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Warning!  If you have not seen tonight's episode, "Repo Man" do not go any farther.  Details about the actual episode are being revealed here for discussion purposes. 

Let's speculate?  How about "Let's Process?"  HOLY MOTHER of... Ben Edlund, you did it again.  What a wonderful, complex, very fluid story that dug into the parallels of Sam and his situation with that of a common psychopath.  Funny how that line was blurred in more ways than one. 

Let's start with Sam.  We FINALLY got to see what's been happening in Sam's head all this time.  He hasn't been okay.  He's not only seeing Lucifer on a frequent basis, but his little hand trick only works for a short while.  He's also seeing some pretty vivid hallucinations too.  That scene of people pounding their heads on the desk until bloody in the library got to me!  Sam really had to fight that one hard.  To think, he seemed fine on the surface all this time, but it's all been an act.  And that segues into tonight's parallel...
Jeffrey is seemingly trying to piece his life together after his ordeal being possessed by a demon four years ago.  After his possession he supposedly hit rock bottom.  He lost everything, had a mental breakdown, and now he's on the mend.  But everyone thinks he's a good guy.  He's earned Dean's trust.  Oh, but he's really a sociopath that loved being possessed.  Seems the demon triggered the inner psycho in him and all those desires to kill.  Now he wants his demon back on top of getting to kill again.    
Between Jeffrey and Sam, we got into the heads of two people struggling with their inner demons.  One is a psychopath, the other someone with a moral conscience who's trying to hold it all together.  Interesting though how it was brought up how Sam and Dean breach those moral lines.  Why were Dean and Sam pounding an innocent man to get to a demon four years ago?  We know it was so Dean could get out of his demon deal.  How does that make them different?  
Here's another parallel, what the demon said about possessing Jeffrey.  "All I had to do was loosen the lid on his jar, show him some practical know how."  Mirrors what Lucifer did to Sam, don't you think?  Using the motivation of saving Dean to get him to finally listen to him and talk to him.  That's always been Sam's weak spot.  Just like Jeffrey, once Sam lets the demon in, the results are disastrous.   
Then there's Dean's description of psychopathic behavior in the closing scene.  "He's a psychopath Sam.  That's what they do all of the time is act.  Act like they're normal, act like they're not balls to the wall crazy." 
Whoa, sounds a bit too on the nose about what Sam is doing, huh?  Of course now that Lucifer has control of Sam's mind again, Sam is clearly not going to be able to hide that crazy for long.  So Sam's breakdown begins.  Stone number one has crumbled.  Judging by how often Lucifer has been talking to Sam, he was bound to find a way to get to Sam eventually.  I admire Sam lasting this long.    
So that's what we're left with for the next few weeks while "Supernatural" goes on break.  Sam is back in Hell in his mind, burning while listening constantly to Lucifer's torment.  Damn you Ben Edlund!  Judging by the super tiny and not very informative preview for the next two episodes, things are about to get very bad for Sam.
Here's another few things I noticed: 
  • Why another flashback to season three?  "Death's Door" did the same thing.  Is it because it's the season closest to Sam's current hair length?  Or does it mean something?  
  • Who loved seeing the Impala again?  Flashback or not, I'm so happy.  
  • I've said this before, I'll say it again.  I'm all for people being gutted, but the dog?  That's just not right.  She was a rescue dog!  Jim Michaels tweeted in reassurance that the dog was not harmed.  She's alive and well.  
  • How did that devil's trap get on the ceiling in the warehouse?  It's not like Sam or Nora could sneak in there and paint that.  Did Jeffrey have it there for some really bizarre and unknown reason?  Perhaps another dream clue? If this is a dream, it's Sam's worst nightmare.
What did you think of "Repo Man?" What were your favorite scenes?  Did the final scene of Sam burning in terror turn your stomach in knots and chill you to the bone like me?  How do you think Dean's going handle seeing the consequences of what his brother did to save him?  
It's time to speculate.  


Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-02-18 04:24
I really don’t care where they have to kidnap Mark Pellegrino from but he’s got to be found and kept in a box to make sure that’s he’s in every episode of SPN from here on in. He’s awesome. Seriously awesome. And the thing it, you don’t know what freaks you out about him (forked tongue aside, and I jumped a little at that bit) because he’s almost sweet in his earnestness to get acknowledgement from, and give help to, Sam. That forked tongue was so appropriate for him in this episode.

