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Yes, technically, I'm about four seasons too late on this one. There have been tons of other awards for season one that I'm aware of, so why even try it? Because I did one for the other three seasons, and I didn't want to hurt season one's feelings. Those seasons can be so damned touchy!  So, here we go, the season one awards. 
Most Gruesome Villain Death: 
My vote goes to good looking demon dude in Devil's Trap getting one badass bullet in the head from Dean as he beat Sam to a pulp. All kinds of awesome that shot was. 
Best MOTW (Monster of The Week):
Meg. Duh. Her pure evilness came with one great smart mouth, and wouldn't take any crap from the Winchester boys, especially Dean. She absolutely hated John, maybe because she saw what a crappy parent he was. Interesting though that Sam was her choice to molest while he was tied up. She must have a thing for tall guys.
Worst MOTW: 
In season one? Gosh, too many to mention. Hookman, the bugs, Sue Ann LeGrange, the racist truck, the Benders, the vampires in Dead Man's Blood, heck none of them were standouts. Except Bloody Mary. She was cool. 
Most Tragic Act Of Revenge: John Winchester begging his son to kill him so they could kill the Yellow Eyed Demon. Luckily Sam didn't listen to him, but that was so hard to watch.   
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: You know, nothing in season one made me bust out into tears. Okay, maybe tears of laughter over "Bugs" but that's about it. If something came close though, it was either the end of "Phantom Traveler" when they listened to John's phone message on the Impala, or in "Home" starting with Mary Winchester showing up and ending when Sam asked Missouri "What's happening to me?" Still, those scenes didn't evoke tears as much as trigger an inexplicable need to get out a tub of ice cream and a large spoon. 
Best Appearance of Sam Winchester's Hair: 
The Pilot.
Worst Appearance of Sam Winchester's Hair: 
Every other freaking episode of the season. It was a bad hair season. Although, it was pretty awesome in "The Benders" when he was in that cage. I have no idea why. 
Best Badass Moment: Scene in "Dead Man's Blood" where Dean and Sam come back for John (against orders) and John blows Vampire dude away with the colt to save Sam. Awesome. Neither of the boys could out badass their daddy in this season. Of course that changes later, and we love it.   
Best Torture of a Winchester:
"Skin." Nothing like being tied up by the neck in a sewer and being psychologically tortured by a replica of your brother. Then it happens again in the game room! That shapeshifter certainly had it out for Sam. It's bizzaro Dean!
A VERY close second is Dean in "Devil's Trap"being gutted by Yellow eyes' mind. It only didn't make top spot because it wasn't a longer part of the scene. Dean was pretty defiant before that. It also lost points for Dean begging to John, a la Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader in "Return of The Jedi." The similarities were too blatant. 
Best Ending To An Episode: 
"Devil's Trap." Nooooo!!! I can handle the unconscious Winchesters but the Impala? Recovery looks bleak there.  Tragic decimation of a classic car is punishable by death and earns the bitter wrath of a redhead in Ohio. 
Worst Ending To An Episode:
"Bugs" hands down. As I said in my recap of the episode, Kripke obviously gave up by that time. Everyone at the end is picking up the pieces from that most lame ordeal with the CGI bugs, and Sam and Dean leave the scene to "No One Like You" by The Scorpions? I'm shocked the show didn't get cancelled after that.
Most Gruesome Injury: 
Dean being shot by Sam with the rock salt gun in "Asylum." Hurts like a bitch indeed, even if it was quite delicious seeing Sam do it.   Second place, Dean being burned by a hot poker in "The Benders" and Sam getting his face bashed in "Devil's Trap." (The scars from that lasted three episodes). I'm still though trying to figure out how Sam got his face scratched up so badly in "Shadow" and it didn't leave a hideous scar.  Season one was pretty tame to what these boys have been through since then.
Best Use of Classic Rock: 
This is hard to choose in season one since there was so much. I do have a personal favorite though. It comes at the end of "Bloody Mary" when "Laugh, I Nearly Died" by The Rolling Stones came on. The way it worked in that scene was so haunting and vividly captured the emotional turmoil plaguing Sam as the case came to a close, especially the way they edited the song with Sam's vision of Jessica on the corner. Blows me away every time I see it.
Best Quote: 
Dean has a priceless collection of one liners in this season, but there is one quote in terms of impact that profoundly affects the series. It's Mary Winchester's simple "I'm sorry" to her youngest son in "Home." Those two words drove us crazy for almost three seasons until they we're finally explained.
