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Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

Best Broment

normal Just my iImagination 641

Sam telling Dean that they need to seriously discuss about him going to the cage.

Best Sam Moment

s11e08 433

Sam and Sully's heart to heart. Apologising, being hero's, being scared, the cage.

Best Dean Moment

s11e08 557

Dean freeing himself and trying to talk Reese down from killing Sully.

Best Dean One Liners

s11e08 185

Dean's one liners and facial expressions were endless and funny.

'Are you having a stroke? Do you smell toast?'

'I'm gonna get my gun'

'So he was a Manicorn'

'Find a giant toilet and flush her'

'Well he's no Clapton'

Best Puppy Dog Eyes

s11e08 469

Sam confiding his worst fear.

Best Guest Actor Scene(s)

s11e08 265

Sully (Nate Torrence) being there for Sam. What a loveable character.

Grossest Moment

s11e08 213

Mom unknowingly smearing Manicorn blood on her face. " She's got Sparkle on her face"

Creepiest Moment

s11e08 28

I'm sorry but the Manicorn kind of creep me out.

Best Nostalgic Moment

normal Just my iImagination 162

Seeing Dylan Everett returning as young Dean

Saddest Moment

s11e08 406

Young Sam sending Sully away. "Pretend friend! You're not real"

Best Alias

s11e08 137 

Grief Counsellors. Loved the sweaters. 

Funniest Moment

s11e08 68

Dean not able to see who Sam is threatening.

s11e08 83

Dean's reaction to seeing Sully. "You mean Mork from Ork here is your dumbass imaginary friend Sully"

"What the...?"  Moment

s11e08 44

Waking up at 6:30 am when you don't have too.

Best Camera Shot

s11e08 57

A table full of treats in the foreground while an unaware Sam shuffles back and forth to make the coffee.

Best Yummy Moment

s11e08 60

Mmmmmm ... Sweet Tooth Heaven

Best Parental Moment

s11e08 99

Dean in daddy mode -  "You and Me, Library Right Now! Come on!"

Sam in child mode -  Hanging head, slumped shoulders and shuffling of feet.

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!


# spnlit 2015-12-12 12:11
Thanks for the recap. After this last episode of dark despair for Sam, it is a relief to revisit Sully. Yes, agree, well drawn wonderful, believable character. Congratulations to Torrence. I agree with all your choices and comments (except one). Pleasantly surprised to see young Dean. And yes, Sparkles scared me too! The only dislike I had was that I cringed when Dean used his Dad voice and Sam marched off like a child. Just because Sam's imaginary friend showed up doesn't mean Sam has reverted to a child. These guys are way too old and have come to far for that to work. If Dean is going to use his Dad mode it better be for a desperate crisis. I think it could have been pulled off with Dean giving Sam a WTF look and sarcastically asking Sully to excuse them for a moment. I also thought that the J's really sold the idea they just woke up. Their appearance and voice really sold it and I loved the view of domestic life and the guys in sleepwear!
# Karen 2015-12-13 18:44
Hi spnlit
I liked Sully and was relieved he survived the episode. ;)
The J's really did a great job of looking like they just woke up didn't they.
As for the Dad mode, I understand what you're saying and your suggestion probably would have been better received. I almost didn't put that in, but for me it worked. I found it kind of a cute moment. The way Sam was so bewildered over Sully being real, I wasn't surprised that Dean got frustrated and took control. However I loved that once Sam was out of the kitchen he was back in full control of himself.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-12-13 11:10
Karen, I loved just about every minute of this episode. Off the top of my head, I can't recall any other ep that did a better job of portraying both laugh out loud humor and tears in my eyes drama. Actually, Mystery Spot is the gold standard in that respect, but this ep is tied with a few others for second place. I loved your picks, I just don't know how you narrowed them down when so many scenes were outstanding. I look forward very much to your memorable moments, so keep 'em coming!
# Karen 2015-12-13 18:45
Hi samandean10
I really like this episode as well. It is hard to narrow some of the moments down when there is so many. I usually go by what stood out the most and go with that one.
I'm so happy your enjoying these. :) I really like doing them.
Thank you so much for your comments.
# Taraneh 2015-12-17 10:21
Hi Karen!
Thanks for another great post!I really liked this episode and I think your choices were perfect!
Dean's one liners and facial expressions were golden and so funny! I loved his daddy mood and Sam's reaction to it!all in all fun moments were awesome! And the moment Dean talked about not being there for Sam was SO emotional and I really felt for Dean!
Also for Sam,his talks with Sully were really beautiful and I was proud of him for facing his worst fears!I really liked his flash backs too!
And let's not forget the great moment you mentioned too!Dylan's return as Young!Dean made me so happy! I also liked Young!Sam too!
# Karen 2015-12-18 13:34
Hi Taraneh
I loved Dean's one liners and his expressions. The J's are so fantastic at their facial expressions. Just one look and you know exactly what their feeling or expressing.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.....Ch eers!
Michael Donald
# Michael Donald 2015-12-23 05:40
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