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Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Amazon Prime has been doing one huge promotional blitz for season three of The Boys.  Today, the streaming service drops the first three episodes of the season and then will run one each week for the remaining five episodes.  Not sure what to expect?  When Eric Kripke is your mastermind and he’s given the ability to do whatever he can with little censorship, the sky is the limit.  Just when you thought that seasons 1 and 2 were shocking, there have been teases that season 3 could go bigger. 

As we’ve been anticipating for a while now, season three will introduce Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles.  He’s someone who has been mentioned in past episodes as the original Supe, the Captain America of The Boys world.  So he’s an All-American good guy, right?  Hee, if you watch this show, and you know that will not be the case.  The question is, will he go the way of Homelander or Stormfront?  I anticipate a combination of both, but it could go an entirely different way.  The depiction of Soldier Boy in the series will stray from the comic, so anything goes. 

Soldier Boy crop

For those that have seen the show, one just cannot forget the whale scene.  Well, Mr. Kripke has promised that they will top the crazy from the whale scene within the first 15 minutes of the season three premiere.  How could they possibly do that?  He didn’t elaborate that much, but we won’t have to wait long to find out.  He just promised that they will be starting this season with ‘a real bang.’ 

Another episode that has been talked about, a lot, is that episode set to air on June 24th, called “Herogasm.”  So what is it?  In the original comic, it’s basically a very graphic week long hero orgy.  Jensen has talked about “Herogasm” at cons before and his stories about arriving on the set and seeing a shell shocked camera operator who had been shooting the scenes for the episode have gotten many laughs.  Kripke has gone all in to re-create this sick and depraved comic book edition to the small screen, much like he has with the other deeply imaginative installments (can you say whale?).  He did say though that they can’t follow what’s in the comic completely, since there is a scene where Soldier Boy and Homelander have sex so Soldier Boy can get into The Seven.  The series version of Soldier Boy will not go that route.  I’m just trying to figure out how Homelander can get more depraved that what we’ve already seen.  I mean he’s done some really sick s***.  I guess our imaginations will be stretched to new levels again. 

The Boys Season 3 3
(Love this reflective shot! So perfect)

One intriguing twist is Billy Butcher taking a drug to temporarily give him powers.  Does that level the playing field, or take him down a dark path, um, darker than where he was before?  Is his obsessive purpose still to take out Homelander now that Becca is gone?  The preview hints that he’s turned his life around, especially caring for Becca’s son Ryan, but all that deep anger and anguish can’t truly be extinguished, can it?  Again, you know what show you’re watching. 

It looks like Mother’s Milk will also get a backstory too (yay!) and there will be the very colorful and vivid song and dance number for Frenchie and Kimiko.  I hope that their relationship will continue to flourish and I’m curious what is in store for them.  I’m also curious how Hughie and Annie is going to make their relationship work, especially since they are trying to take down Vought from two different sides.  Hughie in a G-man suit being a boss now looks awesome!  But we know that will probably go bad too, like his desire to carry on without Butcher in the season two premiere. 

There’s been little teased about the other members of The Seven, and even the one missing member that gets an incredible amount of screen time, The Deep.  There will be an American Idol style competition called American Hero to find the new member of The Seven.  That is so Vought.  Aren’t there two openings right now since Stormfront is out of the picture?  I’m still trying to figure out how they’re The Seven when there were only six of them. 

Anyway, the new episodes start June 3rd and will all be released by July 8th, so I’m sure burning questions will be answered and new ones will be created.  In the meantime, here is what I could scrape together from all the promotional blitz out there about The Boys Season Three.  There’s a lot of goodness out there! 

Cast Interviews, Previews, Trailers, Promo Posters

This is an excellent preview from Variety, complete with interviews from Eric Kripke, Jensen Ackles, and Karl Urban.  My favorite line came from Kripke talking about all the projects that have stemmed from the success of The Boys.  "I'm not the first showrunner to say this, I think it was Greg Berlanti, but it's like a pie-eating contest and the first prize is more pie."  I love Kripke interviews!  They're never boring.

Here's a little summary of where season two left off, just as a refresher since it's been a while.  Spoiler alert if you haven't seen it!

The official trailer.  The Homelander backpedaling is so fun to watch.  This raises so many questions!

Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr and Jensen Ackles celebrate the upcoming third season of 'The Boys' on the set of their Entertainment Weekly digital cover shoot.

Speaking of the photo shoot, isn't this amazing?

Wondering what Soldier Boy is like?  Vought International found the PSA...

And leave it up to The Boys to share the cut footage!  

The prime video promo poster for season three:

Season three prime

Dawn of the Seven

For those that may have not watched season two, our six heroes filmed a new Vought International action movie, The Dawn of the Seven.  First thing in season three, we get the premiere of that movie!  And what's a premiere without the trailer...

A poster of Queen Maeve from Vought International in honor of the premiere of Dawn of the Seven:

Here's A-Train's poster!

Let's not forget Starlight!

Black Noir is in it too!

Last but not least, the star of the show, Homelander!

Leave it up to Kripke to use a fake movie premiere to promote the upcoming season three of the series!  That crafty bastard. 

Jensen Interviews

This is a must read article in GQ for any fan of any of these actors, especially Jensen. Loving the leather!

GQ Jensen V1
GQ Jensen 2

This is a YouTube video that came out of that GQ session.  The cast talks about the show's biggest moments so far.  Oh man, there's so many of them. 

Here's another interview with Jensen in USA Today.  He talks about The Boys but also The Winchesters as well.  So much happening for this guy right now!

This is an interview with Jensen and Karl Urban as part of the UK press tour.

Eric Kripke

Kripke is getting us excited!

Eric Kripke insists that everyone watch this before watching season 3.  He's even made it available on YouTube for us!

Kripke is feeling the love after their Paris screening event. What an amazing event for them.

Here's a longer look from Amazon studios, who are mighty proud!

Ah, the perils of shooting in Canada:

This is just the tip of the iceberg I'm sure, so if you have any other links, interviews, pictures, fun stuff, anything, please share in the comments. I'll be watching the first three episodes soon and will do my best to get coherent reviews together of each episode this season. If it's anything like the first two seasons, it's going to be awfully hard to digest right away!  There's always so much to process.