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Who hoo! I finally get around to sharing this. All it took was almost two weeks of nonstop demanding family activities, an intense project at work, and more systems problems (Microsoft and Dell are both on my crap list right now) to make me think there was a definite demon plot to prevent this recap from getting done. Anyway, enough griping on my part; let’s just jump straight to the action. I should first note that my copy of the video is playing the last few seconds of The Vampire Diaries, which aired a really awesome episode before this one. The best one yet for that show by far and now the plot is kicking into action.

After another Now segment which reminds us in case we forgot that Sam started the apocalypse and Dean’s pissed about it, there’s teenage girl looking ominously like this week’s red shirt, watching of all things a bad Herbie movie. She picks up her hairbrush and brushes her hair while entranced by the video. I’m sure the impression is that she’s possessed, but it turns out she’s just extremely easy to amuse. She hears some rustling in the closet and goes to check it out. The creepy score follows her and she opens the door! It’s a bratty little kid with an obvious pencil-through-the-head prop and ketchup playing dead. She doesn’t fall for it. She sends the kid off, but he still has the nerve to ask if he could touch her boobs. What boobs? This chick doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her and those things on her chest are tiny bumps.

She goes back to Herbie and it’s a scene where the dog is attacking someone in the back seat. She hears something outside and goes to check it out by looking out the window. Oh, that usually never goes well. Fade to the next morning and there’s snow on the TV. Hey guys, the digital transition has been made. No more snow. The parents come home and babysitter is stretched out on the couch, but is unresponsive to the Dad’s attempts to wake her. He sees the blood on her head. Then he rolls her over and her skull is mangled pretty good. Time to scream out to the wife. So, she’s going to take this well? Better than a man? Yeah, probably.

It should be noted my video feed messed up again, so I missed out on a few great potential screencaps. I’ve been hearing the complaint from others in this area too. It seems that ever since WWHO TV went digital (in June), their tuner now is worse than ever and has constant issues reaching areas like, well, North Columbus. You know, a massive chunk of their market. No wonder The CW is having affiliate issues. They don’t care since they’re charging a fortune in retransmission fees to Time Warner Cable, Insight, Comcast, and DirectTV. We have to watch on the satellite now, which is fine for actual viewing but I can’t get the videos off that tuner for my computer. So, anyone hoping for clips from me for season five is going to be somewhat disappointed. Only one episode is clip worthy so far.

Sam and Dean are showing off the badges. Agents Page and Plant again? Isn’t this getting old? There are plenty of rock star aliases left. There’s uh, and there’s um, Daltrey and Townsend? Entwistle and Moon? Beck and Stewart? I could go on. Anyway, they’re investigating the babysitter’s death. The coroner is confused since he emailed the autopsy report that morning. “We had server issues,” Sam says in an awesome cover. That is so true. My life is ruined by at least one to two server issues a day, not to mention all these damned PC issues plaguing my laptop. Even Dean is impressed by that quick thinking.

The coroner shows the body. The skull is still a huge mess, and how does an actress list that on her resume? “Mangled body #1.” Sam gets queasy again. I get that’s a running gag, but come on Sam. Man up! They thought she was attacked by a wolf but the culprit is a press on nail. She clawed through her own skull? Eww, yuck. Apparently, such a thing is slow, hideously painful, but can be done. I kind of believe that. Lord knows I’ve wanted to scratch through my skull at work enough times. The corner speculates it’s a phantom itch. An extreme case, but apparently all she has to do is think about it and can’t stop scratching. He leaves, and suddenly Sam and Dean scratch themselves in the ways they often do, Sam under his necktie and Dean on his ear. Okay, I saw that coming, but it's still amusing.

Sam and Dean are talking with the now traumatized family and Sam is asking the usual strange questions about cold spots. Apparently he’s immune to strange looks and embarrassing situations. Dean works on pencil-through-the-head boy and can tell he's hiding something. He tries to get the truth from him by relating to him about bad babysitters. Dean had a sitter that only cared about Dynasty and bedtime? Way to date yourself there Dean! Heck, I’ll top your Dynasty and raise you a Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. The kid still claims he doesn't have any information to shareso Dean tells him he knowshe's lying. He pulls rank and threatens to take him downtown. That gets the kid to fess up! They come out of the house and Dean has the damning evidence. Itching powder. The boy had put it in the babysitter’s brush. They of course know that itching powder can’t do that considering its ground up maple seeds. No, but it’s pretty funny when put in your shorts, huh Sam? Sam gets a call, and they’re off to another grisly scene.

