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Time for Part Two of my look at Supernatural: The Animation! In Part 1 of my Closer Look series, I introduced the characters of the anime story and outlined some of the similarities and differences between the live and anime versions of the show! In this installment I will look at each episode in detail, introducing episodes 1 - 6 and giving a few words on what I thought of them. I also have surprises in store!  In Part 1 of my article, Nate shared links to his blog reviews of the anime series, so I have added his review links to my introduction of each episode. Give them a peek! Also YellowEyedSam contacted me and offered to create custom, brand new videos comparing scenes from the show to scenes from the anime version. I thought it was a great idea so some of the episodes will have those videos for you to see! So, thank you Nate and Y.E.S.! 

Here's an interview by Eric Kripke - "SPN Anime" made by Ruby Eye


1. "The Alter Ego"

Episode1 1

“There is a face beneath this mask, but it isn't me. I'm no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it, or the bones beneath that.”
― Steve Moore, V for Vendetta 

The Winchesters head to Missouri to solve a strange case where four people have been murdered. The killer is a shapeshifter who kills the victims by taking on the shape of the people they love. The brothers meet with a witty and strong woman detective who seems to be a friend of the person that was recently murdered, then they interrogate a Mister Evans about the murder. The shifter changes bodies a few times before the episode is through. Sheading the skin is actually as disgusting in the anime as it was on the original episode! You can see the scene comparison below.

"Alter Ego" is a remake of the episode "Skin" and it is the pilot for the animation. In this version, though, the brothers did not go to help Sam's college friend. It was just a random case. The details of the live show's original pilot are shown in a small clip where Jessica dies.

I loved "Skin" and the fact that this episode was also able to put a little twist in the end.
My rating:

four stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Detective Catherine Boyle
Zack Evans

Episode1 cast1

Dean: Davis and Martin, Miss. We are Federal Marshals.
Sam: We would like to talk to him about the murders if we could. Is he around at all?
Catherine: You are looking at him. Detective Catherine Boyle, what can I do for you Marshals?
Dean: Good to meet you.
Catherine: So, have you two always been monster hunters then?
Dean: Yeah, pretty much.
Catherine: How did you get into that?
Sam and Dean: Family business.
Catherine: Of course it is.
Dean: And you're a cop. Aren't you going to take us to some dingy room and interrogate us?
Catherine: No, I always play the good cop.
Dean: Gotcha.
Exclusive Video Comparison!

The Alter Ego
review by Nate Winchester

2. "Roadkill"

Episode2 21

“Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” ― Deborah Reber, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

The brothers investigate fourteen accidents on a dark mountain road. They almost drive over Molly who insists that she and her husband David had just crashed their car. When they arrive at the scene, her car and David are missing and things get worse from there. Jonah Greely holds a grudge against Molly. His wife Marion hung herself. Nothing is as it seems, though, in the end.

This second episode is also a remake of a Supernatural episode with the same name, "Roadkill". Like with the first, I enjoyed and liked this one too. The twist gave it a nice push to make it feel like new.
My Rating:

four stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Molly McNamara
David McNamara
Jonah Greely
Marion Greely

Episode2 cast1


Sam: Look at this Dean.
Dean: What?
Sam: I think his wife may have planted that tree in his memory.
Dean: Why would she do that?
Sam: It was a custom, a token of her love.
Sam: Believe me. I know how hard it is to let people go. To leave a loved one behind, but you just have to hope that they are off to a better place. That is what I choose to believe.
Molly: Thank you Sam, you're sweet. And it sounds like you know what it's like to lose someone.
Sam: Yeah, I do.
Roadkill review by Nate Winchester

3. "Home"

Episode3 1

"There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child." ― N.K. Jemisin

Sam has gotten his first vision, telling him that he and Dean need to visit their childhood home in Lawrence, Kansas to save a woman called Jenny and her two children, Sari and Richie, before it is too late. A supernatural force is terrorizing the house and they need to put a stop to it. All seems lost until they get help from an unexpected source.

This is another remake of a live episode of the same name. This episode follows the original pretty well so there is not much to tell about the differences. Missouri, Mary and John do look different (see part one of these articles for pictures and details about the differences).
My Rating:

four stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Missouri Mosely
Mary Winchester
John Winchester

Episode3 cast1


Sam: I wanted to play soccer but dad takes the ball away and says: "Soccer is not for you Sam". What you should be concentrating on is improoving the bow and arrow.
Dean: Don't take archery lightly.
Wee-Dean: Mommy!
John: Dean go! Take your brother and don't look back.
Wee-Dean: Okay Dad...
John: Hurry, run! Run as fast as you can.

Exclusive Video Comparison!

 by Nate Winchester
4. "Ghost on the Highway"

Episode4 21

“We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it.” ― Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

This is the first anime original episode and it's pretty good!. It does resemble the "Route 666" episode but it is much better. Sam and Dean are traveling through New Orleans when they are stopped by the police and arrested. They think the Winchester boys are responsible for the accidents that have happened on the road. The surprise is that the one doing these is also driving an Impala. They get help from Michael, who is the brother of one of the police officers.

