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Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.  John Winchester has anger issues…

“Art of Dying” was yet another not bad Monster of the Week episode, but it really didn’t do a lot for character advancement or plot movement.  It felt like filler, designed to stall until the big midseason finale where we finally get to see Samuel Campbell and the showdown with the Akrida.  It also felt out of place compared to “Legend of a Mind.”  I got the impression this one should have followed “Masters of War.”  After all, John wasn’t angry last week and Mary mentions concern about what happened two hunts later?    

What is truth? What is the truth? Walker: Independence's "The Owl and the Arrow" sends the characters in search of the truth while many still conceal their own truths. It is an entertaining dance with life or death consequences. One of the main characters torn between searching for truth and concealing it is … 

This is it, the episode that everything has been leading up to!  Well, at least I hope that is the case.  We finally get to see the elusive Samuel Campbell played by the most amazing Tom Welling!  This episode is also directed by someone near and dear to the SPN Family, Richard Speight Jr.  Given his past work, this is likely to be memorable. 

A Week Later

For five weeks, we have tracked The Winchesters' messages about shedding one’s past, or learning how to live with the trauma carried forward from that past. For the first time, though, 1.06 “Art of Dying”, foreshadowed a future we know awaits both John and Mary. I didn’t hear this thread the first time I watched the episode, but on rewatch, the psychological drives that we know dictate John’s and Mary’s futures unmistakably revealed themselves. This early in the young couple’s relationship, they are already beginning to define their value as individuals by their ability to protect the other person. This insight into their personalities dominated the episode’s story for me, and has reignited my excitement for watching how they became the people we came to know in Supernatural.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful… in theory. In actuality, it tends to be chaotic and stressful, filled with family and extended family drama. “Just Desserts” exemplifies the hectic holiday where not everyone gets what they deserve. In the role of the harried cook, trying his best while everything falls apart, is …

After several tightly-written, crime-focused episodes, we hit the mid-season finale with "Just Desserts", a messy Thanksgiving family drama.

There was a lot to like in this episode, with a focus on connections between people, gratitude, and mending fences. We got a dose of differing traditions, family bonds, and damaging secrets. We also saw what happens when we try to hold on to traditions (and memories of the past) that no longer serve us or fit who we are now.

Then there was a part of the episode that gave me heartburn. So as usual I’ll skip the recap and get to the things that stood out to me.

Going to New York Comic Con 2022 ("NYCC") to see the premiere screening of The Winchesters was a near necessity for me.  Once it was announced that the "Pilot" episode would be shown to a ballroom full of people before it premiered on television, I went into full out panic/obsessed mode to get tickets, credentials and travel reservations. To see the first episode of The Winchesters, to hear a panel of the show’s producers and cast talk about their vision for this show, and to interview the new faces and familiar old friends associated with Supernatural’s prequel became my single minded mission. In two short hours, I would get insight into this controversial series that I just couldn’t achieve watching it on my 2-dimensional television screen. If I am to write about this show for as long as it is lucky enough to be renewed (15 years is probably too ambitious a goal, but hey, they thought the same thing when Supernatural debuted on a doomed network!), I needed to experience it as close to first hand as possible for someone who doesn’t have a SAG card and isn’t likely to get a casting call to be on the show itself.

To my great relief, after a frantic week of trying to connect with the right contacts at the studio, the publicity sprites worked their magic and I was soon on my way to a last minute trip to New York City! Of course, I fretted over every last detail of logistics and technology, but in the end, everything worked out fabulously! The result was an up-close and personal, marvelous few hours with the producers and lead cast members of The Winchesters on October 9, 2022.

Since I know how incredibly unique it is to be able to sit across a table from these talented rainmakers, I'm delighted to pass along my observations and insights with you - the curious, wary, emotionally invested, extremely knowledgeable SPNFamily, in hopes that some day you'll also consider yourselves fans of The Winchesters. So enjoy this behind-the-scenes report on NYCC, as I attempt to share the energy of The Winchesters as I perceived it in my initial visit with its creative team. Along the way, I'll also add a few perspectives from my viewpoint now, half way through the first season, and how what we've seen so far compares to the promise of that day, and the overwhelming excitement of anticipating this new series. 

Big Sky's "Duck Hunting" opens exactly where the last episode ended with a wide-eyed Luke being approached in the dark woods by a coldly calm Paige.  "Miss me?" she asks.  "Paige!" he exclaims, surprised and startled.  "You're OK!"  "No thanks to you!" she retorts, arms crossed. Recollecting the last time they were together in the woods, he says that she left him, but she says that she went to get help.  Then Luke catches her up on current events:  "They found us.  Mr. Jimmy sent people after us.  He knows where we are and he wants the money back."  "Where's the journal?" Paige zeroes in on what is most important to her.  "I thought you had it with you!" Luke stammers.  "If I had it, would I be HERE?" Paige asks angrily.