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  1. Jen
  2. Dean Winchester
  3. Monday, 04 May 2015
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Hi Guys. I am back tracking to Ep10 The Hunter Games. There was heaps of discussion at the time regarding Metatron's statement - The River shall end at the Source.
Then in a latter Ep - Inside Man, Sam asked him again what this meant and Matatron said he just said it to buy himself some time - again there was great discussion as to whether he was lying or not. Looking back over the Season 9 E16 Blade Runners. The MOC was dormant on Deans arm, but when Magnus put the blade in Dean's hand the mark came to life, everytime Dean ( and Cain ) held the blade it comes to life. Any other blade it does not. !!! Could the blade be THE SOURCE.

Could the Book of the Damned hold the spell to reverse the mark. Could a spell be cast while Dean is holding the blade which would send the MOC back into the blade, thus destroying the blade and in the process setting of some catastrophic event. This way nobody would have to die - for a change, and set up S11

This would give us our "sigh of relief moment" and then our "oh shit moment ". But with some of our other little hints ( like death being in the last ep.) and some sacrifice being made it doesn't quiet fit.

Any ideas WFB Thanks Jenny xo
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That is nice speculation Jen and as we have actually no idea who, what and where will happen then everything goes. Death might fit to this because maybe he is needed for to do the spell.

Other speculation has been of course Lucifer to be the source or the heritage and mythology about the two brothers to be the source.
It can also be geographical source which is highly unlikely though that the brothers would need to go to the river/place where Cain killed Abel.
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  2. Dean Winchester
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that sounds as good an idea as any I've heard. makes sense too. what I do believe is that the curse originated because cain believed the devil over his own brother. cain killed his brother without consulting him on what Lucifer said....he never gave his brother a chance...the lack of faith cain had in abel led to cain's I still say that the solution to the curse is to do the opposite of what cain did to abel....;) this season has focused on family and with that love and trust. cain never believed in his family and that has led to his downfall....I think the way for the curse to be broken is for dean to believe and have faith in his family, in his brother, where cain did not. ;) that's just me
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  2. Dean Winchester
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