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Well I have to say I thought I was excited yesterday but today. OMG!  Now I’m starting to panic, am I going to act my age or am I going to make a complete fool of myself. I guess we will find out.
When I got there I headed to the vendors to buy two more pictures. Under my daughters insistence I was to get one of Jensen and one Jared so they could sign their own picture.  
After getting my pictures, I was walking by the huge lineup for the Photo-ops. I noticed a young girl coming out the photo op room sobbing and being comforted by her friend. I took a peak through the door to see whom she had been with. It was Jared and I’ll tell you seeing him live actually caused my heart to skip a beat. Reality had started to set in. I was going to see Jared and Jensen live and in person. I suddenly needed to sit down. Luckily the next event was starting soon so I went to my seat and met up with Jen.
Clif Kosterman (Tiny) Panel

Clif came onto stage and looked around.  ‘Holy Crap! How many people!’  The MC of Creation asked the first question.
Name two or three crew members, we don’t hear about, that makes them special?
Connie, she has been there for two seasons, she a great PA, he wished they could have a handful of people like her.
Ida from Visual effects. Said she is always there, only time off is one week at Christmas.
Jason Fisher is the Office Co-coordinator. If you need Pearl Jam tickets, he’s the guy to get them for you.
The next person didn’t ask a question, but commented about seeing one of his cars on the website, I think it was a Porsche and that she’s into car porn.
Did Jared and Jensen pull any pranks on him or did he do any on them?
Just one from Jared. Jensen is smarter than Jared. Jared was tossing dirt at Clif with a shovel. He wasn’t intending to actually hit him with it but it ended up landing on top of his head. He said Jared ran away.
You protect Jared and Jensen, how did you feel about Jensen/Dean protecting you in Folsom Prison Blues?
He joked about being a ‘spineless wuss’. (I don’t know if he meant Tiny or Dean.)  He said that he wasn’t doing the security then, he was an actor at the time. He didn’t start doing the security work until the start of season three. Apparently Jared and Jensen were having issues with fans so they had hired someone, but it didn’t work out so he applied. He had done security work before.
How was it seeing an actor playing him in the French Mistake?
He said ‘that’s not me’. He wasn’t allowed to play himself. The studio will not let people working for the show to be on the show due to legal issues.
Who does he go to for advice on his car?
He said he has is own guru, but he does like to tell people he built his own car.
How to get people with false account (twitter) taken off and/or prosecuted?
He said it was difficult. He once had some guy threatening to rape someone if he couldn’t be Jensen.
What appeals to you more, being a bodyguard or an actor?
A bodyguard. Really enjoys his job
What’s the scariest moment with Jared and Jensen you’ve had, being their bodyguard?
Had an overzealous fan. He couldn’t comment on the incident. But there are people out there that are abusing privilege and he has had to have them removed.
Ever got hurt on duty?
He has a knife wound and a bite mark on his arm. A human bite. He was working for a businessman, who had got accosted by a man. Clif had restrained him until the man had calmed down. The man said he would leave if Clif let him go. Once Clif released him the man bite into his arm and actually bit off a piece of his flesh.
What was interesting about working as Tiny?
Nice trailer, it had a big room.
Were you surprised by all the ducks and do you have a favourite?
Apparently one of the crew members had done some and he thought they were great. He said they received over 5000 of them. They are going to sort through them and keep some. Either Jared or Jensen had asked him, “Why didn’t you say we wanted Vintage wine?”
A woman came up, asking on behalf of her friend since she was too shy, if he was single.
He said that he was.
Someone earlier had mentioned about a picture Clif had posted of himself wearing a one piece pair of PJ’s.
He said he had that picture on his phone. The Creation people were able to show the picture on the large screen. The PJ’s were pink with black paw prints on it. He looked very cute in them.
The next person had heard or read somewhere that the Impala was being replaced and wanted to know with what.
Not to worry, they would never replace the Impala.
Wasn’t a question, only asked him to give the cast and crew a big Thank-you.
Clif agreed. He said this was the longest time he had worked on a show. He said it’s the greatest cast and crew.
Does he have any form of training in Martial Arts and what style?
He’s had different types. One of the things they instruct is to avoid a confrontation, to run away. If you engage in a fight, then you’re leaving your client alone, unprotected.
‘Need to runaway to live another day.’
What was your first tattoo?
It was a Scottish gaelic sign for past the stars.
Clif was great! What a really nice, friendly guy.
On the whole, I would say that everyone was really good. Some did gush a little before hand but most went straight to their question. There was maybe two or three people that I saw this weekend that took things a little overboard. Went on too long about themselves or kept asking questions after their original one was asked. It was then that Jen made a real great suggestion. Creation should set up a Gong. When ever someone went on too long or asked an inappropriate question the MC should Gong them.
Coming up, part two, including the Jared and Jensen panel.  


# Sylvie 2011-10-17 12:47
I am glad you reported on this particular panel, I love this guy, I liked him in "Folsom Prison Blues", I was happy when I learned he became J&J's bodyguard. He seems so nice, but he's really good at his job, seems like he has a really cool relationship with the two leads. Shame on whoever bit him though, what are you two?