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I'll admit, I wasn't entirely sure I'd ever be back here.

So first of all, I do want to say I'm doing a little bit something "new" with the review since I couldn't find a "cast" in time for filming. Be sure to let me know which way you preferred the videos.

Final Score:
(ish, kinda)

I debated whether to make jokes about the gang picking up a dog this episode or not. That I ended up with only one "Scooby-doo" reference in the end I think shows a remarkable amount of restraint on my part.

Something I forgot to put in the script, but another sign the show makers haven't quite "got" the era just yet? Watch the scene closely when Millie and John fight. Notice in the background the gang fills up the van at Millie's gas pumps. When did they pay? They didn't have pumps with credit card readers back in the day, the group would have had to hand cash to Millie at some point otherwise they're just literally stealing from her. At this point I would have found it more believable if Millie yelled at John that his friends were a bunch of free-loaders.

Now something that's less of a complaint and more of a debate... is rocker names really the best idea for fake IDs when said rockers are at the height of their popularity? In Supernatural it worked on multiple levels and within the world, it makes some sense that not everyone would immediately be able to name members of bands from decades in the past. So for our new scooby-gang, should they be likewise using singer and band names from decades in their past? Bands from the forties and fifties? Or are they going with John just learning to use the names now and he never "grows" out of it? Talk amongst yourselves on the matter.

I also didn't comment on the witch at the end because... well the last few seasons of Supernatural kind of burned me on the "arcs" of the shows. We've got the general "search for dad" going on, I'll wait and see if the arc villain ends up paying off and being worth the attention.

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