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Welcome to Match Game - The Supernatural Way! It's a quick and easy little game to test your knowledge of Supernatural. There are two ways to play: Click your answer to each question in the online version, or match an episode from the first column to the various categories from the second column in the classic format. Try it out and have fun!

Below is the classic format:

1) Beat The Devil

A) Sam gets called Paul Bunyan

2) Asylum

B) Sam kills Ruby

3) All Dogs Go To Heaven

C) FBI Agent Victor Henriksen makes his second appearance

4) Paper Moon

D) Lucifer saves Sam

5) Mystery Spot

E) "Is that a grenade launcher?"

6) Lucifer Rising

F) "Let me know if you see any dead people, Haley Joel."

7) The Rupture

G) Bonham and Watts

8) Twigs &Twine & Tasha Barnes

H) Rowena and Ketch are killed

9) Folsom Prison Blues

I) "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis and The News

10) Repo Man

J) Buffalo, New York

Bonus Question:  From which episode did we pull the header picture? Answer in the comments below.