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Supernatural Weekly World News 

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¤ Supernatural took the award in Canadagraph's 'Best of TV Awards' for 'Best Stunts.'

spn stunts
» More wins for Supernatural in Canadagraph's 'Best of TV Awards' for 'Best Episode' for 'Despair.'

SPN epside
¤ 'Baby', the Impala, made the list of TV's favorite cars by Slater.

vlcsnap 00009
'Baby' in 'Swan Song'
¤ Can you guess the Supernatural episode with just one image? What Culture put together a quiz and it is a lot harder than you think!

¤ More quizzes from What Culture! Take your pick between demons, witch, or human and see if you answer correctly.

¤ Screenrant pulled together all the Supernatural episodes directed by Jensen Ackles. There were six in total. What was your favorite?

Soul Survivor 18
S10.3 'Soul Survivor'
Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
 ¤ Jensen Ackles drew 'Batman' for a charity auction and it was posted on Krisoffer Polaha's Instagram. (See more below under charity for how much the drawing raised for charity).
¤ Jensen showed off his quarantine beard and it is fluffy.
¤ Rob Benedict will be doing a solo StageIt on May 15, 2021. Follow the link to sign up and reserve your place.
¤ Sterling K. Brown voices 'Halk' in Solar Opposites and the season 2 trailer dropped this week.
¤ Watching The CWs Nancy Drew lately? Erica Cerra ('Duma') plays 'D.A. Jean Rosario' in S2.12 'The Trail of the Missing Witness,' which aired on April 14.

Erica Cerra
¤ Misha Collins was out an about giving his new hip a test run. Keep well, Misha!
¤ Ruth Connell will appear on Scot Week. Keep watching Scot Week on Instagram for more updates.
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