The similarities between Merrick and Jeffrey and Sam and Lucifer are profound ie feeling stronger, doing what they've always wanted to do and being what they were meant to be. Sam does seem to be more together (in a sense) when he’s with Lucifer and they (Jeffery/Merric k and Sam/Lucifer) benefitted from their involvement with their other halves. .

That scene was a reminder of Lucifer and Rubys statements to Sam about how it always had to be him, etc. Did Lucifer and Ruby merely take Sam’s lid off? Gotta thank Dean and John for making sure that lid was well tightened, and for making sure the ‘food’ inside wasn’t contaminated when the lid finally did come off.

Before Jeffrey turned a little loolah, it was really interesting (and painful) to see the aftermath of a 'visit' from Sam and Dean, to realise that even those who have been ‘saved’ are still scarred horrifically, both physically and mentally.

You also have to wonder (i) how much else from his past Sam has blocked out/’forgotte n’ while trying to block out Lucifer. We saw it here when he couldn’t ‘remember’ Suttons name but Lucifer did and (ii) have many of Sam’s decisions this season been someway ‘helped along’ by Lucifer as we saw here?

Guy called Jeffrey with a guy called Dean..... C'mon!! Man, if only Nora’s son or the demon was called ‘Morgan’!

The whole demonic idea of finding the ‘next generation of superstars’ is chilling and brilliant in its simplicity. (And I guess since this demon was summoned then Crowley is still keeping his word about keeping the demons off the Winchesters backs.) I wonder what Dean would have done if Merrick confirmed that Nora’s son was a future ‘superstar’ ?

I think the whole idea that sometimes even the people they’re saving are more evil than demons will be galling for Sam and Dean. Imagine, you kill a demon and leave something worse in its stead. (Those guys need a hug.) And of course, this again brings up a question that has been asked more than once this season; are monsters born or made? Would Jeffrey have done what he did even if Merrill never possessed him? It’s just become harder to say ‘No’ to that question.

How on earth did the devil’s trap get there; Sam, Nora, Jeffery? (I sometimes wonder if they have a giant devils trap stencil to make drawing those things easier...)

And no episode til March 9th. Bastards. I guess we now know who the true demons are, don’t we? The people in charge of scheduling at the CW, that’s who.

Oh, your questions!

Favourite scene – Any one of all of them?? Hi, amulet, ring and Impala. Hi, Dean not fearing the demon or the knife-wielding sociopath who has him tied to a chair but throwing smart ass remarks instead.

I liked the library scene because (a) we got to see what’s happening in Sam’s head pretty much 24/7. We saw glimpses of it in the past when Lucifer skewered Bobby (God rest him) but to see so much of it here leads you to wonder how many times Dean has died horrifically in Sam’s head, or how many times Bobby came back only to die again. It’s no wonder Sam refuses to entertain the mere notion that Bobby might be around.

Actually, I also really liked the tiny bit at the start when Sam and Dean stuck their heads in the darkened door of the motel room and waited a second before turning on the light, as if to psyche themselves up for the sight of a freaky motel room.

Did the final scene chill me to the bone? - Sure did. I think it was more that Sam just sat there either too petrified to more, or too resigned to knowing that it wouldn’t make any difference to try and move that chilled me more than the fire itself.

Dean’s reaction – I don’t think Dean will ever find out the reason why Sam started acknowledging Lucifer again (ie to save him). Let’s face it; it’s not as if Sam is going to tell him the reason why, no way would he put that on Dean. Dean is going to get the shock of his life (again) because he really has been given no warning of it. Most of Sam’s hand pressing in this episode was done when Dean wasn’t there so it’s logical to assume that most of Sam’s hand pressing in the past was done when Dean wasn’t looking.

While Dean might acknowledge that Lucifer will always be an issue for Sam, he really has no idea as to the enormity of the issue because aside from the hand press in 7.3, he’s never been reminded of it.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how he reacts to this though. I don’t particularly want him to go down the ‘Sam is a ticking time bomb’ route again. And given that (spoiler for those who are unspoiled...) then Dean will have a lot of thinking and soul searching to do.

Thanks for this Alice.
# Geordiegirl1967 2012-02-18 05:42
Great ep. I loved it.

It was scary and old school - with the knife, devils traps, exorcisms, and even Dean wearing the amulet in the flashback. I thought the idea of demons possessing potential serial killers to push them into doing it for real so they get more recruits for hell was very clever. I didn't think they were naive to trust Jeffrey. They have never had a non innocent possessee before.

Lucifer was clever - playing on Sam's desperation to find Dean to let him back in.

