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Yes, I've still got a few honors I must bestow on Season 11 before I put it behind me.  You saw our Fan Choice Awards then our Staff Awards, and now it's time for the Editor's Choice Awards!  In other words, one overly opinionated red head has a few more things to dish out for fun, just because she can!  

Best Teaser

“Don’t Call Me Shurley” 

Don t call me shurley 067

That was an attention getter, even if it didn’t involve Sam and Dean at all.   For one, you always win with a cute dog.  There was even an act of human compassion when Metatron gave his sandwich found in the dumpster to his starving furry friend.  Animals sell!  Second, it’s Chuck and he’s finally freaking God confirmed!   Third, awesome VFX when Metatron put on the glasses and Chuck revealed his true self.   Handel’s Messiah - Hallelujah Chorus was only icing on the cake. 

Worst Teaser

“We Happy Few” 

 spn1122 0044

Seriously, a normal family fight between God and Lucifer as if they were humans quarreling over a messy room?  The very fearsome and most diabolical Lucifer being reduced to pissy teenager status?  Ugh, and that was only the beginning. 

Best Skin Crawling Moment

spn1107 0540

The back and forth closeups to that bloody bunny head staring at Sam and Dean through the jail bars?   Shivers man, shivers.

spn1107 0565

The homicidal clown actually felt tame compared to the bunny and the clown was frightening!

s11e07 119 BunnyCloseUp

Hold me.

Best MOTW 

“Safe House”

spn1116 2500

Why oh why haven’t we had a Soul Eater before?  A creature that actually pulls people into another dimension, aka where time and space have no meaning?  There’s your “Mystery Spot!”  The fact that Bobby and Dean could see each other even though in their worlds they were years apart is just awesome.  Actually, the entire lore behind the Soul Eater is interesting.  That's awesome they can find a MOTW so rich in season 11!

Worst MOTW

“The Chitters”

spn1119 2629

Cicada bug type human eating/mating thing that pops up every 17 years or so?  Yeah, no. 

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