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Our show in the news this week.

Last week we noted that Julien Hicks had won  Joey award for his role in Supernatural. I neglected to note that Madeleine Arthur also won a Joey for Best Actress in a TV Drama  Guest  Starring Role Age 14-18 Years for playing Young Tina in "About a Boy". Congratulations Madeleine! Good work, Supernatural, for finding such talented actors.

We may be seeing Alona Tal on the big screen. Comic Book Resources reports the rumor that Warner Brothers may be adding The Black Canary to the upcoming Justice League films and that Alona is on the list of actresses being considered to play her. We will keep you updated if she is cast.

DJ Quails talked with Tech Times about How He Almost Turned Down 'The Man In The High Castle' .

Chad Lindberg is part of the talent behind a new project on Kickstarter called Party Monsters:

After inheriting her grandmother’s old collection of dusty books, a Young Woman from a small town in Washington comes across several journals that reveal decades of thoughts and stories written by a doctor called Henry Jekyll.

Meanwhile, hidden behind the walls of a castle in the Hollywood Hills and clueless of where his lost journals could have wound up, this mysterious Dr. Jekyll and his peculiar friends - Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, The Phantom of The Opera and the occasional visitor Mr. Hyde - have managed to maintain a relatively low-profile... up until now.

As they are forced back into society fueled by a new designer drug from Dr. Jekyll and fight over morality, women, the dishes, and everything in between - back in Washington, the young woman dives into countless pages of Dr. Jekyll's thoughts that unveil hilarious events and bizarre secrets from their past, including scientific findings, encounters with iconic figures and connection with historical murder mysteries.
Here's a preview of Chad as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Matt Cohen Chats Family and Being Back on the Set with AXS Entertainmen TV at

Jim Beaver has started a new  Family Don't End With Blood campaign on
100% of all profits go to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation

Jared is not the only talented Padalecki. His sister, Megan, is an architect, photographer and has written a children's book Big Mo. She was interviewed by Ezra Magazine about her book and her life.

Jared released another Represent campaign for the holiday season. This new drive also adds new merchandise: a beanie and letterman jackets. The Inquisitr reports Jared Padalecki And Stephen Amell Get In The Black Friday Spirit For Charity.

Looking for a gift for a Supernatural fan? Our own Nate Winchester put together a list of the most popular and cutest collectibles, jewelry, clothing, books and other merchandise with either a Supernatural theme or created by SPNFamily. Need more suggestions? PopSugar lists 31 Gifts for the Supernatural Superfan.

Buddy TV lists Amara as one of the 12 Breakout Characters of the Fall 2015 TV Season.

Hypable listed their 5 Favorite Law Enforcement Officials from Supernatural.

The Mary Sue examines the women of Supernatural with The Supernatural Female Bond: an Interview With the Writers of Supernatural Fangirls.

The convention circuit for 2015 is winding down and Fangasm is covering the final conventions in
It’s A Beautiful Sunday! Article #3 on Salute to Supernatural Denver, Colorado and Closing out 2015 with Pascon – Friday and Saturday.


# JJA 2015-11-30 17:45
Amara is one of the 12 "breakout" characters of the new TV season?

Personally, I find her to be one of the WORST additions to the series. The decision to personify The Darkness limits it. The season probably would have worked better if The Darkness was left as some nebulous concept "without form and void" (no pun intended).

Although, I do have to concede that the young actress they used in the episode "Our Little World" was pretty good.