I liked the 'witch' lady. Although she was more a sort of female amateur Bobby than a witch. I'd be happy to see more of her.

I've seen a few people complaining about what happened yo the dog! Sorry, but I'm afraid I can't get worked up over them implying the killing of a fictional dog, given the horrific things we see happen to fictional human beings on the show every week.

The last few eps have had the vibe of early days SPN while keeping true to what has happened to them since - a hard balance to strike, but I think they are doing a great job.

I'm not worried about the lack of leviathans. I'm more interested in the human arcs of Sam, Dean and their individual challenges; Dean's depression and loss of faith, and Sam's Lucifer / wall problems. The promo for the next ep worries me; Sam on a stretcher presumably headed for the asylum? Cas in a hoodie? How much more can these boys be expected to take?

For me this ep continues what has been a fantastic season. At first it was such an improvement from the start of s6 that every ep felt like a bonus just for that reason. But as the season has progressed I have developed a much deeper appreciation for it. IMO it stands well up my list; comparable to my favourite seasons 2, 5 and 3.
# Sylvie 2012-02-18 08:48
Holy F***! Sorry, but that episode was seriously deranged, in a very good way. Mark Pellegrino, you are a God...I mean devil! Chilling delivery, and cheeky to boot. Everything about this episode was great, Ben Edlund has the knack to creep us out but good.

I love the part when Lucifer sticks his tongue out at Sam and it's forked! That was the only funny, the rest had my heart and head in a turmoil. The parallels between Jeffrey and Sam, the scene in the library (major goosebumps on that one), and Sam finally letting Lucifer in. He found the chink in the armor and just wormed his way back in, and he is not letting go. That scene at the end when Sam is burning up in Hell, I can't believe we have to wait another three weeks to find out what happens next.

The only WTF moment for me was the devil's trap in Jeffrey's lair. How did that even get there? Would Jeffrey even know how to make one? He had to threaten the wiccan with killing her son to get a devil invocation, so I don't think he would know how to make one. Maybe this crazy time warp thing again? As you can see, I'm not very good at speculation, I'll leave that up to the professionnals.
# Karen 2012-02-18 09:37
This episode was so intense I was on the edge of my seat through out it all.
Mark/Lucifer was fantastic and super creepy.
Jeffery had me completely fooled until they reached the warehouse, when they started going in I thought this isn’t good, Dean’s being played.
That final scene definitely had me chilled to the bone and my stomach in knots.
Poor Sammy! He is so screwed. Blindsided by his own mind/hallucinat ion aka Lucifer.
I don’t know how Sam’s has managed to live with that day in and day out. And now to have his one means to get some temporary relief has been crumbled.
No wonder he finally loses it.
And Dean, I’m not sure how he’s going to be able to help this time. This could send him over edge.
As for the devils trap on the ceiling? Not sure about this one since even Jeffery looked shocked to see it. The only thing I could think of was maybe Bobby’s spirit was at it again. Protecting his boys.
# KELLY 2012-02-18 09:43
Loved seeing the Impala and the amulet(esp the amulet-the Impala we know we're getting back). The only instance of happiness in this Ben Edlund creepfest. Man he doesn't do half way. You get fairies and talking teddy bears or Dean torturing Azazel and Lucifer tearing Sam apart. What disturbed me was how easy it was. I mean Sam just BARELY cracked at all. He hardly even acknowledge him, but that was enough. Poor Sammy. And once again having to listen to his worse fears about himself being innocently stated by Dean.
Dean seemed better again this episode and totally don't blame him for not noticing Sam loosing it right now. Sam's playing it pretty close to the vest.
Was it just me or did anyone else find the dancing scene completely EFFING creepy. I kind of did the nervous laugh and then it was just chills.

This is a little off-topic but I noticed something this season. With the exception of Adventure in Babysitting and a little in last weeks (where Dean froze) it has been Sam saving Dean or them just working together, not Dean rushing to save Sam. Maybe that is just the way the stories have fallen or that they're trying to show Dean's disconnect. But I thought maybe it has something to do with the overall arc or maybe I'm overthinking.
# MisterGlass 2012-02-18 09:51
I was so impressed! The decision to show how Sam begins to crumble as part of a fairly average case - though one with painful memories and side-effects - is brilliant. It reinforces the idea that this breakdown was inevitable, that Sam's mind could only hold out for so long against the onslaught, which we now see has been continuous. Dean's quote on psychopathy sums up the season to date.

