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  1. eilf
  2. Behind The Scenes
  3. Saturday, 02 January 2016
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The masterclass is the clickbait articles themselves, not my description :D

I have been watching with some entertainment the way this story has developed since it was originally mentioned. I was going to comment on it but Jim Michaels got there ahead of me. Anyway I think it is interesting and possibly a good commentary on going back to the source to find out what they actually said :D

To clarify, before I get in any trouble with the writers, on this here fair website: For the likes of us on here who come to glean every bit of news out there the Spoiler pages commenting on this are GREAT and Lilah and Percysowner, to name but two people involved in getting this information, do a wonderful job. We see that it is just speculation and may or may not happen but here is what the general public and casual (female*) viewers got by way of a story this past few days :D


(everything below which is in quotation marks is a direct quote of the sites named and I do not claim any authorship/ownership of any of it)

Ok let's go:

Basics of the story: Sam and Dean are going to be in an episode about wrestling – OOH like Wrestlemania!!

Day 1
TV Line: December 29 2015, 11:24 AM PST (Michael Ausiello)

“The installment — this season’s 15th — revolves around a wrestling tour rocked by some seriously scary mayhem. Among the colorful characters featured in the hour are “Gunnar Lawless,” a wrestling legend grappling with regrets, “Shawn Harley,” a quick-tempered and ambitious rookie on the rise, and “Rio,” a wrestling manager who is saddened to see so many of her guys meeting untimely ends.”

December 29: Winchester Bros
links to this article

December29 BuddyTV links to TVLine and adds:
“One thing we’ll add here: It’s too bad that Stephen Amell is so busy with “Arrow.” Given his performance recently in the tag-team battle against Stardust, wouldn’t he be more than capable of taking on one of these roles?”

December 29th 3.12 pm Zap2it:
Headline: Why Stephen Amell needs to appear on ‘Supernatural’s’ pro wrestling episode

Stephen Amell
(Includes the above picture posted on Twitter by Stephen Amell on December 29th at 11.54 AM)

“The tweet could mean a million different things — or even nothing at all. Still, let your imagination run wild for a moment and hope that it’s a bit of a tease about what’s to come from the actor and the show."

Day 2

International Business Times: December 30 2015 4:43 PM

“As for the casting of wrestlers in “Supernatural” Season 11, a Zap2it report has listed down a couple of reasons why “Arrow” actor Stephen Amell could portray the role in the CW TV series. The report noted down that Amell is a fan of “Supernatural,” which also films in Vancouver ... “

BreatheCast December 30th 4.30pm

"In "Supernatural" season 11, Sam and Dean will be having the tour, since they need to scrutinize some odd occurrences, according to Carter Matt. The publication also mentioned that "Arrow's" Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow, in the said series, was more than capable of taking on one of the wrestling roles."

CinemaBlend (Dec 30th ish)
Headline: "Will Arrow's Stephen Amell Appear On Supernatural? Here's Why We're Hopeful"
" ... there’s the slight possibility that he might leave his quiver behind for the demon-filled world of Supernatural next year. Stephen Amell happens to be pretty experienced when it comes to professional wrestling, as he has had an ongoing feud with WWE superstar Stardust"

Day 3

Ace Showbiz (December 31, 2015 09:03:32 GMT)
Headline: "Is 'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Heading to 'Supernatural'? "
"Amell, who's no stranger to professional wrestling, is expected to make a guest appearance in an episode for the upcoming season 11 of 'Supernatural'. "

TVSeries Finale (December 31st ish): "Supernatural: Will Arrow’s Stephen Amell Guest on Another CW Drama?"
"Supernatural has a special episode set in the wrestling world during the second half of season 11, and there is speculation that Stephen Amell, from CW series Arrow, will appear on the series."

Day 5
[i]The Hans India January 02,2016, 02.21 PM Headline: Stephen Amell to guest-star on 'Supernatural'

"Arrow’ star Stephen Amell is expected to make a guest appearance in an episode for the upcoming season 11 of ‘Supernatural’. "

January 02 , 2016 11.26AM (Twitter):

‏"{I am not going to include their @ in case they don't want the attention}

"Let Amell do his arrow thing please! We don't need him on spn @TheJimMichaels"

A little ungracious perhaps but a valid comment under the circumstances:

Here is the reply:
Jim Michaels

If you cant read that it says

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels: "Steve is a great guy but have no idea where this rumor started"

So there you go. How to start a rumor that will puzzle a show's producer ...

Of course none of this discounts the possibility that all of this has been a stealth advertising campaign, or Stephen really would like to be on SPN, or that it might happen since there is so much interest, but the way the story developed is pretty interesting.
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That is pretty funny Eilf! The evolution of a rumor to fact. Then again Jim M might be trying to throw us off the trail of a surprise cameo. :D
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Today's new development in the ever expanding 'let's make stuff up' world:

Jan 5 2016 - The Inquisitor: "'Arrow' star Stephen Amell leaving after Season 5 to join 'Supernatural'?"

They have literally nothing new. NOTHING! Most of the article is about how the shows could complement each other! Which they couldn't do if one of them is finished! They even say that there has been no official word from the shows' producers about this (actually there has):

"At this time, neither Amell nor producers of Supernatural have officially commented on the matter. The series is set to return after its winter break in January of 2016, whereas the wrestling episode’s release date has yet to be announced.

Whether or not Amell will decide to leave Arrow after Season 5 to join Supernatural is another matter entirely. Until more information is released, fans can only hope that Amell’s potential part in Supernatural won’t cause him to leave Arrow anytime soon."
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New developments!!!1!!: In a twist that will surprise exactly nobody, it appears that Stephen Amell will NOT be leaving his perfectly lucrative leading role in a show with good ratings to be a red-shirt on a single episode of Supernatural.

Moviepilot have done some deep investigation (They looked at SA's facebook page) and determined that the Inquisitor was full of sh- ... *ahem*, sorry, that the Inquisitor had given us
"an impressive example of adding 2 and 2 to get fifty"

They further point out:
"As well as confirming that he will be sticking around until at least 2019 (assuming the show continues till then), Amell further clarified his position on a Supernatural cameo in the comments.

If they asked me, sure? If I was available, sure. Have they asked me? No. Would I be available? No. "

Ok I think I have gotten all the entertainment I can get out of this 'story'. Sadly it doesn't look like my prediction of Supernatural being renamed 'Amellywoodworld' is going to happen, and that is disappointing.
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