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We have the The overnight Ratings for last night's episode of  Supernatural, from Showbuzz Daily
Live +3 and Live +7 Day ratings from Programming Insider
  Live Ratings (Overnights) Final Same Day Live +3 Day Live +7 Day  
18-49 0.4 0.4 0.61(+38%) 0.7(+60%)  
Total Viewers 1.498 1.474 2.016(+35%) 2.23(+50%)  
Show Live +SD 18-49 Live +SD Total
Supernatural 0.4 1.474
Legends of Tomorrow 0.3 0.947
Roswell 0.2 0.826
In The Dark 0.2 0.722
Jane The Virgin 0.2 0.609
Year to Date rankings from Spoiler TV.
CW posted April 17
Again, the CW's full roster of shows was not shown this week. We are #1 again.
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