Okay, for fun I'll pick my favorite Sam one and Dean one.   Dean from The Pilot: House rules, Sammy, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. Sam from "Provenance": What kind of house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks!
Funniest Moment:
The showdown scene in "Bugs." That was so bad, you either had to laugh or just give up on the show. 
Honorable mention, (since it's one moment and not lots of little ones like in "Hell House") goes to "Provenance." Outside the art auction there is a line of expensive cars, including a Rolls Royce that says "The Krip." He wishes! Anyway, the real punch line comes when the line ends with one very filthy Impala. I love car humor!
Angstiest Brotherly Moment: 
"Salvation." What an incredible scene! They just missed their chance a killing the yellow-eyed demon. Saving the family wasn't enough for Sam, who sits despondent on the bed. Dean's only worry is their dad, who isn't answering his cell. In the process of getting Sam to come around, Sam slams him against the wall. Dean's "I'm barely holding it together" speech really hits hard, for it's a rare moment of open honesty with him (thus far). Pure, simple, high stakes family drama.
I also need to add here Angstiest Family Moment. This would be in "Dead Man's Blood" when Sam forces them off the side of the road and he and John have that huge fight with Dean in the middle. Dean sends them off to the separate corners so to speak and then has his little stress out moment. What family has never had that happen? Not a normal one. Glad to see the Winchesters are normal after all.
Most Touching Brotherly Moment:
This was the "no chick flick moments" season, so this turns out to be the most touching family moment. No doubt it's "Shadow" where the boys finally reunite with John. Dean's instant hug while Sam lurks in the background, John's admission that he's trying to kill this nasty demon and doesn't want them in the crossfire, and finally he and Sam making peace. I get misty at Dean's expression in the background watching the two of them hug. It's pure joy. Of course it quickly gets broken up by a demon attack, but hey, that's the life.
Most Delightfully Tacky Motel Room:
The most tacky and best room of the series came in season one's "Provenance." It to date is the only room to get a reaction from the boys. Rightfully so because the Studio 54 theme is well overdone.
Best Obscure (aka blink and you miss it) Pop Culture Reference: 
Anyone who knows me is aware I'm a huge Simpsons fan. So when Sam is telling Dean about all the towns the Shtriga hit in "Something Wicked," Brockway, Odgenville, and North Haverbrook, I instantly looked at my husband and started singing (complete with jazz hands), "Monorail, monorail, monorail!" Yes, that's from the infamous Simpsons episode "Marge vs. The Monorail," penned by none other than an unknown writer named Conan O'Brien. Awesome! Still my favorite shout-out to date.   
Honorable mention goes to "Phantom Traveler." They're doing the walk and talk, guy mentions how Dean and John helped him previously with a poltergeist, and someone shouts out "Hey, Poltergeist, I love that movie!" He gets a "no one's talking to you" from his boss.
Best Location for Episode: 
Lawrence, Kansas of course! The line is true, there's no place like home. It's the perfect place to hook up with your dead mother.
Plot Device Introduced That Should Be in All Episodes:
Sam Winchester, wet, shirtless, and wearing nothing but a skimpy towel. I could go for that all the time. Or have them alternate every week. I'm not picky.
Best Acting By The Impala: 
So many great moments (see above), but I choose the "Christine" imitation in the Pilot. The car starts on its own without keys and chases Sam and Dean to a desperate jump off the bridge. Cool!
Best Gratuitous Scene: 
I'm going against my policy of picking the same scene for multiple categories just this once. Sam Winchester + wet from shower + skimpy towel = jaws hitting floor. 
However, to be fair, I'll pick an alternate. In "Nightmare" when they show up in priest outfits. Uh, yeah, these guys live like monks. I had visions of them really being strippers playing a role, especially when they're sleeveless in the gag reel. Yeah, getting my mind out of the gutter now. 
Most Out Of Character Moment: 
You see, that's kind of tricky in this season, since they were defining character. Still, Sam was pretty off in both "Hookman" and "Bugs". He actually pushed his character backwards in those, before going several steps forward in "Home."
Best Puppy Dog Moment: 
"Nightmare" when Sam's having all those visions while awake for the first time. He cowers over in pitiful pain and Dean is there to hold him all the time in brotherly support. Okay, that might not necessarily be "puppy dog" but the whole thing's pretty darned cute nonetheless. 
Best Inside Joke:
Richardson, Texas? A backwoods small town? Obviously the name was used because Jensen was from there, because it didn't look like a sprawling Dallas suburb. You could tell both Jared and Jensen got the joke. 

