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Here's a photo that has been circulating within the last half hour on twitter.  It's an advertisement from the folks at the People's Choice Awards, announcing people scheduled to appear during next Wednesday's (Jan. 9th) broadcast of the awards.  


Oh yes, that's Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the guest list.  After last year's complete fiasco in which messages being crossed between Warner Brothers and the People's Choice Awards organizers had Jared and Jensen not attending, and the award for Best Network Drama, won by Supernatural, not being broadcast live for the first time ever, people have learned their lesson!  Granted, there's that disclaimer "Subject to Change" but for now, the boys are going!! 

What does this mean?  Do not take this as an official statement on my part, but when lesser known actors from smaller networks get an invite to any award show, it usually means they've won at least one category.  So which categories?  Hard to say, but tune in on Jan. 9th to find out!   It doesn't sound like they'll be announcing the award during the online only pre-show broadcast, so watching the show will be worthwhile this year.

Might I also add, Stephen Amell is on that list too, so here's a big "Yay CW Wednesday nights!" cheer.  Yes, it's the People's Choice Awards, but these shows need to take love where they can get them.  I'm very excited for both Supernatural and Arrow.  

Updated:  Clif Kosterman (@bodyguard4jandj) confirmed on Twitter that Jared and Jensen are going.  It is still unknown if they are there to present or accept awards, or hopefully both!  Winners aren't notified until the 8th.