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You think you know everything there is to know about the Winchesters? Baby? What about their friends? Their enemies? Here's your chance to test your knowledge! Maybe you want to enter the trivia contest at your next Supernatural convention. Maybe you want the title of Best Fan Ever! Maybe you just want to have some fun! Whatever your reason, give it a try! You up for a little hunter's research and test your powers of observation! Be honest with yourself. Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed!

Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Perfect Score this week is 16. Let us know how you did!

Questions for Episode 10.13 - "Halt & Catch Fire"

1 What did Sam and Dean find all over the driver's seat of the truck?

2 What was the name of Billy's brother?

3 What was the name of the building where Sam and Dean meet up with Janet?

4 What city and state were Sam and Dean's destination, i.e. where did the hunt take place?

5 What was the licence plate of the doomed pick-up truck?

6 What sorority did Julie and Delilah belong to?

7 Name two movie references given.

8 Who lived at 810 Downs Drive?

9 What did the initials of Billy's Frat spell out?

10 What alias did Sam and Dean use?

11 What was the name of the App that Billy used?

12 What funny remark did Dean say to Sam as he handed Sam his coffee?

13 What was the name of the newspaper that Dean was reading on the internet?

14 What was Dean referring to when he told Sam "Sorry I ever made you leave"?

15 What had Castiel discovered that Sam thought was "bad news"?

16 What was hanging behind Dean and the ghost of Andrew in the laundry room?



# cheryl42 2015-02-14 21:28
Ok I'll watch it again and try to pay attention to details. Here goes.....
1) Ectoplasm 2) Joey 3) Karem ? College? 4) Denton? Iowa 5) Semper fi 6) Kappa Delta Lambka? 7) Ghost Busters ? 8) Corey and Andrew 9) STD 10) Grohl and Cobain 11) Trini 12) Café Latte for the lady 13) Iowa Weekly Review 14) When Dean came and got Sam at college to go find Dad 15) River Boat gambling 16) Hmm....I missed that they were in the laundry room
The college sign was fuzzy (at least with my vision), at least I got Iowa, da ka what's the difference, missed Lawn Mower Man....booo, I thought he said Latte. Either I'm getting better or the questions are easier. I do have fun with these trivia games..
# novi 2015-02-15 00:21
Must have been a good ep - I think I remember more details than usual. 1 - ectoplasm, 2 - Joey, 3- ? 4 - somewhere in Iova, Midwest, 5 - no idea, 6 - kappa-delta-lambda
7 - Christina and Mawn-something, 8 - Silver's widow I think, 9 and 10 - no clue, 11 - Trini, 12 - latte for a lady, 13 - don't remember any papers, 14 - lost opportunities
to make lots of (girl)friends, 15 - poker on a boat, 16 - what indeed? Okay, not so good,;) but it was fun, thank you!
# qulsoom 2015-03-25 08:42
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