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Season Six: Ups and downs, relationships new and old and full of unexpected appearances, trips and reveals. Let's look at what worked and what should have been left alone...

Miss: 1 Year Later
Why? This is a nitpick really – but why did a full year have to pass for all these things to fall into place? It wasn’t a necessary time jump, not really.

Hit: The French Mistake
Need I explain?

Miss: Lucky the Dog
Creepy can work sometimes – but it didn’t here, it was so, so bad. This felt like an unneeded branch off in the shift mythology and not a well executed one at that.

Hit: Fate’s a Bitch

Truly, the entirety of "My Heart Will Go On" is a hit with me. It’s full of endearing moments with Ellen and humour with Balthazar too.

Miss: Holy Mother Eve
Definite potential and even using her as the Red Herring major villain was okay – hell, even the concept of her taking Mary’s form, all good. The problem? For a grand villainess of ancient days yore, she lacked flare, style and even mass production ability. Alpha Vamp exuded his age, wisdom, technique and authority where Eve had only some menace and had a shortfall in other areas.

Hit: Balthazar

A delightful mischief-maker to step in where we lack Gabriel. Balthazar was not only great fun but went out a hero ultimately too.

Miss: Dragons

Much like the Phoenix, and other aged baddies, these were largely underwhelming. In fact, we didn’t see them do much. If they are truly so old, I expect less humanoid and more….awe-inspiring power demonstrations.

Hit: Bad-Ass Cas

Unexpected, diabolical and truly paved by good intentions, Cas became a big-bad that was a surprise. And a good one in that-terrifying, dramatic, cliffhanger end, too.

Miss: Samuel’s Death

Really, this is a nitpick. There seemed such fuss about Samuel, such effort involved to fit him into the story and then….his death is more or less uneventful (by Supernatural standards) and serves no plot purpose. Nobody really mentions or notices, making the whole of the efforts surrounding his incorporation into the previous story arc a wasted effort. At least other characters died for a reason.

Hit: Good-Bye, Lisa & Ben
Dean says goodbye
This is a hit because as heart breaking as it is – it’s just so touching: I’m the guy who hit you…I lost control for a minute.” It gets me every single time – particularly when coupled with Dean’s expression leaving in the hall. You can almost pinpoint the moment his heart breaks. It’s simply tragic and beautiful.

So there you are, part two of the season six hits and the misses. What do we think? Agree or disagree? What were your favourite moments from season six? Do you have an episode that is one of your least favourites but brought about one of your favourite moments? Share below!


# Millie 2015-03-06 15:03
I am still in love with season six! I was excited that with 1 years passage that they might be going the Cain & Abel route (in the version where Cain sacrifices his brother and must then wander alone for a whole year bearing the mark that would protect him from harm. In this case it was Castiel that protected him by making sure Crowley didn't bring him into the hunt again.) It was a great parallel, I thought, but went pretty much no where.
I love Lucky the dog, I love Eve. True, Samuel's death was a bit pointless. Although the dragons themselves were weird, I loved the whole episode. About my only misses were the good-bye to Lisa and Ben as I thought it was a bit of a cop-out and should have had consequences. The other was showing how bad Sam (and Samuel) was by using a bizarre Spider-Man monster bait & trap, which really only proved how dumb they both were.
Season 6 was so full of good things!
# cheryl42 2015-03-06 15:07
I kind of understand the 1 year later scenario, Sam's soul had to be trapped in the cage for a significant amount of time in order for his potential mental illness to be so horrible. And of course SS had to have been wreaking havoc all over the place in order for Dean to be so desperate to fix him. The scene with Dean, Lisa and Ben in the hospital was really heart wrenching but the solution to the problem wouldn't or shouldn't have worked. Mind wiping wouldn't or shouldn't have kept them out of danger. Other than that I agree with all your hits and misses. Mannequin was a huge miss as well.
# amyh 2015-03-06 16:54
I agree on Lucky the dog. HAte that episde. Huge Miss. Though Souless Sam mocking Lucky with a ball never fails to amuse. Lisa and Bens' mindwipe a huge fail. Like Cheryle said...there should have been consequences and it doesn't protect anyone...just makes them far more vulnerable. If it was a solution then Dean should be mind wiped so he doesn't remember Sam and can't go postal on his brother.

The dragons and Eve had so much potential for being big bads. I wish 1) a better actress has been hired and 2) they had been explored more in depth.

Samuel was a disappointment and felt like he was thrown under the bus for Dean to be right in his suspicions. I would have loved to see Samuel and the rest of the campbells continue fighting. The one played by the Stargate actor and Sam seemed to genuinly like each other (if Sam hadn't been souless and the Campbell cousin hadn't been possessed)

Agree on the hits of Ellen and fate and French mistake. Also, my biggest hit was the return of Sam after half a season of him being mia.
# Bevie 2015-03-06 17:18
For me, Lucky wasn't a miss at all. I felt so sorry for the human Lucky and really loved the dog Lucky. So sad when she turned him away at the end and we saw Lucky going off alone to who knows where. Can't help it. Love dogs!