And Tim, great post! I agree, that sudden unexpected forked tongue was unnerving. Mark Pellegrino is a great Lucifer. He's so quiet and smiling, even when he is petulantly making hallucinations of people at the next table beat themselves unconscious.

Why another flashback to season three? “Death’s Door” did the same thing. Is it because it’s the season closest to Sam’s current hair length? Or does it mean something?
LOL! Actually, I have been wondering if it is because Season Three was the last time either brother was innocent of Hell. Their experiences there have contributed to everything they have done since.

About the ceiling devil's lends credence to the dreams theory, as it looked so spectral. However, my immediate reaction to it was that somehow Halucifer had drawn it. Can a devil's trap in Sam's mind trap a real demon? But then Dean and the witch saw it, so it did exist in their reality, whatever it might be.
# francie1 2012-02-18 14:52
Oh I loved this episode! I've already watched it three times. How did we survive before recording devices? Thank God for my DVR and Alice for this awesome website.

The library (ohmygod!!!) is definitely my favorite scene. I jumped out of my skin when people started smashing their heads on the desks! Loved the forked tongue, too. For an evil monster, Lucifer can be so funny and childish.

The flashback was odd. It seems to me though that it takes place in season 4. Remember that lost year at the beginning of season 6?

The final scene chilled me to the bone. When Sam started to take his jacket off and Lucifer said "No, no Sam. No nap for you) it was pretty clear Sam isn't getting any sleep for a lon time. Poor Sammy! Ben Edlund is the greatest writer out there and Jared absolutely rocked!

And hey! IMPALA!!!
# BagginsDVM 2012-02-18 14:56
Was I chilled to the bone by that final scene of Sam - just feet away from his oblivious brother, paralyzed in terror at the realization that his coping mechanism had utterly failed & that he had let Luci completely back into his head - absolutely! I've had trouble getting that image out of my own head since last night. Sam's visions were brutal & disturbing to say the least, and if Sam has been seeing things that horrific all along, I really don't know how he can function, no matter how good an "actor" he's been (which by the way, Jared has been amazing!) at hiding the "crazy". I guess that says something for the fortitude of the Winchester soul.
Dean's so exhausted that he's not noticing those little signs of Sam's, but I think he will as soon as he wakes up this time. He would be crushed to realize that Sam let Lucifer in to save Dean. More guilt the guy certainly doesn't need! Especially since he was already experiencing enough of that over what he thought he'd done to Jeffrey 4 years ago.

Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer is repulsively endearing, if that's possible! The forked tongue was truly creepy. His boredom with being ignored & desire to be the center of attention seems true to character, & his glee at realizing Sam was inadvertently letting him back in was both creepy & hilarious with that "he said shut up!" line.

I felt for Jeffrey in the earlier scenes, getting tortured by the boys (which was brutal, and briefly had me wondering if that was supposed to be after Dean had already been to Hell & been a pupil of Alastair, since Dean reminded of "On the Head of a Pin" in his technique there) and then just dumped near the hospital entrance. The serial killer angle certainly made me think of Jeffrey Dahmer, so I had a feeling of what was going to happen to the dog. Then she had to be completely adorable with carrying her E-collar & wagging her tail as she trotted off to her doom. Way to go, Edlund!! I may have given a shout of joy when Dean pumped a few bullets into Jeffrey's chest. No second thoughts for Dean about killing that human!

I loved seeing Baby again, even just in flashbacks.

I also liked that Nora was a good witch for the most part.
I'm with everyone else on how did the devil's trap get on the ceiling? That I'd like to know.
# Ginger 2012-02-18 16:02
The strongest episode of the season, and wouldn't you know it came from BE. His characterizatio n of the brothers is always right on.

I really liked the flashback to S3, because it was prior to either brother going to Hell, yet it showed that in the SPNverse, hunters are just as psychotic as the monsters, it's just that the hunters have a moral conscious. The Jeffrey torture scene was chilling, and certainly showed why Dean became Alistair's best pupil.

I barely caught the Impala and Dean's jewelry, but I can tell you I still miss them both. Dean isn't Dean w/o the Impala (as clearly seen this season) and I did not like them stripping Dean's character by stripping him of his jewelry.

The only nit-pics I had with this episode was the Wiccan lady showing up and reading the exorcism and the unexplained devil's trap. I saw no reason for that lady to be in the scene, since we've seen many, many times that both Sam and Dean know the exorcism by heart.

My favorite scene was the torture of Jeffrey. That was just chilling (and my goodness, that actor did a great job throughout the episode. I think he was named after Jeffrey Dalmer).