They're in a hospital or nursing home and the same medical examiner is there? I guess this is a smaller town in Nebraska. Either that or they were short on extras on the set that day. A burned up corpse that was supposedly electrocuted was zipped up and taken away. Except that was one charred body and we all know that electrocutions aren't that elaborate. Right? No, I’m not going to prove it at home. Sam and Dean talk to the shaken elderly patient, who is muttering something about it only being a joke. "All I did was shake his hand." The man pulls out a harmless joy buzzer. The plot thickens.

Now, why someone like Dean, who pretty much throws caution to the wind constantly especially when ganking monsters, feels the need for safety goggles and long rubber gloves for his joy buzzer test is beyond me, but since it was obviously done for comedic effect, I'll let it slide. Just picture it. Dean in an elaborate getup like that with a raw ham on the table in front of him and Sam standing behind him a few feet away with his own safety goggles. Dean asks if Sam's ready, and Sam calls him “Mr. Wizard." Isn’t that reference really dated? Wouldn’t Sam have been more of a “Bill Nye Science Guy” viewer? Dean gives the call to put glasses on and Sam actually does it. Way to play along with big brother there Sammy.

Might I take time to mention how I love the theme of this week's motel room, Old Glory? It's not anything I'd do in my home, but it strangely works for a story involving the Anti-Christ. I love that the room divider this week is either wooden or metal planks representing the stripes on the American flag. It's great to see that kind of creativity on the sets in season five. Later you see a tacky flag lamp and flag pillows. Not to mention the checkered table cloth.


# Supernarttu 2009-10-26 16:12
The kid playing Jesse was so cool. I usually am not that taken with the kid actors (Michael from something Wicked is still my fave, with weeSam and weeDean but that's about it) but Jesse was really interesting and my heart broke for him, truly. So sad to lose ones innocence at that age. It's not fair, but life never is. I liked the way this eppie was a light one at first and then turned dark (Mystery Spot came to mind after the first view because of that turn).
I loved Dean eating the ham. Sam had too many bitchfaces in this one (for me anyway) and the buzzer thing... I bugs me, and it don't so I'll leave it that.
I was a bit pissed with the whole adoption thing too, since the demons would (and should) have found Jesse in no time. At first I thought it might be because of his force field but after a bit of pondering, seemed too far fetched... Also with Julia leaving some info about herself when giving away a chils she's not sure is even human to the adopt agency. Just figured if you're gonna "run" then don't leave any trace behind.
And the whole "why wasn't Lucifer there the moment the demons saw Sam" -thing also bugged me. But maybe they'll be somekinda explanation later on. Maybe he doesn't need Sam that badly yet or... I got nohing, its late. *tirey smirk*
I loved the melting the rubber chicken -bit. Didn't see that coming, me and hubster laughed quite a bit. And the hairy palm. "gor bored, the nurse was hot" *double smirk* Dean, ah. I love you man.
Castiel was win(!!) for me. I like that tension between him and Sam. Since I'm spoiler-free this is just a speculation but I think (hope) that Anna will be the one to set Cassy straight on the whole guilt/blame thing...and possibly rat on his ass to SamnDean. :evil:
# elenaM 2009-10-26 17:48
This week's red shirt...hee...I take it that's a Star Trek reference.

I'm not saying trying to kill a kid is in any way ok, but I liked Cas having an edge, being just a little bit, well, scary... one of the things I loved about the angels in the first place, Reminds me he's not human, that he's still on that journey...I'm with Supernarttu, I like the tension between Cas & Sam too, I'd love to see more
# Sablegreen 2009-10-26 20:14
Love the review, Alice....keep them coming!!
I love Dean being back to normal...and teasing his brother again. Loved Sam's irritation too. I love to do that to my siblings...and I get it back so I don't always get away with it.

I really am not too pleased with the inconsistancies in the story this season...and there have been a number in each episode. You and other posters have mention them also. It just deoesn't make the show look put together, or well thought out, which is sad. This is a good show, and I like it to shne!
# Randal 2009-10-27 11:45
Another great review, but more bias next time, please. 8-)

I loved the buzzer gig and definitely side with elenaM on the Castiel As Jackass thing. It's certainly funny when they play around with his difficulties with human civilization, but he *is* an angel and he *is* powerful, and it's a good idea to remind everyone of that now and then. When you've been dealing with a black and white universe for, I don't know, millennia, and the apocalypse is extra nigh, you're going to revert to what you know, crutches and all that.

I know we'll get an explanation (I assume) of the whole Antichrist deal, I just hope it's internally consistent with their universe.
# Suze 2009-11-01 18:59
Angst, fart jokes, bad Casness and no blue-screen of doom spoiling my fun.

I'm happy.