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# Jessy 2009-08-17 01:05
The Sam in a towel thing- isn't that Season 2? Or did I miss something?
# Deborah 2009-08-17 01:23
Sam's towel scene is in the Season 1 episode Hell House.
# Narcissus 2009-08-17 03:25
I absolutely love the Poltergeist quip from Phantom Traveller, so I'm glad it got special mention. All these teensy weensy details really do give the show an extra something.

And yes, shirtless Winchesters are actually a very important enhancement to the show *ehem* :D
# Supernarttu 2009-08-17 13:16
Oh, thanks for these, I just love them :-)

Broken record over here but I love(!!!) the way you write.

And shirtless Winchesters, more please :D

On the music bit, I gotta go with either In a gadda da vida from skin or fire of unknown origin from hell house... Those songs just struck me when I first heard them... Allthough I'm forgetting tons od other great rock songs... Including your pick 'cause the end of Bloody Mary gets to me still...Oh Sam.

But thank you. I can't wait for the s5 awards...which will take awhile :-)
# Karen 2009-08-17 16:08
Thanks Alice!
I was able to read thru all your Award articles. Love them all.

“Sam Winchester + wet from shower + skimpy towel = jaws hitting floor.“
The visual I got with this comment, just cracked me up. I guess growing up on Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones helped me with that.

Another scene that gets me every time in “Shadow” is when Sam and Dean are at the motel and getting ready to go back out to the warehouse to ambush Meg and the demon she has summoned. Sam mentions that if it is the demon that killed their Mom and Jessica and they kill it, he will be able to go back to school.
Just the hurt look on Dean, thinking that Sam was back for good, that he had his family back, and the realization that Sam still wanted and believed he could have a normal life. It’s just so sad.
Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-08-21 01:13
Normaly 1st season's for me aren't the best but oddly enough I liked season 1 of Supernatural. Maybe because of all these doors opening up and all these questions about who these Brothers are and wtf is up with their family and the yellow-eyed demon. To me it was great.

Best Badass Moment. Thank you! My brother didn't seem to understand why I loved that scene so much. John's "No you don't" was just too bad ass, along with the death of that vampire which was pretty sad since all they wanted was to be left alone.

Best Ending To An Episode. I sadly started watching Supernatural when they were replaying Season 4 on tv. That recent. Anyway I would of been all sorts of pissed if I caught that on tv. What a way to end a season though. Totally unexpected and the car. Poor thing. Luckily for me I pooped in disk 1 of season 2 and continued on from there.

The ending to 'Bugs' was funny though. Funny how about 5-6 hours passed so quickly. lol.

With all the face injures the boys get, I'm always in awe at the lack of any scar especially when they are marked in the face. I agree with you on 'Shadows' that for sure should have left something.

"Dean being shot by Sam with the rock salt gun in "Asylum." Hurts like a bitch indeed, even if it was quite delicious seeing Sam do it."

Delicious indeed. I knew that appointment with Ellicott was a foreshadow to something involving the brothers.

*off to reason season 2's awards* these are great by the way. :D