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This is another one from the blogcritics archives that never made it over to this site, until now.  I know, it's looking back at season three and the quality of it's DVD release, but there's a great little list at the end pointing out what we learned from season three.  I've always thought it amusing.  Anyway, a little something to pass the time, thus the Hellatus Time Killer ranking. 


There's no greater feeling of excitement than opening the mailbox and seeing a large cushioned mailer stuffed tightly in there, delivering something that I've been eagerly anticipating since pre-ordering in May. After skipping inside and tearing open the package in delight, the contents slide out, revealing in full glossy colors the Winchester brothers. My day just got happy.

Yes, Supernatural - Season 3 on DVD has arrived from Amazon, all ready for my critical review and intense examination. It knows that I'll be nitpicking every detail, and it's ready. Granted, I'm not an experienced DVD reviewer, but the way I see it, DVDs are judged on packaging, bonus materials, and of course the season itself. This set manages to do all that well, even though it was one DVD short due to the abbreviated season.

The packaging looks great to me, probably because it's exactly like the other two seasons. They didn't change what wasn't broken, so that earns points. This year's cover is a perfect reflection of the season's mood, more so than the other two (especially season two). Sam is in front this time, giving us his standard moody and pensive glare, while Dean is behind him looking down. Throw in the Impala in the background standing watch (the way it should be) and a picture of the crossroads where this season's mess all began, and it's all good. Very good.

The extras are a little lacking, but even season two was light. Only season one had the truly exceptional extras. What we were given is decent. This year, there are small scene commentaries for various episodes. Granted, I never liked full episode commentaries, so I like this idea. Most full episode commentaries seem like filler and usually only a couple of interesting tidbits are revealed. It's much better to have Eric Kripke, Kim Manners, Sera Gamble, and Ben Edlund come on and explain in a few minutes what went into that episode. The only trouble is I wanted to see that for all the episodes. "Mystery Spot" is one of the most intriguing and wildly creative episodes of the season, yet there's no commentary. None for the finale either. Even "Red Sky At Morning" had something. Come on!