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(Admin note - Nate did send this April 1st, but we've been trying to switch servers for a few days, so please help me out by pretending it's April 1st!)  

Hmmm... it is April 1st, that would be perfect timing for a remix. On the other hand, this Saturday is international tabletop day AND there's no Supernatural tonight, which means it's perfect timing to review this game

Got it! We'll do a remix of the characters reviewing the game!

Dean1 I am so killing Chuck next time I see him.
913sam3 No, Dean, Chuck or "Carver Edlund" or whoever didn't sign off on this game. It was made by a fan of the books. It has nothing to do with us.
Dean1 You sure about that? *holds up event card "Lost a Shoe"*
913sam3 Rightie noooooo!
Dean1 Ok we've got our pieces... where's my race car? What kind of self-respecting board game doesn't come with a race car or top hat?
913sam3 I like these colorful, circle emblems, they're unique.
Dean1 Fine, you get the triangle, I get the... wing, thing here. Now we deal out what we are. *deals Sam a character card*
913sam3 *looks at card* A demon? Really, Dean? You still won't let me live down Ruby?
Dean1 Ugh, take another. *deal*
913sam3 *look* Human? Way to remind me how I'm a freak and will never be normal!
Dean1 Try this. *deal*
913sam3 *look* A werewolf? Oh and she looks just like Madison too! *sob* Why is this even in here?
Dean1 Because the Bitten expansion for the game adds much needed depth to it. There's never any reason to NOT play with it. *deal*
913sam3 *look* Angel? Gee who's the only jerk here who's had to deal with an angel inside him? TWICE!
Dean1 Quit crying, bitch. *deal*
913sam3 *look* Vampire. Ok I'm good.
Dean1 Yeah can't imagine what it's like to be a vampire.
913sam3 So we sit at start, roll a die, then move our token that number plus or minus the speed bonus our vehicle gives us.
Dean1 Easy enough, and every space we land on does something.
913sam3 Most often it has us drawing one of these event cards. If it's a monster, we try and kill it. Doing so means we've saved some lives. First one to... ten lives saved wins the game.
Dean1 So it's a race, only not to a spot on the board, but to a goal.
913sam3 Yeah. Hence why this gorgeous board is laid out in a loop fashion.
Dean1 Sounds dull. Where's the player interaction? How do I screw you over or sink your battleship?
913sam3 Some trunk and event cards will allow that. Also, if we ever end up in the same space, we fight to the death.
Dean1 Always?
913sam3 If we're two different species, yeah.
Dean1 No. No way, I don't fight my little brother, who would believe such a thing?
913sam3 Well the brothers expansion does allow players to work together...
Dean1 Great! We're doing that!
913sam3 It's... it's for team play, Dean! We'd need other players to properly use it.
Dean1 ...
Castiel1 I do not understand why I am present.
Crowley4 You know I really prefer Monopoly.
913sam3 Ok. You two are siblings in this game and Dean & I are siblings. Both teams get an heirloom item to share between the two players. *deals out two heirlooms*
Castiel1 But why must Crowley be on my team? Dean I thought...
Dean1 Because 'destiel' is passe. Casley is where it's at now.
Castiel1 *leans over* Do you understand what they're saying?
Crowley4 *shakes head* No, I only run Hell, nothing so wretched as Livejournal.
Dean1 So if anyone dies in this game, you end up in Purgatory until you roll a '3'.
Castiel1 Even if we're not a vampire or werewolf? Dean, you know that's not accurate.
913sam3 Artistic liberties, Cas. They have to do that to avoid lawsuits. Also to keep the game from getting needlessly complex.
Crowley4 Oooo they have an "end of days" expansion. Who wants to relive our best adventure?
Castiel1 *looks at product* It involves fighting Lucifer? I'm not ready to remember that...
Dean1 Yeah let's play a basic game before we get to the hard stuff.
913sam3 Dean, would you like to start?
Crowley4 Oh look! A whole page in the rulebook for houserules.
9_12both PUT THAT DOWN!
Crowley4 No wonder you guys don't have any friends to play with.

So yeah, I highly recommend the game to Supernatural fans. It may not be as in depth or complex as some games or styles out there, but it's an easy pick up and play that's a nice diversion when you have 30 minutes to an hour to kill and want something not to taxing on your noggin. Plus it has a lot of design space left in it such that there's still plenty we might see in the future and I'm a sucker for modal games where you can sort of tweak the style you want to play with. Hope you get the chance to salt and burn some baddies this saturday... Oh, and in the tradition of "Risktego" (where you decide territory battles in risk by playing a subgame of Stratego), I've created "Salt & Burn Firefly" in honor of my little fan project. XD

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# nightsky 2014-04-05 18:28
I laughed out loud with this! The game is real? and your firefly hybrid?
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-04-05 19:52
Yep, nightsky. The game is 100% real:

The artist hopes to have other copies for sale once she has finished filling all the kickstarter orders.

The FF crossover game is... theoretical. I don't know if anyone would ever have the time to test it. XD
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-04-05 21:48
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-04-05 21:55
Ok, nightsky, don't know why my comments seem to be repeat of yours...

But yes, the game is very real, I supported it on kickstarter. Once the creator finishes filling the KS orders the game should then be widely available for anyone else to pick up. Keep an eye out at for when that should happen.

The person's etsy shop is: Lots of awesome SPN stuff there so I recommend it.

And yes, if you take both games, in theory you should be able to play that hybrid I listed. Then again since that could take a week, I'm not sure if anyone will ever pull it off. ;-D lol
isabel marant
# isabel marant 2014-11-15 02:29
Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!