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Supernatural has devoted fans. This devotion can be seen in the many projects fans are involved in.

Jared's discussion about his depression and the Always Keep Fighting campaign have inspired fans in several ways. The #IHeartJaredProject has been started to create a Jared Journal to present to Jared as a tribute at the 2016 Phoenix Convention. From the FAQ
The I Heart Jared Project was created in support of Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and his campaign with Jensen Ackles, Always Keep Fighting. We aim to fill the Jared Journal with fan signatures/artworks by June 2016; it will be given to Jared at PhxCon'16! Any and all fans are welcome to contribute!! (We track #IHeartJaredProject).

The submission deadline for this project is Halloween of this year, so anyone who wants to contribute should keep that in mind.

For a more immediate way to let Jaren and Jensen know how much we appreciate them, #OperationTakeCareOfOurBoys has been started.

Fans have been inspired by Jared to join the fight for mental health awareness. Toniann Rose started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Attitude in Reverse, an organization committed to educate society about mental illness. The funds will be presented to AIR in the names of Jared and Jensen at the New Jersey Convention.

Jared and Jensen are not the only Supernatural stars to inspire fans. We're Thankful For Rob - Part 2 is a fundraiser that was started in 2014 after Rob Benedict returned to the convention circuit after having suffered a stroke. The success motivated the group to make this an annual fundraiser.

After all our success with the fundraiser we ran for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation last year in honour of Rob's return to TorCon one year after his stroke (, we have decided to make supporting this great organization an annual event. What the HSF does is so important and we feel contributing to the causes of stroke education and research is a wonderful way to continue to show Rob that we're so thankful that he is still with us today, healthy and well.

How typical of Supernatural fans to take a crisis and turn  it into a chance to do good.

Jessica is working on a project to present to Jason Mann and Rob Benedict for all of the wonderful music they bring to this fandom and the world.

The deadline for submissions is September 16, if you want to contribute.

Do you write fic? Make vids? Make art? Want to do a Supernatural Secret Santa? The Supernatural and CWRPF Holiday Fic Exchange 2015 signups are open.

This is a Secret Santa style fanworks exchange for the SPN and CWRPF fandom. You sign up with what you'd like to receive and what you're able to do, then you're matched up to create a SPN or CWRPF fandom gift for another participant and to receive one in return.

Art, fic, and vids are all welcome as are any and all pairings.

Sign ups will run for one week, from today Tuesday September 1st to midnight EST on Tuesday September 8th.

Fans want to help Mark Sheppard celebrate his engagement to Sarah Fudge. Written In The Stars is raising funds to name a star for Mark and Sarah. Organized by CarryOnSPN, the goal
To congratulate Mark and Sarah (and to welcome Sarah into our Supernatural Family) we have decided to have a star named after them!  You can go here to help us fund Mark and Sarah’s star.  We need the fandom’s help to make this happen!  They will receive a personalized certificate and star chart informing them of the location of their star.

You can also add your name to the “Congratulations” card that we will be giving to Mark at ChiCon. 
The deadline for this is October 26.

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. both have birthdays this month. MishaCollinsOnline is preparing birthday cards to give to them at the Dallas Convention. You can pop over there and add your signature. 

Then we have fans who care very much about keeping the world of Supernatural going. With talk of a spinoff, a group of fans is promoting their idea for a spinoff  entitiled Wayward Daughters .

Wayward Daughters is a fan-created idea that’s been circulating throughout the Supernatural fandom in one form or another ever since Jody Mills took Alex under her wing in season 9 of Supernatural. When Claire was sent off to Jody’s at the end of “Angel Heart,“ the fandom exploded with enthusiasm over the line that she was being sent to “some sort of halfway house for wayward girls.” We latched onto the idea, even though it was thrown in as a joke. There’s been so much fandom-wide excitement over the complex, nuanced, and incredible female characters that Supernatural has been including in its episodes recently that we all jumped at the opportunity to see more of them. Just imagine: Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum (who we loved as a team in Hibbing 911), opening up a home for girls a la Sonny’s Home for Boys, taking in troubled girls, both human and supernatural creature alike. When we realized that Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster were just as excited as we were, it sparked a firestorm.

Wayward Daughters encourages fans to write to TPTB to get them to consider a female centered spinoff using characters that have already been introduced in the world of Supernatural.

Want to take part in making a film about how Supernatural has changed your life? Squee! The Fandom Documentary Project is looking for submissions.

Then we have a present for fans. Fanmail  is releasing a Lady Geek box of Supernatural Memorabilia.


What a great way for fans to celebrate Supernatural!

So, if you have talent, just want to give the boys your good wishes, want to support a cause close to the hearts of our cast or just enjoy what other fans can share, all you have to do is look around. There are so many opportunities.