The story in this episode was really inventive, and the resolution in the end was epic. The episode also had very good characters that grew during the 20 minutes. That is no mere feat.
My Rating:

Five stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

Michael McGregor
Rod McGregor

Episode4 cast1


Sam: Dean, give it a rest, will ya? We'll pick up the car when we finish the job.
Dean: Okay, fine. Just can't stand the thought of what those barbarians are doing to my car. If I find even one scratch...
Sam: Dean, get over it. Its a car.
Dean: Its more than that. Its the closest thing I have to a girlfriend.
Ghost on the Highway review by Nate Winchester

5. "Savage Blood"

Episode5 1

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Immaturity

This is the second anime-original episode. The boys head out to a small town in Colorado. They see another hunter named Jason who  specialises in killing vampires.  Dean prevents some boys picking on another boy and he teaches him some self-defence. The brothers learn there have been some cattle mutilations and the beasts have been drained of their blood. Something fishy is going around there - not all is what it seems. Sam and Dean need to protect those that they usually hunt, in this case named Gale and his son Ryan. The mother Miranda died many years ago.

This was a a good episode but I am not sure the twists to vampire lore worked. At least that is my point of view. Otherwise the story was not that bad but this is not one of my favorite episodes in the anime.
My Rating:

Three stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester


Episode5 cast1


Dean: I don't know what the hell that was. Your emotions are getting in the way.
Ryan: I don't want to be like my dad. I want to get stronger.
Dean: Ryan, listen to me. I understand what you're saying, but hating your dad is not gonna make you any stronger.
Savage Blood review by Nate Winchester

6. "Till Death Do Us Part"

Episode6 21Episode6 41

“When you stop chasing your dreams, your dreams start chasing you.” ― Dez Del Rio, The Lipstick Killerz

This is the third anime-original episode. The whole episode is a flashback to the time Sam was in college. We see the first time Sam meets Jessica. She is mixed up with a monster hunt that seems a lot like Bloody Mary. Jessica has a secret with her childhood friends. Dean and John are trying to solve the mystery yet stay hidden from Sam at the same time. The monster is trying to kill Jessica and her friends. The question is who saves the day in the end?

I really loved this episode. It had a Supernatural feel through and through, and it had a story that really felt like it could have happened in the past. Also the imaginery scenes were over all pretty beautiful, showing the cemeteries and campus. I also did like the original Bloody Mary as a monster so that might lift the grade a bit. The resolution was exiting and also inventive.
My Rating:

Five stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

John Winchester
Jessica Moore

Episode6 cast1


Dean: Bloody Mary, you're kidding? Since when did you start believing in urban legends?
John: Read this.
Dean: Gruesome Co-ed murdered. Could this be the curse of Bloody Mary?... This thing is a rag. You can't take papers like this seriously Dad.
Dean: Sam?
Sam: Sorry for it taking so long Dean. What's the matter?
Dean: I just got a call from Bobby. He's got some information about Dad's whereabouts.
Till Death Do Us Part review by Nate Winchester

I hope you've enjoyed my summaries and reviews of these episodes. If you've seen these episodes, do you agree with my assessment of them? What did you think, comparing them to the live version of Supernatural? Watch for Part 3, when I continue with my closer look at the next several anime episodes!


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Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-09-18 20:41
Hi Lilah. Once again I found your description of the anime episodes very intriguing. I enjoyed the clip of anime Home, although I found that hearing that non-Jensen voice coming from Dean was very jarring. I also think I would probably enjoy the original anime episodes more than the remakes of the live action ones. I definitely preferred the live action Home to the anime clip. I didn't like that lengthy dialogue from Mary. I thought her few brief lines in the live action were much more moving. But I would love to see what some of the original anime eps were like. Looking forward to Part 3!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-09-19 04:40
I agree that the real voices are better. Before I started to watch I was thinking if I watch it in English or Japanese. Japanese might be better for some that it distances from the show with that. Usually those episodes were best that were remakes from the show. Just hop past it that you don't compare it to the original show. It is hard but worth it. And Dean's voice was pretty big hiccup to get over, but the voice actor did the best he could. :)

- Lilah
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2015-09-21 16:43
Japanese would also be a bit better because those voices do match up from what I understand. (that is, the Japanese guys that dub over Sam & Dean when the show is translated in Japan, returned to dub the same voices for the anime version)
# Yirabah 2015-09-21 14:12
Glad to see articles on the anime again. It's been so long. I did an article back in the days when it came out I really enjoyed it especially the original episode. I had a chance to talk to Jensen and Jared about it during the con in Germany. Jared was extremly happy about it and there is a youtube video of him talking about it I talked to Jensen about it during his Meet & Greet and we both were unhappy about the fact that Dean's Jacket in the Anime is nothing that Dean would were and I told him that I was extremly unpleased with the fact that a lot of characters had green eyes but Dean didn't. Which is a shame since he has such gorgous eyes. That produced a smile on his face.
# YellowEyedSam 2015-09-21 15:45
Thats great to hear about Jared saying he was extremely happy about it! I'm sure if there was another series he'd jump at the chance.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-09-21 15:53
Thanks for reading and I agree totally with your points. Not sure if he used the same jacket more but, well... Nicely put. It was pretty hideous. Something that my grandpa would use. And I do wonder about the eyes. Did they make it the same color because they are brothers so of course Sam and Dean can't have differen't color eyes. Krhm........ And insight what Jared and Jensen thought about it. :D

- Lilah