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Jared Padalecki is featured in 'I Chose Life',  a new documentary about suicide awareness.
From the I Chose Life website

This is an independent feature documentary film being made by  internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker, Jacqui Blue. This film's focus is on suicide and survival with a strong message of hope through relatable stories that are real and raw as told through the voices of suicide survivors and those left behind.

The main focus of our film and what sets it apart is that we are  talking to real people about their real life experiences and how it’s personally affected them, instead of talking to the so-called and self proclaimed textbook experts (many of whom have never actually been suicidal themselves). Jared is one of the interviewees as a result of his Always Keep Fighting campaign and his public discussions about his own struggle with depression. He appears in this trailer for the film.

NOTE: THE TRAILER CONTAINS FRANK DISCUSSIONS OF DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE. Please judge your personal sensitivity to this subject and determine if you wish to view.

A transcript of Jared's segments will appear after the video for those who want to avoid strong, emotional triggers.

Transcript via princelysam.

IChoseLifeFilm Jared interview

It is so wonderful that Jared continues work to raise depression awareness and that he takes part in documentaries that may reach people who suffer from depression. We are proud to be his fans.