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Welcome back to "Top Six Favourite Episodes", this time for Supernatural's season six! These are, still to this day, the episodes nearest and dearest to my heart,  my comfort episodes, the ones I go to when I need a laugh or a cry or the comfort of an old friend. 

Before you read my list, make your own list of season 6 favourites! It will be fun to compare your unbiased choices (before you are unduly influenced by my memories or picks) to mine.  If you're joining Nightsky and The WFB in the #SPNSummer2019 Rewatch, or rewatching at your own pace this hiatus, the episodes should be fresh in your mind! Save your list then, because you'll need it for TOP 100 Episode challenge that The Winchester Family Business is running all hiatus! Nightsky reveals her Top 6 season 6 favourites after mine, so you'll have two WFB staff lists as a comparison!

So without further ado, here's my list of Season Six Favourites! The list is by order of appearance only, as they all are equal in their importance to me. 

1) Weekend at Bobby's


A day in the life of Bobby montage, set to Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler".          


Rufus returns to get help from Bobby.  


Sheriff Jody Mills is back to give some assistance on Bobby's case.           


Bobby meets his new neighbour, who has a bit of a crush on Bobby.                   


That is until she gets a dose of the supernatural world.         


Bobby deals with an Okami.                     


Sam and Dean go to Scotland to dig up Crowley's bones.     


A comical moment seeing the brothers squeezed in a small European car.      


Crowley gets bested by Sam and Dean and Bobby gets out of his deal.    

2) Clap Your Hands if You Believe


I loved the X-Files opening.


Dean suggests to Soulless Sam that he will be his conscious. "So your saying you'll be my 'Jiminy Cricket'. "          


Dean gets abducted by aliens..... or that's what they thought.    


Dean manages to escape and returns to a very worried Sam...yeah, sure.    


Sam and Dean learn about fairies from Marion over some very tiny cups of tea.          


Dean battles a fairy while David Bowie's "A Space Oddity" plays.  


Dean wins the battle by exploding the fairy in the microwave...... 


...however Sam doesn't see the carnage.    


Dean gets arrested for tackling a man he thought was a fairy. He yells to Sam the iconic words "Fight the Fairies!"   


They learn that a Leprechaun is behind all the abductions. Sam pours salt on the ground, as Leprechauns can't resist counting each grain. This gives Sam time to reverse the spell sending the fairies and leprechaun away.         


Later after leaving the town, Dean questions Sam about getting his soul back. He's starting to feel that Sam doesn't want it back.   


3) Appointment in Samarra


Dean goes to a backdoor doctor who will kill him for 3 minutes.  


Dean meets up with Tessa but wants to talk to Death.    


Death comes and agrees to get Sam's soul back, providing Dean becomes Death for 24 hrs.        


Dean informs Sam and Bobby of his deal, but neither are impressed.      


Dean does it anyways and joins Tessa in his duties.          


Meanwhile Sam calls on Balthazar for help to prevent his soul being re-entered. Balthazar informs Sam that he has to pollute his vessel so it can't be inhabited, like with patricide. 


Sam goes after Bobby, but Bobby got to Sam first. However, Sam gets away.  


Dean's day as Death is ok until he has to take the life of a 12 year old girl. At first he won't do it, but he learns later that he mustn't mess with the order of things.     


Meanwhile Sam has captured Bobby and is about to kill him......     


...when Dean shows up and knocks out Sam.             


While tied to the bed in the panic room, Death returns Sam's soul.  

4) The French Mistake


Balthazar shows up and tell them that Raphael is sending an angel to kill Castiel and anyone associated with him.    


Balthazar creates a spell and hands Sam a key and tells them to run.           


When they jump through Bobby's window, they land on a TV set, filming a show called Supernatural.  Apparently they are actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.   


While on set they meet up with Castiel...     


.....or should I say some actor named Misha.    


The brothers come across Jensen's trailer and Dean is impressed......            


... until he sees that his alternate self was a soap opera star.     


