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Editor's Note: In anticipation of Supernatural's final season resuming on Oct. 8th, The CW is rerunning several of the initial 13 episodes from season 15. To get us all back into the groove of watching and discussing each story, Deb has agreed to share her recap reviews of the good, the bad and the random of each episode! Enjoy!
This is how this works: I will give my TOP 5 choices for the Good and The Bad of each season 15 episode that has aired thus far, PLUS a random fact that may or may not have anything to do with the episode. It depends what I am thinking at that moment! After you read my opinions, I would like to hear your TOP 5 Good/Bad list from the same episode. The point is that every episode must have both good and bad stuff for you, or you are not being honest with yourself. ? “The Bad” stuff might be easier to write when the episode is not to your liking, then other times “The Good” will be easier. The Good/Bad stuff can be silly things - that is alright too!
This will be a good catch up before we all watch the last new episodes. So, if you like, join me in watching the reruns. Start back with 15.01 "Back and to the Future" , 15.02 "Raising Hell" , 15.03 "The Rupture"  and 15.04 "Atomic Monsters" if you missed them, then let us check out the next episode! Hopefully, I can write these recaps for all the remaining episodes. We Got Work to Do! 

Supernatural 15.09 "The Trap"

daria angel
1. Future doom and gloom well made
2. Sam’s defiance
3. Return to Purgatory, YAY!
4. FINALLY Dean and Castiel sort things out
5. Ackles delivering as Dean again
SPN 15x09
1. Even though the future was mostly doom and gloom to break Sam’s spirit, those scenes were well made. They focused on Jared’s and Jensen’s acting surrounded by the Winchesters’ friends, to have the most impact on what Chuck was trying to do. The clock (and that Sam needed to use it) was also a nice touch. Is this what would be the lowest point for the brothers?
2. Sam really did hold up as long as he could. First, he calmed and comforted Eileen who was forced to hurt him. He heard that Chuck made Eileen do everything that happened - that he guided all her steps. Chuck tortured Sam then made him see his “future”. Sam held on through all the heartbreak until he and Dean had lost and become monsters, which is the worst fate for them. I admire his willpower.      
3. Way back when Chuck was a nice guy, and mother of all monsters seemed to have potential, we had Purgatory as an atmospheric hell hole. I really loved the coloring, the scariness and darkness so I was really hoping the boys would visit it again. Although the coloring was not that good, I really did like their trip back in this episode. The new lore about the Leviathan blossom, Eve and the angel seal was great.
4. Lo and behold! They finally made up. It only took nine episodes… Like with Sam’s and Castiel’s friendship I really do hate when Cas and Dean are at odds. I mean, come on boys. Grow up! Of course, I do know the reasoning from both sides and the weight both have on their shoulders, but still. I am really glad that  conflict got sorted and they worked the “case” together.
5. All the emotions Ackles needed to go through in this episode were huge. I mean, being deflective, apologetic, in panic, worried, happy, defeated… The list goes on and on and on. Padalecki was great, too. All the emotions might have given me whiplash, but I would not want it in any other way. 
daria devil
1. Return to Purgatory, NAY! WTF is this?..
2. They left Dean alive? Really???
3. Sam's torture was way too graphic
4. The urgency: what urgency in the end?
5. Sam losing hope. What now?..
SPN 15x09 Purgatory
1. I was so happy about the return to Purgatory BUT in the end, it was really lackluster. I did like the color filter BUT the original was way better and scarier. I liked their time in Purgatory BUT it was way too short (there will be many 'buts' in this section). I was very excited about Eve giving that legendary mother a little justice BUT!  - well, you know what happened to that. Purgatory and Eve were wasted, AGAIN.
2. Place full of monsters, where anything can kill you in an instant yet they don't attack a handsome, male buffet that is unconscious on the ground? A guy who probably every monster in Purgatory knows? I just do not buy it. There was no reason for the monsters to not attack and kill Dean. Not even if Castiel pulled them away from him. There are not only three monsters in Purgatory… Come on.     
3. I got to tell you… Eileen poking that bullet wound made me pretty woozy. I do not know whose idea it was to write that in there, but it made me flinch, uneasy. I really could not watch that scene at all. I needed to walk out to get some snacks from the kitchen and I still could hear the sounds, and the yelling. Just not my cup of tea.
4. Everything was urgent - very urgent - until the end. Chuck is all powerful and I know he was not blasting them all because they all needed to see Sam succumb blah, blah, blah. I really did not like this scene. It seemed to go in slow motion and was all-in-all pretty weird. Chuck was either pretty sure of himself or arrogant enough to believe that Sam would not kill him. Not really sure which it was, but the whole scene was just missing something because the Leviathan blossom story was pretty cool.
5. So… I am not sure how many of you have seen the meme where a person tries to use math to figure out something complex - I don’t know, the meaning of life? - and is totally confused and in a loop about it (I will add it after this text) but wow… I have no idea how Chuck got from A to B because something was missing in between. Let me get this straight… Sam needed to lose hope so the bullet wound would vanish and disconnect him and Chuck from one another? Like… Huh? Where was that even hinted? I have no idea.   

 SPN 15x09 Pocketwatch
A pocket watch (or pocketwatch) is a watch that is made to be carried in a pocket, as opposed to a wristwatch, which is strapped to the wrist. They were the most common type of watch from their development in the 16th century until wristwatches became popular after World War I during which a transitional design, trench watches, were used by the military. Pocket watches generally have an attached chain to allow them to be secured to a waistcoat, lapel, or belt loop, and to prevent them from being dropped. Watches were also mounted on a short leather strap or fob, when a long chain would have been cumbersome or likely to catch on things. This fob could also provide a protective flap over their face and crystal. Women's watches were normally of this form, with a watch fob that was more decorative than protective. Chains were frequently decorated with a silver or enamel pendant, often carrying the arms of some club or society, which by association also became known as a fob. Ostensibly practical gadgets such as a watch winding key, vesta case, or a cigar cutter also appeared on watch chains, although usually in an overly decorated style. Also common are fasteners designed to be put through a buttonhole and worn in a jacket or waistcoat, this sort being frequently associated with and named after train conductors.

An early reference to the pocket watch is in a letter in November 1462 from the Italian clockmaker Bartholomew Manfredi to the Marchese di Mantova Federico Gonzaga, where he offers him a "pocket clock" better than that belonging to the Duke of Modena. By the end of the 15th century, spring-driven clocks appeared in Italy, and in Germany. Peter Henlein, a master locksmith of Nuremberg, was regularly manufacturing pocket watches by 1526. Thereafter, pocket watch manufacture spread throughout the rest of Europe as the 16th century progressed. Early watches only had an hour hand, the minute hand appearing in the late 17th century. The first American pocket watches with machine made parts were manufactured by Henry Pitkin with his brother in the later 1830s.


There you have it! Now I am dying to read your choices for Top 10. And remember anything goes!

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