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Claire, Claire, Claire.  It seems that any time she pops into our lives, there's a divide among reviewers as to whether she brings any value or not.  Our set of "Supernatural" pundits at TV Fanatic - myself, Nightsky, Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna - were a little divided this week.  Two of us definitely aren't fond of her (yes, I'm one of them) and weren't all that invested in her story.  The other two did give some analysis on Claire's plight, discussing the cure and her honesty with Jody.  Mick was a more unifed subject of conversation as we all reflected on how his actions will impact his relationship with Sam and Dean and the British Men of Letters going forward.  
It all can be found here:
Here's Sean McKenna's review.  As you can tell, he's the other one that doesn't think much of Claire and focused a lot of his review on Mick.  I knew I liked this guy for a reason!