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“Everyone steps in it” is how a fellow watcher dubbed Walker's 2.14 “No Such Thing As Fair Play.” And it’s fitting. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, people hurt those around them. You can sometimes make up your mistake quickly, like a few of the characters in this episode. Other times, the pain stays … or even grows. There is one character who actually “steps in it” literally…


2.14 cordell

Times are tough, but Cordell is trying his best to keep everyone’s spirits up. But even then, he can make missteps. One misstep is telling the kids that Geri is a Davidson before getting Geri’s approval. Luckily, this is easily remedied. Then at the fair, Walker literally “steps in it” and falls during the obstacle course. Jared was adorable and committed to this, choosing realism over safety. In true Walker fashion, he is able to recover and win. Then, due to his promise to Cassie, he must step in it with the captain of the Rangers in Dallas but even then, Walker's able to smooth it over. The final time he “steps in it”, though, he’s not quite able to make it up to …


2.14 Geri

Having your world turned upside down is never easy, and Geri has the presence of mind to realize she’s not at her best. She has always sided with the Walkers, but her mother, who Geri always thought gave her up, turns out to not have had known her daughter was alive  … and is none other than Gale Davidson. Gale is a mother who seems to want to love her. Perhaps, Gale’s not as bad as Geri thought? On the other side, someone Geri loves upset her and hurt her. Odette does a wonderful job of showing a woman who is both in love but so confused and hurt at the same time. Many people think she’s siding with the Davidsons, especially since she asked Cordell for space. But the truth is, she’s choosing herself, to not alienate the Walkers, the family she loves so much at a time when she’s so confused. It’s a novel approach, one that’s not easily understood. She just doesn’t want to irreparably “step in it” when it comes to …

Abeline (& Bonham)

2.14 Abby

Everyone does things they’re not proud of, and sometimes, in the need to be absolved, people forget it’s not about them. This is how Abby “stepped in it” this episode. She is so eaten up with guilt, and trying to explain her side, she doesn’t realize she’s making it worse by not considering how a person in Geri’s situation would feel. Oddly, Abby doesn’t seem to realize the impact of her words, considering her actions the rest of the episode, which Molly Hagan expertly shows with unfazed smiles. Unlike…


2.14 Cassie

Her quest for her prior partner continued this episode, and nothing was going to get in her way. She is willing to risk Walker’s career, relationships between Ranger divisions, and even her relationship with Miles’ supposed widow, who is also like family. Cassie unapologetically “steps in it” repeatedly but accepts that is just who she is, much like she also knows she’s not good at pretending she is okay. Ashley is amazing at showing Cassie’s both unrelenting spunk, and sadness, even when she increased the inevitable awkwardness of her first meeting with …


2.14 Trey

As Cassie Perez says, Trey is very pure for an adult man, so when he “steps in it”, he makes sure to try to make up for it. His misstep is simply silently talking 'behind Cassie’s back' while in front of her with Captain James. It understandably upsets Cassie, and Trey apologizes. They then get to bond over tarot and drinks, and being forced to flee when the tent’s owner comes back. Jeff is always a delight, and he made this whole episode brighter with his presence. But it is kind of sad he didn’t get more scenes with …

Stella and August

2.14 Stella

Having just lost their ancestral home, they’re understandably upset. August’s “step in it” stems from his rant about this in front of Geri and letting Geri know the family has been told about her lineage. But, he’s a kid and quickly forgiven. Kale and Violet are always excellent at showing how teenagers would actually be. Stella, while not actually making a mistake this episode, seems poised to follow a path she followed last year. Todd has proven to be a decent, understanding, protective, and supportive boyfriend, but when Stella needed to talk of serious things, and he was focusing on fun instead, she felt adrift. Enter…


WLK214b 0017r

Before he sold August out about the lantern in a fit of pique about Stella, Colton was one of the better Davidsons, and in this episode, he proves that he’s at least thoughtful by returning Emily’s locket to Stella. With that, he expresses true sorrow over all that Stella has lost. He goes further by expressing what Stella meant to him. It was a sweet moment that made Stella waiver. Jalen nailed the sympathetic hurt and tearful admission but his smile at the end puts into question his level of sincerity. Is he truly sorry, or is he just trying to win the girl like …

Fenton Cole and Rita Vyas

2.14 Fenton Rita

From appearances, it feels like Rita and Fenton got together awfully quickly considering Miles has been missing, presumed dead. That alone is “stepping in it.” But when pressed, they say they were just protecting Cassie by not telling her the whole story - that her gun was used to kill Miles, and that the reason there was no blood was that he was shot inside a van from the outside. However, from what Jensen said, the mystery man that Capt. Cole goes to meet is Miles, which makes their story seem to be a particularly cruel lie. It also makes one wonder if Fenton and Rita are taking advantage of the situation to be together? Or is something else going on?

This episode was one many were waiting for, the reunion of Jared and Jensen (as director) after starring together for 15 seasons on Supernatural. To celebrate this occasion, there were many Easter Eggs on this Easter week to look out for. The most amazing was Kansas playing “Carry On Wayward Son,” the unofficial theme song of Supernatural.

Jensen did a great job of making the episode feel more action packed than it really was by making many of the conversations done while moving. The concert was brilliantly and excitingly shot, a rare treat for a TV show.

This episode did, unfortunately, also highlight some of the problems that plague the series. One is the lack of continuity. Just last episode, the audience found out Frank went after Marv for money to pay for Geri’s heart surgery, yet Marv described the child he gave away as “healthy.” This could simply be Marv lying, but that means the audience is left to assume that. There is also the 12 yr reference when it is known that Geri would have been 11, because her birthdate is known.

The other series problem is repeated storylines. The show is awfully young to repeat storylines already, but Stella is falling for her second Romeo in as many years. Then Geri finding out the truth about her parentage rocks her like it did Micki last season. There is also the woman leaving a loving boyfriend to find herself, which happened between Micki and Trey eight short episodes ago. While each of these have different details surrounding them, they’re essentially the same plot.

I love Walker, though. It is exciting and has me invested, maybe a bit too invested. It makes me feel. It makes me happy, laugh, mad, and cry. But I’m really missing that warm hug feel that so marked the first season and made me fall in love with the show in the first place.

4 out of 5 stars.

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