Against popular opinion, I have no interest in Sam's hell visions, although they were used nicely in this episode as Sam talking to himself to find Dean. I just find that story uninteresting, no mystery to it at all, and I certainly don't want a permanently mentally ill Sam. I just think there are just so many scenes of Sam burning in fire and his glowing eyes that can be done. That said, both Mark P. and JP were fantastic in this episode.

I have no idea where they are taking Dean this season. He continues to believe that the brothers have ruined the lives of everybody they have touched, which means he still believes his whole life has been useless and tragic. I found no further hints in this episode as to what Dean will do once he loses Sam. He'll either go really dark, or he will forever wallow in his misery. It is possible that he will end up just forgiving Cas for Cas having played him, get his BFF back, and feel good about himself. I hope that is not the way the writers go. I did find it interesting that last episode, Dean used black magic to kill a human, and this episode he ganked Jeffrey, another human, with no remorse whatsoever.

I also thought JA put in a good performance, showing Dean empathetic, weary, despondent, and making mistakes because he's not on his game. Sam has now saved Dean many times, because of where Dean's head is, and I like Sam best when he isn't thinking about himself.

Great episode. Two in a row now that I have really liked.
# CyanaT 2012-02-18 19:33

The only nit-pics I had with this episode was the Wiccan lady showing up and reading the exorcism and the unexplained devil's trap. I saw no reason for that lady to be in the scene, since we've seen many, many times that both Sam and Dean know the exorcism by heart.
I'm going with the premise that Nora did the exorcism not only because it was her son involved, but Sam (and Dean) didn't do the exorcism as a "professional courtesy" to a new colleague who had come far in her training.
# Sharon 2012-02-18 17:08
Sams hallucinations are a window into what he suffered down in the pit wether somebody finds them interesting or not it doesnt change what Sam suffered. He risked his sanity to save Dean and he has paid a big price. Sam what he did in this and when I think of what he has been enduring all along without us seeing it , his inner strength is extordinary and why I love this character.
My only really no no is killing of small furry creatures Mr Edlund .
# Nazli 2012-02-18 17:17
It was a great episode. I actually thought it was a flashback to season 4 because of Dean torturing the poor guy. It was very chilling to watch him torture him even before hell happened. No wonder he despises what he'd become under Alistair as he somehow always had 'the torturer' inside him.

I wish the show would actually afford to keep Mark Pellegrino around more than 3-5 episodes. He really nails Lucifer.

Right now the only thing concerning me is where does sam go from here? we know that he'll be committed but what happens after that? after this point i can't buy the whole sam dealing with it writing. he's mentally unstable who would be classified as schizophrenic in a normal world and drugged up to his eyeballs.
# faye 2012-02-18 17:33
What a great episode!

I loved the way every instance that Lucifer "helped" Sam, he was really just pointing to things Sam would have noticed by himself, easily, if Lucifer wasn't there.

I'm not really buying into the dream theory.

As for the Devil's Trap, I think the simplest explanation would probably be the best. I think Nora put it there for the first spell she gave Jeffery (the one that didn't work), and lied to him about what it was, which would explain his surprise, not so much that it was there but what its function was.
# kazkriz 2012-02-18 17:37
man.. it was just TOO MUCH!!!!! ... god.. damn you Ben.... it killed me to see Sammy at the end of this episode... and it killed me to see that little scene of him in the promo... man.. I was like... HOLY MOTHER OF THE HOLY BLOND CHEERLEADER BATMAN... !!! damn.. poor sammy.

And yesterday when I ws totally shoked after it... I tought WTH is gonna happen to Dean?! Sam is the only reason he keeps fighting... and Dean had just gotten a little better....and now he's gonna have to put his brother in a nuts house.....
And Sammy.. dear god Sammy.... what ... damn you Ben!!!! Sammy is never ganna be the same after this.

it was a great awesome episode... it was really intense!!!! damn.. .now I have to wait till march 9th
# Holmes 2012-02-19 10:37
Hi, Alice, Great article!!!

I know this doesn't have any relation with the ep, but there's a poll in MY TV OBSESSION about What's your favorite show of ALL time, SPN started with 51% and now it only has 26% and Chuck is almost there with 25%, can you help promote the poll, please?, it's only until tomorrow! We have to win! We are the SPN fandom!

# KELLY 2012-02-19 11:44
I think this it too complicated for me, but I had a thought. Who on the show has been able to easily effect time?-Angels (I know someone else has probably mentioned that). If an angel is the one messing with time, 2 possibilites seem most likely. Castiel- and it's not working well because something is wrong with him so it's effect is not necessarily what he intended.

