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Updated - 11/6/2022

The Winchester Family Business is a site encouraging open conversation about “Supernatural” where all fan opinions are welcomed.  Every since we started in 2007 the mission of this site is to be a safe haven for all fans, including those that are unhappy, happy, Sam fans, Dean fans, Castiel fans, Flying Spaghetti Monster Worshipping fans…it doesn’t matter.  We’re all different, we all have opinions, and we’re allowed to express them here without retribution or ridicule.  


In no particular order, here are our rules for posting comments in the articles and discussion pages:


Rule #1 - aka The GOLDEN Rule


  • No personal attacks on other commenters.  In other words, comments like "You're a freaking moron" will get edited or deleted.  
  • No threats of another poster or anyone involved with the show.  Threats will result in an instant ban from the site and depending on the level of the threat, a notification to authorities.  
  • Show respect in the comments, even if you don’t agree.  Disrespect ruins the fan experience. This site was created specifically as a refuge for those who didn't feel welcome by the negativity of other sites or those that chastise fans who prefer one lead over another.  We love our show but when our favorite show upsets us, we come to discuss and talk through the concerns like adults. It's a support group almost. This site is called the "Family Business" for a reason.


Rule #2 - Remember what the discussion is about


  • Keep the discussions limited to the article.  DO NOT discuss other posters, writers, admins, spoilers (unless a spoiler article) etc. while posting on an article.  You can take a topic like this to our Discussion Page if you wish where the topics are more freeform.  We’ll entertain posts with attached photos or other links that are posted for fun, but long, heated side discussions about a topic that isn’t remotely close to the original one won’t be tolerated.  Those threads will be deleted.  


Rule #3 - Be constructive 


  • There's such a thing as "constructive" criticism. It's a lost art that existed once long time ago. You can make points that disagree with the author or another poster, but do so in a respectful tone. Don't sit there and start with "You stupid bitch." "I respectfully disagree" works better. Make your point without loads of bitterness.  Don't say "Those stupid writers are completing ruining the show." "I have concerns over the creative direction," works better.
  • You are allowed to constructively criticize the thoughts of the author.  You are not allowed to attack or threaten the author.  Keep the tone of your objection respectful and try to back up your issues with good examples.  


Rule #4 - No Sam vs. Dean, Jared vs. Jensen nonsense


  • One actor/character cannot be knocked down for the sake of building up another. It often happens though. People come on here claiming to be "Sam fans" or "Dean fans." Here, we're "fans." We adore both brothers and actors, even if some of us might have a slant toward one or another. An obvious example is "Jared is a terrible actor, Jensen is the best actor ever." Another obvious one, "Sam is such a waste, Dean is the only decent brother." Now these are extreme cases. I take notice of "implied" comments too, aka using the brothers to raise an issue that isn't there.  Things like "Sam did this, so it must be Dean's fault."  Unless that's exactly verbatim what the writer says, don't go there. 
  • Do not call out another poster as a “Sam fan” or a “Dean fan.”  They are a fan, plain and simple.  Now, you can call yourself out as that, but don’t do it for someone else.  It’s rude.  
  • Do not accuse another poster of posting Sam vs. Dean nonsense.  Don’t like it, report the post to the admin.  


Rule #5 - Character Bashing


  • The phrase “character bashing” comes up a lot.  When a poster is critical an action a character has taken and how another one reacts, that is NOT character bashing.  That’s a call out to questionable or bad writing.  This is allowed.  The show’s writing is inconsistent and open to scrutiny and interpretation.  While some opinions may turn out to be unpopular, they are not a violation of rules.  
  • Do not tell another poster they are “character bashing.”  This creates more problems and fighting in the comments.  If you’re concerned, report the post to the admin.  


Rule #6 - Don't put words in other people's mouths


  • You don't know how many times I see "So you're saying" and then a wild conclusion is reached based on a comment. This is a fandom often times with a short fuse. Let's give each other the benefit of the doubt, shall we? Try to get clarification on the intended meaning before throwing accusations.  It’s the polite thing to do.  


Rule #7 - When a discussion has reached an impasse, move on


  • I can guarantee you there will always be someone that disagrees with a point. That's perfectly okay. The dissenter or dissenters are more than welcome to discuss their issues. However, after a while, when it's clear that both sides are at an "agree to disagree" point, there isn't much more to discuss. Don't continue posting comments loaded with bitterness, disapproval, and harping on other posters for answers. NO “one-upmanship.”  Just move on. 


Rule #8 - Have respect for what we value on this site


  • The Winchester Family Business has been around for a while now.  Most have migrated here because they want a fan friendly place. A place they can post comments, or just plain lurk without fear of attacks or excessive fan fighting. That environment will never change. If the moderators find you are not in line with what we value (see rules above) we will act. Posts will be edited or deleted. People will be warned or banned. All comments are kept in the administrator's archives for future reference should those that want to stir up trouble come back. 


Rule #9 - Our spirit of discussion


  • We welcome all opinions here, good and bad.  Anyone who posts the comment “If you don't like it, don't watch" in response to a critical or negative post will have their post edited immediately.  No warnings.  That does not promote the spirit of discussion that we have here.


Rule #10 (Added 11/6/2022) - Be sensitive with your posts


  • Any posts may not be disrespectful of any culture, individual, lifestyle, political or religious belief, and may not incite violence. We also ask that posts not be excessively vulgar or sexually explicit. This is a place for fun, where everyone should feel welcome.


When in doubt, just try to use common sense.  Don’t say something to someone online that you wouldn’t say to their face.   

Welcome to the Winchester Family Business and we want you to feel glad to be part of our discussion community.  Thank you for spending your valuable time with us.