needs some tutoring for the fight scenes.

As far as the angel story and am I excited to see it. Sorry, I'm past the off-screen, only occasionally mentioned war in Heaven, and I have not seen a connection with it and the Winchesters all season, so no interest on my part. Actually, I think the angels and their unending problems are getting really stale, it's unrealistic, and it keeps the series from being human relatable.

What I would be excited about is if in S7 the show could get back to "hunting evil, saving PEOPLE, and the Winchester family business." I think that is the key to the show going out on a high note.
# Annie 2011-04-23 12:01
Can't say too much that hasn't already been said, but I give the episode A+++...fabulous pop culture references, solid plot, story moving forward...class ic Supernatural. Dean's "posse" comments were absolutely hilarious. Loved Sam Colt and how complicated he was. It would have been easy to make him some kind of "hero"...cavali er and bold and proud. Making him grizzled, tired, and deflated really humanized him. Excellent stuff there.

The Cas stuff has me worried....wond ering what he's up to and how it will affect his relationship with the boys. Really excited to see how that all plays out.

Bobby mentioning Deadwood clinched the ep. for me. Absolutely CLASSIC as Deadwood is one of my very favorite all time shows and Ellsworth is one of my all time favorite characters. I'll follow Jim Beaver wherever he goes!

Rest of the season should be a corker!
# Danam 2011-04-23 14:09
"Aim Lower" I loved it!
# Claire63 2011-04-23 16:58
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode although I would have loved to have seen both Sam and Dean on horseback! But I'm being picky! Interested to see how the Cas storyline plays out and what impact it will have on the brothers. There are obvious parallels with Sam's reasoning/good intentions in Season 4. I too enjoyed seeing Mark Sheppard in tonight's Doctor Who - linking my favourite two tv programmes together!
# magichappening 2011-04-23 18:08
I second the horseback wish :)
# magichappening 2011-04-23 18:06
Overall, twas good.

Dean in his real Western gear = Yum (despite a duster that could’ve fit 2 of him). Samuel Colt was excellent, as was Finch. I thought it was fair Dean killed Finch as he was killing humans (which the Winchesters rarely allow, even if a supernatural being has a point). Not sure the Judge and Sherriff deserved to be killed?

I wish they had shown another, non-saloon girl female character or shown the judge to have herpes too - why were none of the men diseased if Darla was Elkins' best girl?

If/when (please!) we get a 7th season and unless the Mother story turns things on their head, is it just me or do the Supernatural writers and producers need to do some work on their portrayal of women in this (otherwise) amazing show- with Lisa being one of the few exceptions to the rule. It is bizarre, particularly with a woman having been show-runner for a season now. Like Dean said to Chuck in Swan Song: ‘Boy, you really got a whole virgin/hooker thing going on, don't you?’

The humour in this episode was brilliant though. Both Jensen and Jared were in their element and the brotherly ‘get your own’ and ‘the sasparilla ain’t half bad’ were such a lovely throwback to Season 1. And I was yelling out loud at the screen when Cas was messing around with Bobby's soul. And he killed Rachel in a disturbingly Uriel -like twist.

On that note, here is my rather wild speculation: What if Cas has gone Matrix?

He has farms of humans (or some equivalent thereof) with their souls plugged into his ‘war machine’. Maybe Hell can only use souls when their bodies dead, and Heaven can only use souls when they are alive - so Cas is somehow playing fast and loose with living human souls and if they are as volatile and flammable as Cas says, it suggests he speaks from he must have damaged or killed humans in his time to work that out...and the answer for healing himself when Bobby asked him, came to him awfully easily...perhap s he has been using his human farms to heal himself and his army with no regard for how painful or dangerous it is to the people who house them...maybe he is addicted to the soul juice like Sam was addicted to the demon blood...OK that was a lot of speculation, but since last week’s comment about minting money, I have finally become interested in that storyline again.
# MisterGlass 2011-04-23 18:25
And honestly, if Cass is doing something bad with good intentions, I can’t say I’m surprised. He never had to make decisions for himself until he met the Winchesters, so they’re the ones he learned from. And let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly models of good decision-making. He told Sam and Dean that’s whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it for and because of them, so he obviously learned the lesson that it’s okay to take whatever means necessary as long as you are protecting those closest to you.
This is exactly what I have been thinking, you expressed it perfectly. And part of the example that Sam and Dean, and even Bobby, have set, is making deals. I have wondered if Cas is headed that direction, whether he is the buyer or the seller.