Or Lucifer is not just a hallucination and is still connected to Sam in some way because Sam was his vessel- but the effect is weakened because he's still in the cage and just working through Sam.
Although, what this would have to do with the Levithan, I have no idea.
# annie 2012-02-19 14:12
Brilliant episode, best of the season so far. BE has done it again.

I have had to wait a long time for them to get to Sam this season but by god was it worth it, these past 2 episodes have been more Sam centric and two of the better episodes of the season. Its just a shame I feel like I had to endure a lot of boring filler between episode 2 and now, with the exception of a few episodes off course.

I could easily just watch episode 1, 2, 6, 10, 14 and 15 and ignore the rest so far.

I have a strong feeling that Sam is going to get some kind of patch up job, workable solution but not cure in episode 17 esp since he is up and around hunting with Dean in the very next episode.

Also I think Sam is some how the key to the Leviathan mystery, maybe he will have to let Lucifer back in some how in order to stop them. He was in the cage with Luci and Mike for a very long time he might have picked up something that could help and it would connect his arc to the myth arc this season.

Anyway excellent stuff this week, a reminder of why I love this show.

Jared was brilliant as was the creepy Mark Pellagrino. These two are amazing together on screen I enjoy every second of it. Sam's arc this season has been one of the best arcs (character and/or myth) in a good few years. Sorry to say but I lost interest in dean a long time ago and I still cant seem to bring myself to car about him outside of him being Sam's brother.

I do absolutely think Sam's sudden break is going to come as a shock to Dean he has been completely self absorbed all season. Maybe seeing Sam not having the ability to be the strong anymore will spur him to finally pull his head out of his own ass. I like Dean better when he isnt being selfish, self pitying or righteous. Big brother Dean is the best kind of Dean there is and I havent seen him all too often this season. Please bring that guy back writers.
# Gwen 2012-02-19 18:44
I enjoyed the episode although there were a few things that got the red warning flags fluttering at the back of my mind, most notably Dean's last comment about psychopaths.

But mostly I was just absolutely delighted to finally, finally get some insight into Sam's head. It's been too long in coming. I'm really looking forward to seeing Sam's mental break and I'm hoping for some wonderful big brother Dean scenes when he realises just how unwell and broken his brother really is. Like annie above Big Brother!Dean is my favourite flavour of Dean.

Jared and Mark P were amazing. I love their scenes togther, they have such a great chemistry. Every second of their scenes together was pure gold.
# lkeke35 2012-02-22 05:37
I too wanted to speculate about the overall arc of the season. A lot of the villains we've seen this season have been humans gone bad (witches, psychos) or gods (Cronos) and I wonder how that will figure into the Big Bad for this season. I know the Levis were set up as such at the beginning but they could turn out to be Red Herrings much like The Mother Of All.

One other idea, but what if Sam is sktill in Hell, or he brought back some piece of Lucifer with him, or for that matter just invited some form of possession. He himself is the crack inLucifer's cage, allowing him a toe-hold back to earth.

My favorite scene, and to me most terrifying would be the scene in the library. Hilarious and cringe inducing. If you were seeing s@#$ like that daily, how could you not react to it. Sam's willpower is formidable, that he has lasted so long.

I'm not with the idea that Lucifer is just a figment because if that was the case wouldn't he have hit on Dean as Sam's weakness much earlier. Only thinking that because it was Sam who once said it in an argument with Dean. If Luci is just a piece of Sam he would've known to do that some time ago.
# lkeke35 2012-02-23 20:13
Also, I don't know if the writer's have done this on purpose, but a lot of these episodes this season are also loosley basedon conversations and adventures thar Sam has had with Dean. This entire season may be no more than a feverdream of Sam's. You have Ca's betrayal of Dean, echoing the Sam/Ruby dynamic,followe d by an escalation of the apocalypse by Elder gods of some kind that that they feel hopeless. to defeat. You have the husband and wife witch team,that Rainbow-arsed unicorn,echoes a conversation with Dean. Sam saw Bobby and Cas die before the Jump.All the strange inconsistancies , like the convenient demon trap, even Dick Roman may be no more than a thinly veiled version of Brady. Most of these episodes and some of the people in them are re-interpretati ons of things Sam witnessed, talked about with Dean or experieh saying I like this theory but it's the direction my mind is running.
# lkeke35 2012-02-23 20:17
Aaaah! This d#$& keyboard is way too small. Sorry for the typos.