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The Boys are back, AGAIN! Season 3 of the hit series received an early pick up and will be returning to Amazon Prime! The Boys' producers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made the announcement during their San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel. Exactly when season 3 will begin filming remains a mystery, though, as the producers acknowledged, 'it's anyone's guess when or where we can film season 3'! Eric Kripke shared the news on Twitter along with a season 2 trailer and the announcement that there will be a new after-show hosted by Aisha Tyler! 

The new after-show, titled Prime Rewind: Inside the Boys, will be shown immediately after the season 2 premiere. The first three episodes of season 2 will drop September 4. New episodes will then be available every week until the season 2 finale on October 9. 

Nightsky watched the panel live and captured some of the best teases about season 2! Eric was up first, and was asked about his take on the show.

Eric Kripke

Boys Kripke SDCC20 sm
Season two is a lot more intense...

People are falling in love with the characters. We worked hard to make season two more emotional with higher stakes..

Everyone is pushed to the limits in season 2!

We try to make this an up-to-the-minute commentary on the world we're living in. We're going after white supremacy, white nationalism and systemic racism in season 2.

The 3 triangles of the show: 1) Strong Characters  2)Madness  3)Revelations about the Real World

The trailer of season 2 (linked above) shows one of the scenes that Eric admitted was one of the most ambitious scenes of his career to produce! The moment captured in the following photo was Karl asking what producer would let his entire cast do such a crazy stunt! 

Boys Kripe Urban SDCC20 sm

Yeah, that's Eric all right!

Each actor was then asked to summarize their characters' journey and the differences fans can expect to see from season one to season two.  

Boys Cast SDCC2020 sm

Karl Urban (Billy Butcher): Season 2 throws together unlikely combinations of characters... If season one was Butcher really focused on blind revenge for the perceived death of his wife, season 2 really becomes about rescuing her and saving her...How far is Butcher will to go?

Antony Starr (The Homelander):  The duality of the character: the strongest physical man on the show is the weakest emotionally.

Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell): Season one, he latches onto a lot of people who tell him what to do. Season two, he's starting to realize how he can do that on his own.

Erin Moriarty (Annie/Starlight): Season two, she steps into her own power, into her strength. Her morals stay totally intact but she is forced to adapt to the dark world she is exposed to... Her objectives stay the same but she really hardens as a result of season one. 

Jessie Usher (A-Train): A-Train has so many things he has been running from for so long. He has to turn around and deal with those things... His way of dealing is deflecting.

Laz Alonso (Mother's Milk): He is infected with being a fighter of freedom... He is willing to risk what he has in the pursuit of justice... I had to bring a tremendous amount of emotional intelligence to this character.

Chase Crawford (The Deep): It's been interesting being on his own... [In season 1] he was in a very dark place. [In season 2, he goes on a few different quests to find love and to find connection.

Karen Fukuhara (The Female): Season 2, we dive more into her psyche and emotional state... This season we do a "Black Widow" stunt that I'm excited for everyone to see.

Romer Kapon (Frenchie): You get a sneak at his origin story. Season 1, Frenchie hung onto the most beautiful thing he can take care of [Komiko]. In season 2, he can't take care of her anymore. He needs to deal with his traumas. 

Aya Cash will be introduced as Stormfront in season 2. Aya said she was attracted to the role because she "looks for things that I don't necessarily think I'm great at." Aisha said of Stormfront, "Your a different king of female character than we've seen in The 7."

Boys Kripe SDCC2020 serious

Aisha then turned back to Eric to close out the panel. As usual, Eric had fascinating insights into his creation:

We try to be very character forward...[we] try to apply the most stringent reality to how that character would really behave if they had those powers. 

The thesis of the show is, 'superheroes with power are inherently people and so they are prone to the types of challenges and potential corruption that happens when you get so much power and access'.

Show Thesis #2: Power doesn't actually corrupt you; it just reveals the thing that you've secretly always been.'

Catch the Comic Con at Home panel here and enjoy some juicy nuggets from the cast and Kripke. Get ready for Season 2 of The Boys coming to Amazon Prime September 4!