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Two Minutes to Midnight - Misha's Side
Tonight's episode was unbelievable - full of incredible acting, great writing and some key plot advancements. And, if you're a Minion (as in Misha's) you were treated to some special commentary throughout the episode by none other than our resident former angel, Misha Collins. While tonight's episode was heavy and dramatic, Misha's commentary never failed to make me smile, despite the intense drama playing out on the television. (What is up with TV this week - all of "my shows" have left me upset, at least with Supernatural, I expect it! Curse May sweeps for the painful-but-oh-so-good drama [except for you, Glee - you're supposed to make me gleeful, dammit - it's in your name!]). So, before I dive head first into a deep analysis of a heady episode that serves as the penultimate to an episode whose trailer alone makes my stomach turn flips, I thought I'd share some of the smile-invoking words "twitted" (as he calls it) by Misha throughout Two Minutes to Midnight.
Misha started by announcing the following about 3 hours before the show aired:
"The folks @ the CW TV network in the USA (i think CW stands for "Clever Wizards") have asked me to twit during the airing of a reality show.  The show is called "Supernatural" & I believe it's about a family on a safari."

During the teaser:
"It's Max Headroom! I didn't know he was a doctor! Wow. That guys does everything."
Upon learning that Cas is in the hospital and powerless:
"Who's that guy in the bed? He looks smart. And really muscular."
The demonic nurse informs Pestilence that the Winchester's have arrived:
"My mom thinks that girl is a demon. I don't think that's possible. Max Headroom wouldn't be friends with a demon."
As Sam and Dean head through the hallways of the hospital, passing dead staff and patients:
This is a very unusual reality show. It's almost a like a snuff film"¦ Okay this has really changed my opinion of Max Headroom."
Bobby and Crowley's liplock is displayed:
"This reality show is amazing! It has everything, murder, mayhem, homo-erotic photos, Max Headroom."
Death arrives:
"The guy in the Cadillac is super cool. definitely looks like someone you'd want to be friends with."
Bobby regains bipedal mobility:
"I knew it! The guy in the wheelchair has just been faking it to get attention. He's been able to walk all along!"
Cas takes out the truck driver & Cas shooting the Croat:
"The guy dressed as Columbo needs to wash his face."
"The smart looking Columbo guy seems like he's turning into a big gun fanatic. He should join the NRA."
Dean demonstrating the rings unity:
"He's doing magic tricks with the rings. Cool."
Credits roll:
"Great work, CW (Clever Wizards). That was a very impressive reality show."
Misha commented mostly on his own appearances throughout the show "“ I suspect because he was actually watching the rest of the scenes as he hadn't shot them and therefore, didn't know what had taken place. He also had some commentary on the commercials and product placement (ahem, Chicago deep-dish). I've seen episode reviews written live, whereby people post their reactions to each moment or scene without exposition to qualify their comments and this reminded me of that. So, here is an early sarcastically humorous live review courtesy of Misha Collins! Off to do the deep analysis now.


# Bevie 2010-05-07 14:22
Love Misha Collins!!!

Please return next season Misha. :-)
# raincrystal 2010-05-07 23:55
Misha is really funny! :lol:

I love Supernatural! & I like this website a lot! Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and articles! I keep coming back for more ;-)
# ElenaM 2010-05-08 12:23
Ha--this was awesome--wish i'd followed his twits during the show! Thanks for putting this together to share with us!