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This episode, “Hell’s Angel,” was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. The episode opens in a desert tent somewhere in Saudi Arabia
where Crowley appears. He enters a room in the tent to see a man named Noel. They had a bargain. Apparently this Noel is like Indiana Jones but willing to sell his soul. He gives Crowley the horn of Joshua and then Crowley kills him. The tent guys hold up guns aimed at Crowley but then he makes them shoot each other.

Crowley calls Dean that he has a weapon they can use. Demons look on as Crowley tells Dean to come to St. Louis to a post office.

Rowena is alive and she’s apparently helping Amara. She wants to get revenge on Lucifer and she wants Amara to win. Rowena recounts how Lucifer killed her and how she was revived, by herself.

In the post office in St. Louis, Dean and Sam meet up with Crowley. Crowley tells them about the horn and says he’ll give it to them if they help him exorcize Lucifer from Castiel’s body. They say well no it’s not that easy because there was a spell and a witch, Rowena. Crowley apparently still thinks mommy actually died.

Then we cut to Heaven where Casifer has broken in and a bureaucratic angel, from now on called burangels, is like, "not this again."

Casifer does his speech about bad humanity to the angels, trying to get them to join his band. The burangels are skeptical but let’s be honest, they have no leader so they’re considering.

Crowley has a temper tantrum about being Lucifer’s pet to the Winchesters. They plan to do some switch thing for Lucifer’s vessel. Sam and Dean argue about whether to exorcize Lucifer since Cass chose to have him enter the vessel. Crowley is like, stop whining, boys.

Amara and Rowena girlbond over Rowena’s healing magic while Lucifer plays corporate takeover in Heaven.

Amara sends out some power signal and Sam, Dean, and Crowley go out to check on the falling skies. Lucifer says yeah that Amara is real mad about the smiting by the angels so they’re gonna need him. We cut back to a pretty satisfied and healthy Amara. Rowena shows up to tell Crowley about the stuff going on.

Dean, Sam, Crowley argue again about what to do. Sam and Dean should invoke Lucifer. Dean argues that they should use Lucifer.  Rowena looks on as they do the spell thing. Dean does the spell and they trap Lucifer in holy fire. Rowena hides.

Lucifer taunts them and then they call out for Castiel, who appears for a second before Lucifer takes back control. Dean tells Cass to expel Lucifer but it doesn’t work and then Crowley ends up in the Casifer's vessel. He finds Castiel watching television in the bunker kitchen. He says Lucifer mostly leaves him alone and he’s waiting for the battle with the Darkness. Lucifer shows up and beats up Crowley. The brothers do an exorcism spell and expel Crowley as Rowena warns them that the trap they set is weakening.

Lucifer comes back and starts to kill the Winchesters when Amara shows up. Lucifer unleashes all his power to take out Amara and she remains unscathed. She brings Casifer to her and tells them they need to chat. Dean tries one last time to get Castiel to expel Lucifer but Amara does something to him and then disappears with Casifer.

In the final scenes Amara says that Lucifer is the favored son and she’s gonna use him to draw God out. She proceeds to torture Casifer. Back at the bunker Dean and Sam talk about depleting the horn of Joshua power and also Rowena’s gameplan. Sam then apologizes for saying they shouldn’t save Castiel. They discuss respecting someone’s choice but then Dean says they’ll bring the idiot home.

Next episode is April 27.


1. Do you think Castiel is being controlled by Lucifer?

2. What is Rowena’s angle? Do you think she was affected by her confession of love for Crowley, her son?

3. What is Crowley’s end game?

4. Do you think Amara’s correct? That Lucifer is the key to bringing God back?

5. What are your other thoughts regarding the episode?

Leave specs and other thoughts below!