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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For Supernatural 13.11, "Breakdown", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment

SPN 0432

Dean has set up a CB Radio. Sam comments that 'No one uses CB Radios anymore.' Dean responds that ' No one except Truckers.' He then calls out to the CB World about the '411 on an Alice in Wonderland.' 

SPN 0434

When the only response is from a joker.

Sam: See I told you this is stupid.

Dean: It will work, dad used it all the time.

Sam: This isn't even our kind of case. And with the real Feds here, we should back down.

Dean: You're joking right? 

SPN 0453

Sam: We're still fugitives.

Dean: They think we're dead.

Sam: You really want to get on the FBI's radar again? 

SPN 0463

Dean: Ok what do you want to do? Want to call up Donna and say 'hey sorry about your neice, these kind of things happen. Later!' And then head back to the bunker so you can mope some more. 

SPN 0482

Sam: I'm not moping.

Dean: You got up at 10 am this morning, 10 am. You, mister rise and freaking shine. And then you turned down pancakes.

Sam: I wasn't hungry. 

SPN 0484

Dean: They're pancakes! Look I know you're in a dark place right now ok. We lost Jack, Mom is... I think about them too, all the time, but you can't let it eat you up. Now look when I was broken up, you were there for me. Well I'm here for you now and I'm telling you the only way out of this is through. When everything goes to hell what do we do? We put our head down and we do the work. We'll find Jack, we'll save mom, we will. But right now Donna needs our help, ok?

SPN 1655

Later heading home from the case.

Dean: You were a little tough on Donna back there.

Sam: What?

Dean: I'm just saying. 

SPN 1684

Sam: Was I wrong? I mean when has knowing us ever worked out for anyone?

Dean: Well we save people Sam.

Sam: But we also get people killed Dean. Kaia for instance. She helped us and she died for it.

SPN 1672

Sam: No, no, no don't. You keep saying I'm in a dark place, but I'm not Dean. Everything I'm saying is the truth. It's our lives and I tried to pretend that it didn't have to be. I tried to pretend we could have Mom back and Cas and help Jack, but we can't. This ends one way for us Dean. It ends bloody, it ends bad.   

Best Donna Moment

SPN 1233

Dean tells Donna that he has given Doug a shot of 'Dead Man's Blood' in order to keep him immobile until they can administer the cure. All they need is the blood from the Vampire that had bitten Doug. 

SPN 1274

Marlon then appears gloating that it was him.

SPN 1265

After an exchange of words, Dean and Marlon are about to battle it out when....   

SPN 1288

....Marlon gets shot in the leg and goes down. 

SPN 1283

Donna had no time for them to fight each other. She needed Doug to be saved by Marlon's blood.

Funniest Moment

SPN 0877

When Dean is asking the Cashier Marlon questions, Marlon doesn't co-operate. Dean then pushes his head down on the counter. When Doug's reaction is disapproving, Dean responds that 'It's the way they do things in the FBI.'   

SPN 0938

Later Doug cuffs Marlon in the back of the head after being sarcastic. He then supports his actions by stating 'It's how they do it in the FBI.' 

Saddest Moment

SPN 1550

After Doug is administered the cure for 'Vampirism' ,  

SPN 1568

Donna gently awakens him.

Donna: Dougy Bear are you ok?

Dean: Feel like you want to bite any of us?

Doug: No not really.

Sam: Alright I guess it worked.

Doug: Wendy?        

SPN 1569

Donna: She's safe. She's in the hospital, she's gonna be fine, just like you.

Doug: Fine? I was a vampire.

Donna: For a couple of hours. 

SPN 1580

Dean: Listen Doug, I know it's been a day, but now you know what's out there, it would be nice to have another good guy on our side. 

SPN 1588

Doug: I...No! Maybe you all can live this life, but I can't. I just want to go home.

Donna: So we'll go home.

Doug: And what? I'm a cop because I like helping folks, but Vampires! That's ...I'm not.

SPN 1594

Donna had been holding his hand.... 

SPN 1599

...but Doug pulls away. 

SPN 1611

Donna: Doug I'm sorry I lied to you, but I can't give this up.

Doug: I know Donna. You kill monsters, you're a damn hero, but that's not me. I'm sorry. I love you..I'm sorry. 

SPN 1624

Donna: Doug wait! 

SPN 1646

Sam: Donna when you choose this life, anyone who gets too close eventually gets hurt or worst, so let him go. He'll be safer that way. 

Best Camera Shot

SPN 0031

I love this night view of the Cafe. With the glow of the Neon lights and how they put a soft light on the trees behind the cafe. I had to giggle at the burned out 'Y' of the Manny's Truck Stop. This was a shout out to Jason Manns. 

Best Angle Shot

SPN 0267

A long view of Donna and the brothers from the garage door. 

SPN 0561

And this street view of the Police Station. 

Grossest Moment

SPN 1462

I think this speaks for itself. Ewwww. 


I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own! You can see Memorable Moments from earlier in season 13 and prior seasons on my Author Page