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Think that word searches and crossword puzzles are for wimps?  Then Tigershire has another challenge for you.  The Supernatural word scrambles!  For those of you though that find word searches and crossword puzzles too challenging, she's gone and done and easier version for you. 

Supernatural Word Scramble

Supernatural Word Scramble Answers

Supernatural Word Scramble Easier

Supernatural Word Scramble Easier Answers


# elle2 2010-07-18 21:28

Just when I was beginning to wonder how you'd keep going on all these fun games you come up with the word scramble. Hah, this was great fun. Admittedly I worked my way through the easier ones first (got all but two, Michael and Revenant) and used the harder ones to help out a little bit. This was lots of fun!

I'm still working my way through one of the seasons' word searches and have done all the crossword puzzles thus far.

Thank you so much for this fountain of fun you've concocted this Hellatus and keep rolling out each week.

I'm loving these
# Tigershire 2010-07-18 22:42
Thanks Elle2.

Thankfully our wonderful show gives me lots to work with.

And just a bit more of an explanation (because I was pretty unclear to Alice) - these two word scrambles are THE SAME list of words. The difference is the easier one has the words scrambled within each word.

I'm sure you're saying "HUH?" but what it means is, if it was say, John Winchester. The harder puzzle has all of those letters mixed together where as the easier one would have the letters from John only mixed up within that word and Winchester would only be mixed up in that word.

Clear as mud right?
# elle2 2010-07-19 08:57

At first I printed both (well, not at first, actually did) thinking that I'd warm up on the 'easier' and then tackle the 'harder'. I figured out very quickly the lists were the same just harder. :o

Still, having both lists help me figure out a few by using the harder to give me another look at the jumbled letters.

I laugh at myself for not being able to get Michael...clear as the sky now, however Revanant had me all the way.

It was lots of fun, thank you so much.