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If any brothers know how to brother, it’s the Winchester brothers. But it’s not all searching to the ends of the earth for each other, dying for each other.... killing to save the other. No, sometimes it’s the little things. 

"How To Be A Good Brother"

It’s believing in their artistic ability, 

Even when they doubt themselves.  

Brother 3.05 1225 sm

It’s knowing their artistic ability includes multiple mediums,

Even if they would rather not broadcast their skills, 

 Brother 1.07 Paint

And gently critiquing their work, 

In an effort to help them be their best selves. 

Brother 1.07 1231 sm

Brother 1.07 1232 sm

Brother 1.07 1233

It’s supporting their hobbies, 

continually trying to get them to take time to indulge in them. 

Brother 2.11 1224 sm

And proudly boasting about their hobbies

To friends, family, and others who may not know about them.  

Brother 12.06 6 sm

It’s the matter of always being there 

As they look for love.... or whatever. 

Brother 10.07 1223 sm

It’s making sure they put they’re best foot forward, 

To ensure success in romantic endeavors. 

Brother 10.07 1222 sm

Sometimes, however, it’s coaxing the other brother, 

Helping them past their fears respectfully and empathetically 

Brother 1.19 1228 sm

Brother 1.19 1229 sm

It’s helping them achieve dreams

That they have had since childhood.

Brother 3.08 1220 sm

And, lastly, it’s having their back 

When they get themselves into a sticky situation. 

Brother 2.02 1227 sm
Brother 2.02 1226

So, being a good brother is about things great and small, in the good times, and in the bad. But, whenever possible, have a laugh - sometimes at your brother’s expense, because odds are he’ll get a chance to laugh at your expense, too. 

SPN 1355

There are many more examples of Sam and Dean being "good" brothers to each other! Please share below, and add your thoughts on other ways they know how to "brother"! 

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Gifs by @ElainaMarie89: 

3.05 "Bedtime Stories" - Dean saying “What Sam can do with a pen"
1.07 "Hook Man" - Dean offering Sam’s services to paint the college guy’s back; Dean telling Sam he missed a spot; Sam giving Dean a dirty look; Dean smiling in return.
2.11 "Playthings" - Dean telling the innkeeper about Sam’s doll collection
12.06 "Celebrating the Life Of Asa Fox" - Sam telling Jody the kinds of movies Dean likes
10.07 "Girls, Girls, Girls" - Sam stealing Dean’s phone and commenting on the fact that he’s on a dating app; Sam teasing Dean about his screen name.
1.19 "Provenance" - Dean giving Sam $20 from his wallet... that he had said he’d lost; Sam realizing what Dean did.
3.08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas" - Dean telling the elf it’s always been a dream of his (to sit on Santa’s lap.)
2.02 "Everybody Loves a Clown" - Dean asking Sam for help after he inadvertently insulted people; Sam just laughing at Dean’s distress.