I loved the shout out to Kim Manners.            


The brothers find out that their not even in the States, but in Canada.      


They come to Jared's modest small home and ....                     


... find out his alternate self is married to RUBY!  Actually Gen.     


The brothers' attempt at acting is hilarious.       


It left actor Misha dumbfounded...


... and so was the production team.            


Unfortunately, the hired angel finds his way to the alternate world and kills Misha/Castiel...

TFM164 well as the creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke. The western style shooting was another epic moment.             


Leaving Kripke sprawled out on the ground.             


The brothers manage to recreate the spell and get themselves back to their world, however......   


Raphael is waiting for them.             


However, Cas comes and scares away Raphael for now.   

5) My Heart Will Go On


A few suspicious deaths bring the boys to a new case, however things don't look right.  


Where is Baby???                                       


And how is Bobby married to Ellen, when she is deceased?           


It appears the Titanic never sank and a familiar face was on that ship...




The brothers confront Balthazar and find out things are not so normal.    


Fate has emerged to try to set things right by killing members of families who would never have been born.    


She makes an attempt at the brothers to stop them from meddling.     


However, Cas put a stop to it.          


Balthazar was ready to end Fate, but Cas stops him too.     

Heart 12

Balthazar agrees to put everything right.      


Unfortunately, this means that Ellen is dead and Bobby never had a life with her.       


6) The Man Who Knew Too Much


Sam is running from police.      


He stumbles into a bar and meets Robin. He has no memory of who he is.         


After spotting a book, Sam remembers the Nite Owl Hotel.       


Both Sam and Robin go to the motel room and find a hunting mural. Sam spots a newspaper clipping of Ellie.   


Sam has a flashback of his last moments before losing his memory, where they find Ellie dying. Cas and Crowley needed her blood to open the door to Purgatory.  


Cas appears and tries to tell them to stay out of his plans, but they won't listen, so he collapse Sam's wall.  


Sam lays in a coma in Bobby's panic room, with a very worried Dean guarding over him.     


Meanwhile, Sam meets with his soulless self. 


After a cat and mouse hunt, Sam outwits and kills SS. Sam then absorbs SS's essence and memories. 


Crowley hands Cas the mixture of Purgatory and virgin blood. Cas then turns the table on Crowley and tells him he gets no souls. 'Flee or die.' Crowley flees.        


Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby are going to stop Castiel. Dean leaves Sam his gun and the address, in case he comes to.       


Sam meets up with the part of him the was in Hell - a very tortured self.   


Hell Sam warns him that he's not strong enough to handle the memories of Hell, but Sam insists that he must, no matter what, because 'I'm not leaving my brother alone out there.' HS won't fight Sam and allows him to take his life. Sam now has all his memories. 


Crowley tries to double cross Cas by teaming up with Raphael, but Cas has already opened the door to purgatory and consumed all the souls.  Crowley flees again and Raphael is killed.        


A somewhat recovered Sam stabs Cas with an angle blade but it doesn't have any effect....


... as he's no longer an angel but a God.    

Those are my top favourites for season six! As promised, here are Nightsky's "Top 6 Favourite Episodes" for season six, in order of preference:

  1.  "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
  2.  "The French Mistake"
  3.  "Clap Your Hands If You Believe"
  4.  "The Man Who Would Be King"
  5.  "Weekend at Bobby's"
  6.  "My Heart Will Go On"* 

* Nightsky: "I originally ranked "Frontierland" here when I did my top 100 rankings, but after my season 6 rewatch, I remembered the hilarious scene where the boys try to dodge fate. Also, hilarious Balthazar! So I have to bump "Frontierland" off the list in favor of "My Heart Will Go On".  I think "Appointment in Samarra" would be my #7 now." 


Now it's your turn!  Which episodes make your top 6? What surprised you, either by inclusion or exclusion, from my or Nightsky's lists? Make your lists now, if you didn't before you read our favorites. You're going to need them for WFB's Ultimate Top 100 Hiatus Challenge!

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