After we found out Sam was missing his soul, I really found I loved "Live Free or Twi Hard". It had been so very difficult to see Sam actually just stand there and watch Dean turned, with that
little half self satisfied smirk on his face. Oh, how I hated Sam at that moment! Grew to love that episode later on when things had been explained. I really loved Samuel in that episode
for caring and curing his grandson and being so suspicious of Sam. It was really too bad that Samuel got such short shrift from the writers to just have Sam kill him with no regrets visible at all. But then that might have been my least favourite episode "And Then There Were None". What a massacre that was! Dean kills innocent Gwen, Bobby kills his best friend Rufus and Sammy kills his grandad and not one of them carries forward any regrets about any of it. Forget who wrote it, but it was the biggest miss of the season!

"French Mistake" was absolutely wonderful. Loved every minute of it. Dragons really were a miss, but then they don't have a budget to really cgi great dragons like for instance in "Merlin". Ugly guys can't pass for gorgeous dragons, really. God, what wonders we could see if they had an unlimited budget!

Broke my heart when Dean had Lisa and Ben's memories wiped. So very sorry that Lisa would never remember her "best night of her life" or "best year of her life". Hope she can regain some of her good memories that she lost.

Didn't hate 'Mannequin" as it had some good Dean, Lisa and Ben moments, and it was a good irony that one of the guys playing mean jokes on that poor little gal was himself a sad case for living with and loving a life sized doll. Poor sap!

Over all, I really liked season 6. ;)
# AlyCat22 2015-03-07 04:36
My daughter always thought in that final scene where Lucky stops in the road that he was committing doggie suicide. I never could say for sure if he was or wasn't setting himself up for a car to hit him and put him out of his misery.... :(
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-06 19:51
I loved Season 6. Gamble had an unbelievably tough act to follow, and although the season arc could not compare to the previous year's arc, I really enjoyed it. About the Lisa/Ben memory wipe, not only wouldn't it protect them, but what happened when they went home and saw pictures of Dean, or when the neighbors brought him up? The whole thing was ridiculous and poorly thought out. On the other hand, I loved Soulless Sam. He was smart, tough, very funny, and didn't take crap from anyone, including Dean. That being said, I'm glad they didn't draw out that story any longer, because I wanted Sam and Dean back to being brothers. And I loved their "reunion." I loved the episodes you mentioned, but one of my favorites that you didn't mention was "Clap Your Hands if You Believe." I think it's one of the all-time funniest episodes and I laugh really hard whenever I watch it. Especially at Sam trying to figure out the parameters of when you can have sex with hippie chicks even though your brother is missing. And Dean asking the fairy lady how you can interact "forcefully" with the fairies. The season plot was a little rambling, but there were some outstanding episodes. I really wish more of those writers were still with the show. Sigh.
# AlyCat22 2015-03-07 04:39
Sammy asking for a bigger cup from the fairy lady! Pewterific!!! And Deans little danceoff with the fairy ending up in the microwave... Ding!!! Classic Edlund.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-07 10:52
Agreed! It slays me when Dean peers closely at the fairy, says "nipples?' in that quizzical voice, and then gets hit. Everything about that scene-the music, the choreography, Dean's triumphant "Aha!" when he microwaves the fairy- make it a comic masterpiece.
# AlyCat22 2015-03-07 04:29
The moment Deans heart breaks! So much this!!! These are the times Jensens acting floors me. Recent example is when Cain has pinned Dean down on the floor of the barn and he tells him that the last act which will drive him insane and into the very monster Cain had become was killing Sam and that the FB was the only thing to keep him from that destiny. You can see the very second Deans heart breaks once more when he knows he has no choice but to kill Cain which will also seal his fate to murder Sam. I don't believe he was thinking about the fact that there is no cure or release thru death. I don't believe he was even thinking about the people he had to prevent Cain from destroying. All of this had become background noise at that point. The only thing that Dean heard was him having to ultimately kill Sam. That is what Dean is responding to and you can see it happen, you can see the very second the knowledge breaks him and his hope is crushed!!! Bravo Jensen. Is Cain correct that there is no hope and that Dean is doomed to satisfy the MOCs end goal? Dunno, but Dean in that moment believed him. No wonder he looked so wrecked when he collapsed into Sammys arms and looked back to the barn knowing what he had just had to do. Gah! Enough about Deans broken heart! What about mine!!!!!
# YellowEyedSam 2015-03-09 17:17
Eve was such a waste. I mean she was barely used! Mother of all monsters she was called. She didn't even live up to half of that.