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“To Thine Own Self Be True.” Shakespeare penned those words centuries ago, but they still ring true today. In Walker: Independence's "The Death of Mary Collins", each of the characters make choices to keep true to themselves - even to the point of “killing” their old self that no longer serves them in the case of …


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When her sister from Boston comes to town looking for her, Abigail, first name Mary, has a choice. She can go back home and use her father’s money in order to investigate Liam’s murder, but that would go against her vow to be independent of her father's ill-gotten wealth. Alternately, she can stay in Independence and continue the investigation, but in order to do so she will have to stage Mary’s death. Without hesitation, she chooses to stay and enlists the help of her sister and friends. Even when Charlotte asks again that Abby come home, she choose Independence - in more ways than one. Kat portrays Abby’s steadfastness to perfection. There was also evidence of who Abby is by her saving the sheriff, choosing justice over the way that would have been easier, just letting him die, as pointed out by …


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Much like his future namesake, Hoyt is a man who seeks the adventure of being an outlaw. He discovered after two weeks of being a rancher, that ranching life wasn’t for him. He was bored, longing for action. So when he was needed for a bit of adventure, he jumped at the chance.  And when he found a friend was threatened, he worked to help …


With his past fast coming for him, Kai turned to Hoyt for guidance. He is faced with a similar choice, to stay or go. He decides to stay because he does have something he loves more than his own life and that is the town, more specifically…


1.8 Kate Screenshot 1403

Kate is a chameleon with a strict personal moral compass. In this episode, she reveals that she changes who she appears to be with the role people expect her to play. But in Independence, she feels she can finally focus on what she truly wants, which is Charlie at the moment. But also she is a fighter against corruption and a seeker of justice, much like …


1.08 0011 Augustus Cr

Though his motivations remain a mystery, his dedication to truth and justice don’t waver - even if that means he needs to lie at times. And he is very suspicious of Tom. Now that he knows Otis didn’t kill Liam, Tom is the prime suspect. So, Gus willingly keeps Abby’s secret and helps her hide the truth from …


1.08 0008 Tom Cr

“Who is Tom D?”,  the catchy song posed. Every episode reveals more about the primary antagonist. Last episode, he was at death’s door and saved Calian before the truth was revealed. This episode, he reveals his sadness that his own family doesn’t seem to care about him. But though his guilt in the murder of Liam is now doubted by Abby and the audience, his actions with the man who stabbed him prove his deceased friend Eli’s words to be true. Tom Davidson is one of the most dangerous men in Texas.


1.08 0005 Calian Cr

Separated from the town, Calian none the less also proved who he was. A man between worlds, he cares for his people, but also those in need. So when Topsannah, a Comanche woman, seeks him out with news of her people’s horrific demise at the hands of the corrupt, and also a warning that the same men are after his village, he offers her safe haven and heeds her warning. He needs allies, and they await him in Independence.

Much as how Hoyt felt, it was so good to get back into the action of Walker: Independence after the long hiatus. These characters are mesmerizing and fun.

Walker: Independence is an exquisitely shot show. It often pushes the fine line of what can be shown on network television. This sets it apart from other CW fare, much like its predecessor (Walker) did.

4.95 out of 5 stars.

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Review illustrated by Nightsky. Images courtesy of The CW.